Annalena Baerbock Proposes a Solution to the Energy Crisis

The German politician Annalena Baerbock is a member of the political party Alliance 90/The Greens, and currently serves as Minister for Foreign Affairs in the “traffic light”* coalition government. The following video highlights Ms. Baerbock’s considerable intellectual skills as she explains the physics of the electrical grid to a less-gifted audience.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation. The translator includes this exegesis of Ms. Baerbock’s profundities:

This clip was only 30-odd seconds, but those were longest seconds in my life.

Annalena Baerbock is definitely the prime living example of a desolate education system in Germany. She supposedly attended the University of Hamburg and the London School of Economics and Political Science — two places that should be avoided like a pest house if Annalena is a product thereof. I have met many uneducated people in my life, especially from universities, but this woman surpasses them all by an extremely wide margin. And such a person has become foreign minister in Germany, which only shows how low Germany has sunk. I don’t believe that even the Mariana Trench is sufficient in depth for that kind of stupidity.

What she’s saying is that as an example, if you turn your freezer down by 2°, you save power in the overall electrical grid, and that power can then be used at a later stage. She claims that through this action, large power-consumers become power-suppliers. And that is utter rubbish.

The problem I have with translating her ramblings is that she doesn’t even speak a proper and cohesive German. A bloody Afghan speaks a better and more cohesive German, for that matter. Following her train of thought is extremely painful, but I cannot, while translating it, make her sound better for the subtitles, because that would defy the whole purpose in holding up the mirror for others to see.

Thanks also to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And we have, and this is new; this is also interesting for startups and companies
00:05   such as data centers, large supermarkets, which then just enter the market as energy producers.
00:10   And if a cooling system, for example, at a large producer,
00:14   from -22°C to 20°C in the future,
00:18   cools down to -20°C, the chicken is then still cold,
00:22   but we can then use the base load of the network, and that was my point,
00:25   to stabilize the network, in which the different actors balance each other out.
00:30   In short, yes the network will be in the future, you roll your eyes,
00:34   but that’s how it is. In the future the network will also play a role in storage.

*   “Traffic light” coalition government:
    Red:   Social Democratic Party
    Yellow:   Free Democratic Party
    Green:   Alliance90 / The Greens

29 thoughts on “Annalena Baerbock Proposes a Solution to the Energy Crisis

  1. How about flatulence from politicians?
    They could power some windmills and during WWII there was a methane powered Volkswagen.
    The green leap forward means a New Dark Ages and this is a feature and not a bug to the Schwab-SPECTRE.

    • HP, this is not a joke. Be seated firmly and stay collected!
      One serious suggestion was to release ones bladder while showering in order to save drinking water. Alright, so at least your feet will be warmed when the shower stays cold, notwithstanding the benign bactericide effects of that fluid fighting fungus. Let us wait for suggestions considering the use of firmer bodily emanations.

  2. She is basically describing the “smart grid”, where insufficient power in the grid will be solved by disconnecting “non essential” power consumptions.

    I am from the Star Trek generation, this planned “power austerity” seems ridiculous to me, as I was expecting cold fusion cores and light speed travel any year now.

  3. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a core competency of successful politicians.

    To be charitable it seems like she is trying to describe dynamically balancing demand on the grid through reducing usage from large consumers. However this is in no way “producing” electricity. Being that she’s a product of a university I am not surprised that she doesn’t have any understanding of just how electricity is produced or a grid functions or where indeed the energy used to make electricity comes from, or just how the freezers and the chickens in them came to be.

    And, being that her constituents are Germans, I am likewise not shocked that someone so ignorant was elected to high office. Perhaps she is also skilled on her knees in the same manner as VP Harris, or at least doesn’t sound quite so dumb when unable to speak.

    • The only credible explanation left to me is that somehow it must be buried deep in our psyche to eschew voting for any leadership deemed smarter than ourselves. Don’t get too hopeful over this being uniquely German, though.

      • Idiots are a particular curse of affluence and prosperity. The USA is also deeply infested with them. Germany for whatever reason just seems to be a little further along the curve.

        • “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”
          ― Benjamin Franklin

          I remember a poll in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s that announced that for the first time in the history of this particular poll (it was started apparently sometime in the ’50’s) Americans spent more time thinking about, planning for, or engaging in leisure activities than work. Since then we have brought two generations to adulthood that cannot imagine there not being a full menu much less uncertainty from whence the next meal is coming.

          A Grandparent’s Aphorism – An idol mind is the devil’s playground.

