Ascendant Islam Means Jihad Is Coming

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Ascendant Islam Means Jihad Is Coming

In my early morning news broadcast, I routinely include stories about the ongoing series of massacres in Africa. I want Americans to know what happens in countries where Islam is ascendant, so they can decide where Islam belongs in the American scheme of things.

Recent stories include Muslim militants killing 142 people in 10 villages across Nigeria, and fresh jihad attacks and slaughter of innocents in Mozambique as well as Nigeria. Muslims have abducted or killed 35 Christian pastors in the last 17 months.

One recent story that broke through to major news outlets was the terrorist attack on a Catholic Church during church services in Nigeria, killing 50 people and taking the priest hostage. Locals identified the killers as ethnic Fulanis. The Fulani stock is primarily Muslim.

There’s a narrative out there to the effect these are all just land and water disputes between rival tribes. Nothing could be further from the truth. How much land and water is inside a Catholic Church? These are massacres motivated by standard Islamic doctrine, the same Islamic doctrine found in America and everywhere else the Quran is read and believed. Quranic doctrine holds that Islam shall reign supreme, and jihad will be waged until the entire world submits to Islam. Another narrative, pushed by the corrupt FBI and the rest of the U.S. government, is that sharia supremacy is only the view of extremist groups like Al Qaeda, but the narrative falls apart when you realize sharia supremacy and jihad come right from the pages of the Quran itself. As President Erdogan of Turkey put it in 2017, “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

Sharia supremacists are not shy about telling you what they believe. An Islamic scholar in Michigan said just this month, “Islam teaches us that Islam is supreme. The supremacy of Islam, not that we want a seat at the table, not that our whole hope is to stop Islamophobia so that we can just be treated like human beings, no, Islam is supreme.” An imam in Miami, in dismissing women’s rights, said rule by sharia law would eliminate a lot of suffering. Another imam, who used to preach in Houston before he was deported on immigration charges, said non-Muslims are the ‘worst of Allah’s creations. Treat them like that.’ You might remember the Pakistani doctor who worked at the Mayo Clinic who was arrested on terrorism charges in 2020. He was charged with providing material support to Islamic State and had ambitions to use his medical knowledge to wage jihad in America. “I want to kill and get killed, again and again. This is what even Prophet Mohammed wished,” he said.

Why do these Muslims believe all this? Because it’s what their holy book commands them to believe. Is it any surprise some of them actually believe it?

The FBI may not think that’s a problem for national security and law enforcement, but I do. That’s why I filed a Freedom of Information Act case against the FBI in federal court, to put some sunlight on the FBI’s view of standard Islamic doctrine and on what prominent Islamic scholars are preaching to their flocks in America. My FOIA case has been grinding on for four years and will go on for at least several more months. Regardless of the outcome, all Americans should realize what happens in a country when Islam is ascendant and Islam’s critics are intimidated and silenced.

Maybe you think what’s happening in Africa can’t happen here. If you think that, I suggest you follow the news on Islam in America and open your eyes to creeping sharia. It’s not that hard to see what they’re up to.

14 thoughts on “Ascendant Islam Means Jihad Is Coming

  1. What does the Koran instruct?

    …between us and you enmity and hatred forever 60:4
    Allah is the ENEMY of the unbelievers 2:98.
    Allah does NOT love the unbelievers 30:45.
    Unbelievers are ENEMIES of Allah and they will roast in hell 41:14.
    The kuffar are for you a clear enemy 4:101
    Terrorize the enemy of Allah and your enemy 8:60
    KILL the unbelievers wherever you find them 9:5

    The Koran forms part of Islamic law. It is not optional.

    • Which begs the question, “Why has Islam been accorded the status of a religion and is therefore protected under the provisions of the First Amendment?”

      • Because it’s the religion of the World, fight for glory, and die to enjoy more sex and rock and roll.

  2. The “religion” should be called “I Slam” as is about all that it does.

  3. Re: “In my early morning news broadcast, I routinely include stories about the ongoing series of massacres in Africa. I want Americans to know what happens in countries where Islam is ascendant, so they can decide where Islam belongs in the American scheme of things.”

    Well-done, because not withstanding everything else happening in the world around us, the Islamic threat is still there, just as it has always been for the last 1,400 years.

    The Muslims are opportunists par excellence. They seem to have a sixth sense for weakness and indecisiveness. Westerners are only ignorant of the ravages of which the believers are capable because of the military, cultural and economic strength of western civilization over the last 250-300 years. But as that strength and influence is replaced by decadence, corruption and civilizational ennui, the believers sense weakness and are again going on the offensive.

    Africa and the Middle East have always been strategic ground for the believers, but they are also making rapid inroads in western and northern Europe, and in North America and in many parts of the developed world. Relatively speaking, the United States has been spared, but the lack of kinetic activity or violence is deceptive. While the shahids may not be able to commit dramatic acts of jihad and terrorism easily, the great “civilization jihad” promised by the Muslim Brotherhood continues apace – making gradual but inexorable progress toward its goals.

    And let us not forget that the jihadists recently won a great victory over the hated infidels, when Biden pulled U.S. forces out of Afghanistan in the dead of night, effectively surrendering to the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Biden “gifted” the enemy with almost a trillion dollars worth of U.S. weapons, ordnance, equipment, and military gear – ranging from the latest night vision gear to small arms to vehicles to helicopter gunships to body armor.

    India, the world’s largest democracy and a nation which ought to be our staunch ally against the Islamic threat, was rightly enraged that such a huge cache of weapons was more-or-less given to extremists, many of whom are seeking to overthrow the government in Dehli or otherwise attack Indian citizens. Likewise, the Pakistani ISI and the jihadists with whom they cooperate will now know the details of formerly secret military technology, which will place friendly forces around the world at risk.

    Indeed, one cannot help but wonder if Biden’s “error” in abandoning all of that gear equipment and weapons was intentional, right from the start, and meant as a means of arming jihadist forces in SW Asia – and perhaps Europe eventually.

    Trafficking in arms internationally used to be a serious crime, but I guess when you are “president,” the laws don’t apply to you!

    Lest anyone think that term is too-harsh, Biden has a history of arms trafficking from when he was Mr. Obama’s V.P. That regime ran guns into Mexico and then into Libya and all across the Middle East… all without a hint of opprobrium, let alone actual criminal charges or any sort of punishment. So he and they took things that much further….

  4. “The FBI may not think that’s a problem for national security and law enforcement”

    — And what if that’s the whole idea: to cause “a problem for national security and law enforcement”… (I am just saying the silent part out.)

    • That is the problem right there and always has been, we have been treating this as a law enforcement problem instead of a national security problem and it has bitten us in the backside ever since. Incompetency reigns at the federal level.

  5. Excellent, let the savages of the devil islam go jihad at every turn, sooner or later even the thickest westerner will figure out that these 3rd worlders gotta go by any means necessary. Keep up the good work muzzy’s, the day of the Great Purge just gets that much closer.

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