Gypsies vs. Muslims: Who Will Win?

In the delightful confection that is Modern Multicultural Milan, two of the flavors in the recipe — gypsies and Muslims — don’t seem to mix all that well.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Wild West public housing: Guerilla war between tenants and illegal Roma [Gypsies]

June 11, 2022

High tension in the public housing periphery of Milan, where 60 persons, illegal and legal, faced off against each other in a brawl lasting over two hours.

by Francesca Galici

The outskirts of Milan are a very dangerous powder keg, where even the smallest problem risks being transformed into a tragedy. That is shown by what happened in Via Bolla, a free zone for crime and offenses, in the Gallaratese quarter of Milan, where an argument between neighbors was transformed into a brawl that involved 60 persons, many of whom were Roma [Gypsies] and illegal immigrants. “We only defended ourselves. The Roma used bars [rods], and they threw their children at us to attack us,” the residents say today, who decide to raise their voices to protest and to talk to reporters about last night’s battles.

The spokesperson for the residents stated: “The Roma who live illegally in public housing and in campers beneath the building began to burn rubber with their cars in the square. We were startled and went down to see what was happening.” At that point, the brawl broke out: The Roma reportedly took some rods from a nearby construction site: “We defended ourselves with kicks and punches, but we didn’t touch the children.” Then the residents called the police: “We stayed up all night, I was escorted by the police into my house. At my residence, there are only five of us Italians”. As reported by the residents, it is not the first time they have been attacked.

As the Corriere della Sera reports, what occurred in the night between Friday and Saturday is only the epilogue of long days of strong tensions. Sixty persons living in Via Bolla armed themselves with knives, bars, and clubs, and confronted each other. Fireworks also exploded, and within a few minutes, chaos broke out, ten police patrol cars rushed to the scene, but they were not sufficient to contain the revolt. Five other patrols in riot gear had to be added in order to bring the situation back to calm. It took two hours for the police to put down the brawl and secure the quarter. The final toll is several injured, among them, a 44-year-old woman, a 17-year-old boy, and a 2-year-old child, all of Romanian origin.

But it is only an apparent peace, a quiet passage until the first disagreement again leads to an explosion of the spirits of the residents. Here, day and night, high-cylinder sedans carry out the assignment of guarding the quarter. They make the rounds to protect the squatters, checking whether there are suspicious police movements or new possible occupants. At the base of all this, as also told by the residents, there is the custom of conducting illegal races with high-cylinder cars on the part of the Roma, which often run the risk of causing accidents, and which also involve children. The legal residents are exhausted; they would like to live in a civil and healthy environment, but the crime in this pocket of Milan is already rampant, and everyone seems to have lost the hope of being able to recover this area of the metropolis. The only solution identified till now by Aler* is to demolish the buildings, already dilapidated and abandoned to their destiny. But the residents are asking for more protection.

In the face of the comments of the Democrat Party (PD), which has targeted the Aler management, Silvia Sardone, advisor to the Lega [party] in Milan, has raised her voice. “They point the finger at Aler, showing all of their ignorance: The agency, in fact, has no jurisdiction for public order, unlike the municipality of Milan, administered for eleven years by the Left, which will not use local police patrols in support of other police forces concerning evictions and to have them patrol the territory, especially in the more difficult quarters like via Bolla.” The Lega party member then added, “Maybe the PD forgets that the Roma and the squatters who populate those public flats can do whatever they want due to their leniency and their unchecked desire for integration, which coincidentally, remains only and exclusively on paper.” That of via Bolla was only one of so many episodes, and Silvia Sardone underlined that “if Milan is at the head of the classification in crime in all of Italy, the responsibility is only on the Left.”

*   Aler is a public housing management agency for the Lombardy region.

12 thoughts on “Gypsies vs. Muslims: Who Will Win?

  1. I’ll take the gypsies any day over the aloha snackbars. At least they don’t try to cut off your head for refusing to become a gypsy.

    • it is a real hard choice but I would never ever choose gipsy; you will never find a “normal” gipsy, and it is really not viable to live among them; in case you have one of their abusive camp near home, just expect that they will steal everything out they can grab. The only good thing is that there are not many of them, because they are literal parasites. They steal also children and use them to collect charity and send them to steal (also with their own kids) so they cannot be prosecuted for young age.

      • That’s the problem: many see themselves as entitled to live off the rest of us; “parasites” indeed.

        We have some here in the UK, but a worse problem are the Irish “travellers” (though some are happy to live in permanent accommodation provided by the local authority); when I worked in a department store at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, the women were easy to spot as they shoplifted, and taught their children to do the same. I heard that when some return to their ancestral homes in Ireland, the locals keep out of their way to avoid trouble.

        • I dont care about them, regardless gypsy or muslims.
          It would be bst if they would be send back to India and muslim country, with a very high and non-crossable border between us and them. If there is a border between muslims and gypsies – I dont care. Let them fight as long as they want to do.

        • Maybe they are not really irish? I don’t know, but that sounds more like roma (gypsies) than the (very few) irish people I gave met.

        • There used to be a time where the locals would run them out of town with torches and pitchforks. That is the problem right there, they look at everybody else to fix the problem instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting the bloody job done themselves. How we weak and pathetic we have become.

        • [Personal insults redacted] Genetic analysis has shown Travellers diverged from the settled Irish population in the 1600s, during the time of the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. The centuries of separation have led to Travellers becoming genetically distinct from the settled Irish. Oh by the way Marko I don’t know for sure what your race or background is. BTW these are not “poor people”. Intact families and lots of wealth.

  2. “The Roma used bars [rods], and they threw their children at us to attack us,”

    These gypsy types always play the system, and they know that children cannot be hit or handled harshly, that’s why they send their 14 year olds into the front lines – because 15 is an age when one can be prosecuted. In my town, we had this gypsy gang headed by 17-25 year old gypsies, they specialized in house break ins, stealing, robberies (they robbed only the weak – children, or grandmothers, or such like) Not really violent, but they stole a lot. And it was always the 12 – 14 year olds who had done the actual breaking in, or the “robbing”, the older guys always stayed close, for emotional support and guidance.

    After 2 or 3 years they all ended up in jail, though it took about 3000 small individual crimes to make the case. The problem also was, that the gypsies make an effort to find out who witnesses against them, and then harrass the witnesses also, so it was hard to get testimonies for small crimes like “robbing young Johhny of his cellphone”. The Gypsies can be incredibly organized for stuff like this, it’s a “family game” for them.

    PS: I have also worked with many gypsies who were little on the wild side, but good guys who I liked to work with. Very hard workers, especially on the physical side, which always makes me wonder if the Gypsies maybe originate in some Military Caste from India or something. Once they are under strong command, and they have a boss they respect, they can be unbelievably productive. I mean it as a compliment when I say that the best ditch digger I know, a guy that can dig four times as much “hole-per-hour” than the next best guy – is a Gypsy.

  3. I don’t know if it is true, but I heard that “gypsies” are descendants of people who were displaced by the islamic invasion of India.

  4. Marke: The “Irish Travellers” may be rooted in Ireland or Scotland centuries ago. However they speak with English accents. Most could be identified as English working class. You do so much reading why don’t you check out H.M. Government Statistics. That’s my last comment.

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