Culture-Enrichers Acting as Trusties

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Pushbacks: Refugees against refugees on behalf of the Greek police

At the EU’s external border, Greek police officers are apparently using refugees as accomplices for illegal pushbacks. This was the result of joint research by Der Spiegel with Lighthouse Reports, the ARD political magazine Report Munich, Le Monde and the Guardian. After months of research, the team of reporters managed to speak to six of these men.

They said independently of one another that they had been urged to force them back to Turkey. In return they had been promised residence permits. According to Der Spiegel, the information provided by the refugees was able to be verified with the help of photos, satellite images and official Greek documents.

Residents of Greek villages near the border also report that it is “an open secret” in the region that refugees carry out pushbacks on behalf of the police. Farmers and fishermen, who are allowed to enter the restricted area on the Evros River, are said to have repeatedly observed refugees at work: migrants are not seen on the Evros, said a resident. ”Except those who work for the police.” Three Greek police officers also confirmed the practice to Der Spiegel and its partners. The police consider the pushbacks to be so dangerous that they are increasingly using refugees in order to protect their own officers. [And those are the “peaceful” refugees that the Greens worship, and want flooding into Europe indefinitely, or until each and every white, native European has been enriched through the cultural culler.]

The Greek Interior Ministry and the police left official media inquiries unanswered as of Tuesday. According to European law, Greece is obliged to open an asylum procedure for asylum seekers who reach Greek territory.

“This approach is a break with all the values that we represent in the European Union,” said the Federal Government’s Human Rights Commissioner, Luise Amtsberg (Greens). “This is abysmal and cannot be surpassed in terms of perfidy.”

Afterword from the translator:

So what? These policemen are fighting for their country and their children against invaders and are using the tools at their disposal, because of those traitorous puppeticians. Also, such a virtue-signalling hit piece could only come from Spiegel and ARD, the saviours of the poor “refugees”. But they are silent, or belittling, when it comes to the victims of their cultural enrichment drive.

Has each of those journalists taken in a “refugee”? Or Luise Amtsberg, or any other of these advocates for cultural genocide? I seriously doubt it.