Singing, Cursing, Screaming, Smoking — But Not Teaching

The following video is a detour from the usual fare here at Gates of Vienna. It concerns an Italian elementary school teacher whose behavior alarmed the parents of the children she taught. She clearly suffered from some form of mental illness. Her actions might be taken as evidence of religious mania, but some people considered her a Satanist. In any case, she has been suspended from teaching, but only temporarily.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Children are afraid of going to school whenever she teaches. Children pretend
00:04   to have stomachaches so as not to have to go to school. A teacher who attacks other teachers.
00:07   A teacher who roams the school smoking, asking around for change.
00:11   She is a woman who needs help.
00:18   A teacher in a school located in the suburbs of Rome has been reported
00:22   for inappropriate behavior. Despite the complaints, the teacher has only been suspended
00:25   for a week. Parents are still waiting for further explanations.
00:28   We are here because, unfortunately, there have been no answers so far
00:32   about all that happened and the reported facts.
00:38   About the headmistress’ mismanagement, and the consequent situation.
00:46   It’s all because of a teacher, who in our opinion
00:49   is not fit to work closely with children, unfortunately.
00:52   Could you please tell me briefly what has been happening for the last two years?
00:55   Well, let’s start by saying that it was a teacher who found out everything,
01:00   fortunately, after noticing some assignments on the blackboard.
01:04   Written by a teacher whose behavior was not normal, basically.
01:09   What do you mean? What was her behavior? She used to make children
01:14   draw esoteric pictures portraying Hell and Purgatory.
01:19   We are speaking of little children, first-grade children.
01:26   And their assignment was to write the names of their own classmates
01:30   inside these hell circles, and also the names of those they wanted to see dead.
01:34   During her teaching lessons, unfortunately, this teacher used to do anything but teach English.
01:42   She would sing out loud, dance, lash out at the children, scream, curse without a reason;
01:46   she used to smoke in the classroom, wearing no mask.
01:49   All of that was reported numerous times by both the other teachers and the children’s parents.
01:56   And also by the children, whose behavior started to look abnormal for their age.
02:03   As far as I know this teacher has been around since 2020.
02:06   She is not a tenured teacher, because last year she used to teach
02:10   both English and Math, working in different places.
02:13   She used to wander around the school, even after school hours.
02:16   This has been escalating since 2020.
02:19   There have been complaints since 2020.
02:22   Last year we all went to the police station to report several attacks
02:27   against the children, who were pulled by their arms.
02:32   Some children were publicly humiliated, so much that they would refuse to go to school.
02:38   It’s not acceptable. And this teacher wasn’t suspended?
02:41   The teacher has been suspended for a week only, after she climbed on the window ledge.
02:49   Just because of that gesture, not because she had attacked a child. —For one week only?
02:54   Exactly. She is on a sick leave; it’s not true she won’t be back. She probably will.
02:58   But she shouldn’t be back, not just in this school. They shouldn’t move her to another school either.
03:02   She’s a woman who needs help.
03:05   She cannot teach; unfortunately we are dealing with a woman addicted to psychiatric drugs.
03:11   She cannot and must not work with children, she belongs in a suitable facility.
03:17   What did the school headmistress do about it? —The school headmistress
03:21   has ignored what we have been saying.
03:25   Carlo Levi School, good morning. Good morning, this is Fanpage.
03:29   May I speak with the headmistress, please?
03:32   No, I am sorry, she will not answer any phone calls. —Will she make any statement
03:35   or give any interviews? —No, absolutely not. Goodbye.