What Happened to All Those Syrian Scientists, Doctors, and Engineers?

During the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, throwing the doors wide to the “refugees” was sold to the German people as a way to make up for a shortage of highly skilled workers in the country’s economy. Seven years later, the official government statistics reveal the nature of the scam that was foisted on the public: more than half of the migrants are unemployed and/or unemployable, and most of the rest are employed in low-skilled menial jobs (which means they provide little or no tax revenue).

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Balance sheet after seven years

Wave of refugees: No skilled workers came

BERLIN. 893,000 of the Hartz IV migrants who came to Germany in the wake of the 2015/16 wave of refugees are still alive. 235,000 are unemployed and a further 437,000 are looking for work. Even of the 460,000 who have found work, more than half are employed in under-skilled jobs. This emerges from a response from the federal government to a request from AfD MP René Springer. He refers to statistics from the Federal Employment Agency and the eight most common asylum-seeker countries of origin: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

The proportion of “refugees” who live on standard benefits is almost twice as high as that of employees and has leveled off at around 50 percent. For Syrians, this figure is almost 60 percent. For comparison: the Hartz IV quota of the German population is 5.6 percent.

Hardly any skilled workers, specialists and experts

Even among the former migrants who were employed subject to social security contributions, 43.3 percent did not have a school-leaving or graduation certificate. The proportion employed in so-called “Helper” occupations, i.e. under-qualified jobs, is correspondingly high: 50.1 percent. Their share has even increased by 6.6 percentage points since January 2016. The Federal Employment Agency has no information on another 25 percent. The proportion of employees in the field of skilled workers, specialists and experts, on the other hand, continues to decline.

“Despite all the euphemisms from the Government and the established media, the massive immigration into our social systems can no longer be denied,” AfD parliamentarian Springer told Junge Freiheit. The billions in taxes that have been spent on integration measures so far have “largely and ineffectively evaporated”.

There is no hope of improvement, because out of the current total of 670,000 job seekers and unemployed, almost 88 percent have no professional qualifications. About four percent have professional training and 7 percent have academic training.

A look at the training events is also sobering. Of the approximately 25,000 applicants for a training place from the top eight asylum countries of origin, 15,000 applicants (60 percent) remained unplaced.

Afterword from the translator:

At the beginning of 2020, the head of the BAMF admitted: “We were aware that only a few skilled workers would arrive via the escape route.”

Even back then, common sense said that the “skilled workers and academics” line couldn’t be true, especially when you look at the countries they’re coming from. But nonetheless they narrated: what the refugees bring is more valuable than gold — the economic miracle — secure pensions — skilled workers — a high level of education — the gross national product is increasing, etc. That all of this was untrue should have been clear to many German citizens, one hopes. Also the politicians knew exactly who was and what was coming down onto the people. After all, it was all about implementing the EU migration plan, and “professionals” play as little of a role in the Narrative as the truth with Covid.

Merkel at the time: “We have to accept that crime among young refugees will be particularly high.” Anyone who says something like that knows exactly what’s going on and what will happen. Unfortunately the sheeple in Germany didn’t get it then, and I rather doubt they ever will.

7 thoughts on “What Happened to All Those Syrian Scientists, Doctors, and Engineers?

  1. Re: “During the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, throwing the doors wide to the “refugees” was sold to the German people as a way to make up for a shortage of highly skilled workers in the country’s economy.”

    Another bald-faced lie by those pushing the Great Replacement and the erasure of Old Europe. How so? The Muslims emigrating to places like Germany have been told by their imams that going to infidel lands in Europe and going on welfare immediately is a valid form of jihad and therefore sanctioned under sharia law. Bleed the infidels and apostates dry by refusing to work and going on the dole.

    Such welcoming folks, those Europeans! For some nations, refugees and immigrants can apply for social welfare benefits while still in transit to their new homes-away-from-home. So, these de facto soldiers of Allah go on the dole, drain the public treasury of their host nations while plotting the Islamic takeover of Germany, Britain, France, Sweden, wherever it happens to be.

    And to add insult to injury, in some places – such as Germany – elderly native-born pensioners are being kicked out of their apartments to make way for the new arrivals and interlopers.

    If one didn’t know better, one could almost suspect that there is some sort of over-all plan to culturally-enrich Europe!

  2. “Unfortunately the sheeple in Germany didn’t get it then, and I rather doubt they ever will.”

    They’ll get it allright – hunger is coming, once hunger hits, it will be “back to your ethnic roots” pretty quick, because that’s the way of the world. Last time there was hunger in Germany, the Germans united in their “common struggle” quite well. And though I don’t think it to be a good outcome, I expect “it” to come back again with vengeance.

    • I disagree.

      I think it was 1945 when there was hunger in Germany. Did the Germans band together? Nope, the were tired and you could do anything to them.

      Then there was 1923. The German government just did nothing when Germany didnt have money and the allied powers occupied Germany. Yes, there were a few who fought back like Schlageter, but he was betrayed. It was just like in the times when Napoleon occupied Germany. Enough Germans betrayed their fellow Germans.

      And I dont expect it to be different this time. They will call the opposition Nazis, offer food for betraying fellow Germans and Antifa and leftwing people will gladly sell any other German out.

      • As what happens when Germans get nationalistic, those commie lefties went a running for their lives when the fun and games began, it will be no different when the fun and games begin again.

  3. Merkel&CO brain surgeons , doctors and engineers, never ever will back to own [sump] countries, ones they put foot on German soil , that’s it , they will reap , stabbing, and living on the Hartz IV , whole families including, and this government who is finishing this country , they make sure they never be deported, it’s a disaster and never ending circle , I just wish the people tax payers money will be finished soon , so nobody need to feed this parasites anymore..

  4. Does Germanistan have the Magic Soil like the USSA?
    No need for skilled workers or manufacturing when you have this and mommygov to build the utopia.

  5. In the day, the news about scientists ,doctors and specialists arriving was an awakening for me. As someone having travelled to those countries , I had known decades before that they can not produce anything valuable:
    residents who could afford it came to Europe for medical treatement, all things technological had to be purchased abroad, and even basic crafts products like a leather home slipper were not made for longer use. They do not have a work ethic to be compared to ours. It is not lack of training but mentality: ‘ if this bloke is stupid enough to give me money for this ( synonym for faeces) ) I make, his fault.

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