Viktor Orbán Declares a State of Emergency in Hungary

Yesterday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared a state of emergency, due to the ongoing war next door in Ukraine. A video of Mr. Orbán’s announcement is below.

There has been much discussion of Hungary’s surrender to the “pandemic” narrative of the last two years. One would like to believe that Hungary is different, but it locked down and restricted its citizens’ liberties much like the rest of the West. Not as bad as, say, Canada, but worse than Sweden or Denmark.

Nevertheless, I still believe that Mr. Orbán is trying to carve out a space where Hungary can maintain its identity to a limited extent within the structure prescribed by the New World Order. Most Western leaders — Johnson, Macron, Rutte, Trudeau, etc. — aren’t even attempting that sort of thing. They are surrendering unconditionally.

Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

László has provided his take on what is going on now in Hungary, and specifically with the state of emergency:

The first specific “war emergency measures” have been officially announced, and they are actually socioeconomic. They have nothing to do with a kinetic war, at least for the moment.

Some background:

The government has been maintaining a special price for the public utility service costs for private consumers, for example the cost of energy or water has not been raised too much recently, despite the surge in market prices. In Hungary the utility companies are not in foreign private ownership any longer, because the government declared those “strategic” and bought them back some years ago. As a result, electricity costs, for instance, are still quite cheap here for ordinary people (not for companies, though).

The state media were full of reports for months in the winter how the Germans and others in Western Europe were freezing because they could not afford sufficient heating any more, while we Hungarians were well-off, thanks to government policy. (Which is true. Our middle-class family could afford to partly heat the house with electricity last winter.)

Now the government will levy a special tax on the “extra profit” of some large corporations listed below, from which a new fund will be created, which will finance the artificially low utility costs of the population plus some military development costs. It looks like Orbán does not want us to freeze and starve for sake of the Great Reset — unlike what the European Commission and German politicians would like. But of course it is still a Great Reset-like policy, with a socialist flavour of a nanny state. In other words, it is a soft and mostly humane mass-line strategy. Hungary is the “Most Cheerful Barracks” once again!

The naming of the new measures (“war emergency”) has created some misunderstanding, I guess…

It is still war, but a different one.

He adds:

At the same time I KNOW that Orbán is not a psychopath (unlike most “leaders” in the West), and really cares about the nation, the people, the culture, the national heritage.

Since what he is doing is a sort of successful (yet soft) mass-line strategy that handles the Hungarians very well, the Powers That Bee the roost… until they don’t. The cost: medium-term submission to the Great Reset (lots of ‘sustainable’ government programmes going on, under the radar!). The PTB know that subversion is a decades-long process, and Eastern Europe lags behind…

If the globalists were to make a “colour revolution” here, they might even lose Hungary, because all the woke nonsense and tough tyranny (Canada-style) would shock the Hungarians. There would be a civil war for liberty and the people would probably win. It happened in 2006 big-time — the globalists failed! They tried it again in 2018… and failed again. And “they” know that!

So they need more time to subvert the minds of the youth…

This is how I can reconcile Orbán and the NWO, in a nutshell.

Video transcript:

00:00   The government that was sworn in today has immediately begun its work.
00:04   We didn’t waste a single minute, because in a neighbouring country there is a war.
00:09   A war, the end of which no one can yet see.
00:14   This war presents an ongoing threat to Hungary,
00:18   putting our physical security at risk,
00:21   and endangering the energy supply and financial
00:25   security of families and the economy as a whole.
00:29   We can see that the war and the sanctions from Brussels
00:33   have led to enormous economic upheaval and dramatic price increases.
00:40   The world stands on the brink of an economic crisis.
00:45   Hungary must stay out of this war,
00:48   and must protect the financial security of families.
00:52   For this the government needs room for manoeuvre and the ability to take immediate action.
00:58   Exercising the right granted to it in the Fundamental Law of Hungary,
01:03   from midnight tonight the government is declaring a wartime state of emergency.
01:08   As with the state of danger introduced during the defence operation against the pandemic,
01:13   this will also enable the Government to respond immediately
01:18   and defend Hungary and Hungarian families with all possible means.
01:23   Tomorrow I will inform you of our first decisions.

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  1. I published on my blog an analysis I did on the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, and the way he dealt with this imposition of pandemic tracking mechanisms (aka Digital Certificate and Digital Passport). Mr Duda was not only a pioneer in implementing the Digital Certificate before the European Union (although under its influence), but the Polish government itself on its official website declares that it was responsible for the elaboration of the European Covid-19 Certificate.

    The entire Visegrád Group surrendered to the WHO’s sanitary tyranny. Orbán only followed the other members of the group. Unfortunately, Poland – a country I believed to be free – is totally dominated by the Brussels elite. Poles are distracted by the War in Ukraine, and they don’t even realize how much freedom they’ve lost. When the Covid Certificate was implemented, the entire Polish media did not criticize it, as it is all under control.

