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The two articles below from German-language media discuss topics related to the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The first concerns the alarming incidence of death and serious medical issues involving young athletes. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Wochenblick:

Many young people affected — average age 38 years

Sudden and unexpected: Over 1,000 cases of athletes collapsing — many dead

1.   Just a normal marathon
2.   Cycle races: only 38 percent finish
3.   Tennis fans shocked: Favorites had to give up
4.   Suddenly and unexpectedly: Over 1,000 cases — average age 38 years
5.   The mainstream is slowly waking up — very slowly

Wochenblick has reported several times about athletes suddenly and unexpectedly collapsing [see original article for multiple links].

Now a sad record has been reached. Over a thousand cases of collapsed or deceased athletes have already been documented. It should be a cause for concern when healthy and very often young people suddenly drop dead.

The average age of the dead is shocking: it is only 38 years.

Just a normal marathon

Politicians and mainstream media still look the other way and try to ignore the problem.

In September 2021, for example, the Standard headlined: “One dead and dozens of people collapsing in a completely normal marathon”.

93 percent of those at the start were vaccinated. Never before have there been so few runners. Never before have there been so many who failed to reach the finish-line. But they don’t want to see the connection with the Corona vaccination on the dirty pink sheet: just a completely normal marathon.

Cycle races: only 38 percent finish

Even reports like those from the Paris-Nice cycle race do not lead to a finding in the mainstream media. In this race, only 59 of 154 riders made it to the finish. The remaining 95 riders collapsed on the way or had to give up.

This is explained, in mainstream terms, by the fact that the participants were ill. The flu is said to be to blame.

Tennis fans shocked: Favorites had to give up

The situation was similar at the tennis tournament in Miami in the USA. 15 players had to end the tournament prematurely due to health problems. Among these were the favorites to win both women’s and men’s tournaments.

“The tennis world was shocked after the favorites Paula Badosa and Jannik Sinner had to retire in the quarterfinals of the Miami Open. Badosa, who will soon be number three in the world, felt unwell during her match against Jessica Pegula and left the court in tears,” Free West Media reported.

The fans reacted in shock to the bizarre tennis day. “What’s going on here?” someone asked. The question is posed, but no attempt is made to answer it.

At least since the fuss about Novak Djokovic and his non-vaccination [see original article for multiple links] it has been clear that almost all athletes in tennis are vaccinated.

In the newspaper articles just mentioned, all sorts of explanations are offered — but that it could be due to the vaccinations is not even considered.

Suddenly and unexpectedly: Over 1,000 cases — average age 38 years

But now to the sad record of athletes who died or collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly: over a thousand cases have now been documented on the “suddenly and unexpectedly” website. The average age of those affected is given on the page as 38.3 years.

Regrettably, the latest reports again include many very young athletes. The site now even has its own section for cases involving children and young people, which alone lists over 220 cases.

Here are just a few of these harrowing cases:

A 13-year-old footballer died in Andalusia, Spain. “A very sad day. One of the players, Jorge Salmerón Mezcua, passed away suddenly at the age of just 13. The entire Blanquiverde family pays tribute to family and friends in these days of dismay and sends them a big hug and lots of encouragement,” his club said on Twitter.

A 23-year-old Romanian water polo player leaves the pool during the game, collapses and dies.

On a Mexican Caribbean island, a 19-year-old collapsed from cardiac arrest while training for cycling. Unfortunately, attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful. He’s dead.

A 22-year-old Italian bodybuilder died so suddenly he was found dead in his car, engine still running, outside his home.

Any help came too late, even in the case of a 15-year-old Spaniard. The student collapsed during a basketball game with cardiac arrest. Despite attempts at resuscitation, he died in hospital.

The mainstream is slowly waking up — very slowly

One can only hope that the cover-up and turning a blind eye to the very often fatal side effects will soon come to an end. Reports also reach the mainstream only hesitantly.

For example, Focus reported that far too few side effects were reported, the Berliner Zeitung gave a detailed opportunity to speak to a doctor who was critical of vaccination (Wochenblick reported) and ARD published an article about abandoned vaccination victims, which Wochenblick reported on here.