          Or an update of Solzhenitsyn – “Men have forgotten God; that’s why we are plagued with Social Media.”

  4. The future they have plan for you, you live in a pod instead of a proper home. You eat bugs instead of meat. Your pod will be heat up to only 48 degree F in the winter and not cooled in the summer .You will be able to shower every other day for 4 min. with barely heated water.You will not own a car ,eat meat or travel outside your “grid ‘without a permit.The elites be exempt from these things.

  5. The slight hitch with Frau Baerbock’s latest wishful, fanciful solution of another politically created problem is that the freezer temperatures are already set as high as possible without risking spoilage, in order to consume as little as possible of the world’s most expensive electricity, the most expensive and becoming more so.

    • Winter is coming and when the food and energy crisis begins, the starvation and freezing in homes and apartments begins, then the age of discontent starts and the anger won’t be stopped or put down. Then the age of the strong hard men comes, for the spoiled and affluence of the population lead to this, and they bloody well deserve it good and hard.

  6. As for the academic merits of this lady: she claimed to have a bachelors degree from a period when this not yet existed ( before a restructuration) and that adds up to two years worth nothing. Her so called expertise in international law/ peoples law is more opaque to me: students who get a grant for this elitist curriculum in London have to present a qualified,i.e. highly praised degree in law to be accepted. There is no hint that she ever set foot into a law school. Which, last but not least, raises the question who brought her into this school and paid for her half term there( 30K £).
    My suspicion, uncorroborated, is that there are puppet masters ( the usual suspects) who manipulate useful idiots into positions of responsability.
    ( she is the first Green I saw putting on a soldiers helmet, when all her collegues shied away from anything military).

    • My opining on the likelihood of Ms Baerbock’s prowess at resuscitating roosters while kneeling or at least willing compliance is not entirely in jest. Calling out our own prize fool of a VP for using the same skills to get her start in politics and also gain a powerful patron to lubricate the way for her political career is disengenuous. Likely she is just the tip of the iceberg and political success for many males also involves a turn on the casting couch with older, powerful patrons.

      I am cynical enough to believe that something of value is never given away for nothing. In her case, an expensive education came with a price tag and only part of it was future services for her owners. And likely some of her payment involved being made to be put into compromising situations in order to guarantee her future compliance.

      • I believe that a great deal of her “education” was either on her knees or on her back.

        Just my two cents.

      • “…political success for many males also involves a turn on the casting couch….”

        Swalwell and Kinzinger come to mind. Neither could successfully drain western footwear of accumulated liquid waste regardless of instructions being printed on the heel, but some might consider them pretty.

        • Swalwell is a very descriptive appellation.

          However he’s dumber than a box of rocks and one wonders whoever he likely serviced to get his start in politics could have tolerated being in the same room, even if he has a purty mouth. I genuinely have pity for Fang Fang. She must have really angered some CCP boss to have been stuck with that choice assignment.

          • The fact that Swallowswell is still on any security /intelligence committees because of the security risk he is just boggles the mind.

  7. Hellequin,

    Your commentary (and Baron’s), and the video made me laugh. That guy in the video was doing his very best to put on a poker face, at least before she saw through it and called him out, but you could tell he was totally shocked by what she was saying, right from the start.

    However, I think we have you beat. We seem to have an endless supply of amazingly ignorant elected officials in our congress, as well as presidency. Take this for example:

  8. One practical way of reducing wastage of power, which should have been done years ago, would be to make it illegal for shops, banks etc. to leave their doors open, heating/air conditioning the street.

    Also food shops should have doors on their ‘fridges and freezers. Apart from the waste, some supermarkets are so cold it’s uncomfortable; must be worse for the staff, who can’t leave.

  9. Sane societies plan rationally for changes in power demand and retirement of old systems. So either Germany, UK, et al, is not sane, or they expect power demands to drop precipitously.
    Given the control exerted over national governments by the Envirofascists, arguing Governmental Insanity makes sense. Not doubt they made irrational judgements about the power generated by Holy Wind, Holy Sun and Holy Unicorn Farts. Than is one way to look at it.
    On the other hand, why would governments anticipate power demand dropping precipitously?

    • The crickets, grasshoppers and cockroaches don’t require refrigeration, which is what they intend for us to eat in the near future. These bugs are dry and crunchy and can be stored in cannisters for your cooking enjoyment.

      I will not be eating them! Since I am in my mid-70’s, it may be about time to check out of this insane orb and go to join my Savior, Jesus, in Heaven.

  10. I think you all would get it if they had been playing Imagine in the background, very softly. Feel free to try this at home.

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