  2. I’ve been very impressed with Hungary and Pres. Orban for many years.

    This blog was intriguing but left more questions. It would be nice if you could do a follow up blog some time, addressing the attempted color revolutions in 2006 and 2018 and other matters. Maybe a brief modern history also including when and what triggered the nationalization of utilities, up to particulars of what Hungary’s Pandemic response looked like.

    Historically (as of post WWII), all I remember reading about Hungary was the poor people fighting tanks with stones in the 1950s in their great hunger for freedom and the revolt being crushed (probably they tried because they were given a false hope of help from the U.S. and didn’t get it but I don’t remember what I read anymore so that might not be accurate), and that since gaining their independence they have had quite a vibrant new technologies sector in several fields.

    • @ JAS

      –> About the 2018 events: please put some of these articles into translator to get an idea. :

      It was a Soros-backed foreign operation with paid rioters and infiltrated agents of the commie opposition parties. Their tactical goal was to take over the state TV facilites, and they violently rioted in front of the Parliament as well. As their strategical goal they hoped to finally break out a revolution in order to topple the Orbán-government by exerting domestic and international pressure. However, due to an unexpected event I can only see as Deus ex machina, a crisis actor inadvertently left her phone on after a live stream in the sieged TV building when she was talking to her comrades about how they were planning to stage fake police violance against themselves: “let us lay here face down [as if they were forced by the police, which was not the case] and these will be brutally strong pictures”. Yet the international globalist media posted these photos as if they were real. It was a sort of attempted “Maidan Revolution”. It failed mainly because the leaked internal command and other clumsy live streams where the rioting MPs were drunk (!) and hit doors like real clowns, turned the rioters into national laughing stocks and no more people wanted to join them, so they lost mass-support.

      –> About the 2006 events: please put some of these articles into translator to get an idea. Then PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, a globalist supported by the Brussels elite, attacked his own people with the help of foreign (!) policemen after being exposed as a traitor by a leaked voice recording:

      –> About particulars of what Hungary’s Pandemic response looked like, please see the László Archives. Even though I wrote a lot about it, it has been relatively softer tyranny than in many other countries:

      –> About the re-nationalization of utilities, please put this article into translator to get an idea. After 1990 the socialist governments had gradually sold all the utility companies to foreign corporations, essentially enemy entities, that could assert pressure on the people and the government, thus creating a national security issue:

      • Thank you László.

        I will read those with interest in the near future when time permits. Thank you for all the information. This is the stuff that should be covered in high school history or civics classes, not the boring, whitewashed and fake things kids were taught back when I was in high school. (Now it is apparently worse, teaching and promoting transgenderism and CRT, etc.) I came out of high school and college with a very distorted and limited understanding of world events, machinations, and politics. It’s only been over many years, with an acceleration in the last few years that my eyes have been opened to what is actually going on in this world, and why.

        Gates of Vienna helped when I first stumbled across it a couple years ago or so when I was researching what’s up with Islam after realizing there is something more to the picture than a rare mentally ill or criminally minded moslem misrepresenting the “religion of peace.” Imagine my surprise when I discovered the long history of raiding, attacking, and kidnapping Europeans, even as far as England and Ireland. The full extent related to Islam that I was taught was that when America was a new country there were Barbary states in North Africa pirating American merchant ships on the way to European ports and therefore hurting American commerce so the U.S. sent in the Navy and defeated them in a couple decisive battles, end of story. Nothing on the role Islam played, the slavery and the whys and the long history of tragedy and suffering Europe suffered from the moslems’ desire to enslave and control. Such is the state of public school. Mine was very good on math, physics, electronics, etc. and pretty much a waste of time or even propaganda on everything else.

        I’ll check out your archived blogs. Sorry, one should read what has already been written so suggesting a possible article on things you’ve already written is inappropriate. I’m hit and miss in coming to this site so I didn’t realize you’d already written on the pandemic in Hungary. I’m so happy for Hungary’s victories in these political struggles for the soul and freedom of the people. They are a shining light for Europe and western society.

  3. Hungary faces exactly the same economic and security threats, as every other country in the region. Maybe even less – there’s no Russian or Belarus troops along its borders, no missiles exploding within sight of its territory, no talk in Russia of Hungary being the next target for “denazification”…

    So, this seems strange, to say the least… Wonder what Orban will seek to do with the “emergency powers”?

    • italy did the same just months ahead than hungary (actually the transition from the covid plandemic emergency to this new one, has been very smooth and there was not even a great talk about on the local mainstream media), still wearing covid masks for working but already focusing on nuclear radiation threats for the next “future”); i am not sure which other countries in europe are in emergency state because of the war in ukraine.

  4. The digital certificate was just a standardised way for people to have their Covid status recognised in all the EU. And you could have a mobile, or printed version. Whichever you prefer.

    As for Poland, it never instituted the “Covid passport” for entering workplaces, restaurants etc – but all the restrictions have now gone… You can arrive, or depart, and go anywhere with no Covid certificates or masks needed.

    And no-one really talks about something like Covid anymore. They say “Putin defeated Covid, in a day”.

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