Cultural Enrichment Among the Homeless in Austria

Culture-enrichers in Europe (notably Sweden) have shown a predilection for taking sexual advantage of retarded or mentally ill females of all ages. In the case below from Austria, it seems that five Afghan immigrants responded to a “sexual emergency” with a mentally impaired homeless woman

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

Criminal Act in February?

Gang rape: fifth man also in custody

After it was announced on Wednesday that five Afghan citizens were arrested in Vorarlberg for suspicion of sexual abuse, all five suspects have been remanded to custody.

In the gang rape case, which was first made public on Wednesday, a fifth suspect has now been taken into custody. Initially, there were four arrested Afghan men placed in pre-trial detention. As reported, the police are investigating the sexual abuse of a defenseless or mentally impaired woman.

Crime in homeless shelter

As to when the crime occurred, the spokesman for the Feldkirch State Prosecutor’s Office, Heinz Rusch, would not say. According to ORF [Austrian Broadcasting Corporation], the gang rape reportedly occurred in the homeless environment of Bludenz. It is possible that the victim was drunk at the time of the crime, or drugs might have also been in play.

Meanwhile, criticism has been raised that the authorities did not inform the public about the case. Vorarlberg’s FPÖ [Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party] leader, Christof Bitschi, wants to convene an inquiry before the State Parliament “in order to bring these events to the light of day.”

3 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment Among the Homeless in Austria

  1. It pisses me off that Breitbart will not call the muslims out. They use the term Asians.
    Breitbart has a problem sometimes with the truth.

  2. Why are there Homeless Native Austrians to begin with?
    How come that there’s plenty of tax-payer funded accommodation with all the trimmings for these “Cultural Enrichers”, while the natives, that have fallen on hard times, have to sleep on the street and become “legal” prey to these hostile depredators?
    What kind of Society is this that looks to foreign Invaders first and the native population not at all?
    I guess we all know by now what kind of Society that is, don’t we?
    It’s one were political “virtue signalling” is more important that actual virtue, and the deliberate destruction of ones Country is seen as something to be endorsed – no mater the cost to others.

  3. Don’t tell me the Muslim enemy is not planning to take full advantage of the upside down Angela Merkels all over the west end of Urope.

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