Afterword from the translator:

I would be interested to know how many unvaccinated athletes collapsed or died suddenly and unexpectedly. Because these would-be experts always claim that none of this has anything to do with vaccination. On the other hand, if we’re to believe the media and our respective “governments”, these are heroes who died to eradicate the terrible pandemic… We should set an example and get vaccinated several times, but we’re just egoists who just don’t want to understand how important this injection is for our fellow human beings. We can only be protected if everyone lets themselves be “vaccinated”, which is why everyone must be vaccinated, including newborns.

When will this pharmaceutical genocide end? NEVER, if we don’t start to fight back, and as dirty as they do.

The second article, also translated by Hellequin GB, contains some slightly positive news: there will be no compulsory “vaccinations” in Germany for the time being.

From the German-language service of the Epoch Times.

Corona vaccination requirement for those over 60 failed in the Bundestag — Union application also unsuccessful

All proposals in the Bundestag that dealt with the question of mandatory Corona vaccination failed on Thursday. The introduction of a general Corona vaccination requirement from the age of 60 and the proposal by the Union faction for a vaccination plan law did not receive the required majority in the vote in the German Bundestag.

In Germany there will be no general Corona vaccination for the time being. A legislative initiative for compulsory vaccination from the age of 60, which was supported by many members of the traffic light coalition [Red-Yellow-Green, Socialists-FPD-Greens], did not find a majority in the Bundestag on Thursday. Only 296 MPs voted in favor, 378 against, and nine abstained.

The proposal by the Union faction for a vaccination plan law was also rejected with a clear majority. In the Bundestag, 172 MPs voted in favor of the motion and 497 against. Nine MPs abstained.

A motion by FDP Vice Chairman Wolfgang Kubicki and other members of parliament, who explicitly rejected compulsory vaccination, received only 85 yes votes. 590 parliamentarians voted against it, twelve abstained.

A motion by the AfD parliamentary group, which was also directed against compulsory vaccination, did not find a majority either: 79 MPs voted yes and 607 no; There were no abstentions. The AfD not only wanted to prevent a general obligation to vaccinate, but also to abolish the existing obligation for employees in medical and nursing facilities.

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  1. I’m the only unvaxxed in my family. No one listened to me. I’ve often wondered what I’d do with my life if the worst were to happen. Hopefully I won’t find out.

    • same here, my whole family including the 15 year olds is vaccinated.

      Strangely enough – none of my colleagues are. It seems like I have more in common with the people I work with, than with my own family, but that’s life I guess.

      • I’m the reverse. Most of my fam and relatives didn’t. I (now) work (again in) in NYC (after a 3 month “hiatus”). Probably 90% of my coworkers did.

    • Same with me. My dad is unhappy that he was infected with Corona because his doc told him afterwards he doesnt need a fourth shot and he wants one.

      My sister and her family and all my uncles and aunts think I am nutjob, a Querdenker, uneducated, uninformed,imbecile, nuts for not seeing the good part of the jab.
      When I told them of the negative sideeffects they were dismissive or they didnt acknowledge that I said something. Sometimes I feel like I I witness a timecop of the Perry Rhodan novels (M87 cycle). There the timecops have a symbiont that allows them to look about a second into the future but at the same times distorts their perceptions so that they never think against the narrative.

      While there a some people I would miss (my dad first) after being treated like trash or worse I hope in the darkest edge of my mind that the negative side effects strike with such force that they all must wake up and recognize that they were wrong.

  2. .

    COVID-19 is a Bio-Weapon

    Richard M. Fleming MD
    sworn testimony that COVID-19 is a Bio-Weapon / March 2022

    This is one of the best explanations with a super credible scientist/doctor and by swearing in,…….. it makes it legally fact. Not like ALL these other deceivers you are listening to. The MSM is lying to you with every breath.

    • As you probably know, there are many well qualified professionals speaking out against it, but the minute that they speak out as with what happened with scientists who spoke out against global warming, they were demonised, or defunded or sacked.
      WHEN or I should say, ‘IF” all politicians along with their partners and children came on tv and allowed themselves to be jabbed by anti vax drs who were using vaccines chosen from different batches by many different anti vaxxers and non of them died or were very sick over the next ten years, then I MIGHT feel that these jabs are safe..

  3. Colds, flu and intestinal illness can spread like wildfire through a peloton of professional cyclists. But, the flu? In April? After the flu practically disappeared for two years?

    Um. OK.

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