The Food Sucks! We Want to Fix Our Own!

When I started reading this report, I thought, “Wait a minute — the whining from these refugees isn’t what I’d expect from Ukrainians!” And then, sure enough, after reading further it turns out that the “Ukrainians” who are complaining are Muslims. Surprise!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Soester Anzeiger, a local newspaper in North Rhine-Westphalia:

Ukrainian refugees criticize the city’s catering plans

The war refugees from the Ukraine are unsettled because the city of Werl wants to set up a catering service for the residents in the Overberg School area. A caterer is to prepare the meals for the refugees. A large tent was erected in the school yard for this purpose.

Werl — The Stolzenhof catering service from Lünen is to take care of the catering for the residents of the Overberg School. The city administration had already had good experiences with the caterer when the Stadthallen restaurant was closed and Stolzenhof took over the catering until it was re-let.

“Stolzenhof is a very large and recognized caterer that offers good food,” reports Alexandra Kleine from the city administration. From the point of view of the city of Werl, the size of Stolzenhof guarantees that the services can be provided to the full extent.

The refugees are resentful of the city administration’s catering service. In addition to worrying that the food might be inedible, those of Muslim faith are also concerned that the food will not be prepared properly.

Ukrainian war refugees also report that the food in the central accommodation facility (ZUE) was not edible and they now fear the same. For the “full board” the money is deducted from the refugees’ social security. At that point the stove in the communal kitchen of the Overberg School may no longer be used.

Start date postponed again

The dates for the start of the catering service have now been postponed twice. Originally Stolzenhof was supposed to start on April 15th. But this date was moved to May 2nd. This start has also been postponed once again. As Mayor Torben Höbrink reports, the number of war refugees is decreasing and there are not yet enough people for the catering service.

“We’ll wait and see how the situation develops and then decide when to start”, says Höbrink. At the moment, some Ukrainian families are even returning to their homeland, and fewer war refugees are coming. “We don’t yet know what will happen after the Russian offensive”, says the mayor. In order to be prepared for everything, the sports hall of the former Overberg School is being prepared for more refugees from Ukraine. The municipalities expect that more war refugees may soon arrive again.

According to Alexandra Kleine, the caterer has been informed that there are also people of the Muslim faith among the refugees. He is familiar with the special nature of food preparation. “Current plans envisage that there will be one meat dish (beef, chicken, lamb, pork) and one vegetarian dish every day. If a large number of the refugees are of Muslim faith, flexible adjustments can be made. According to the current status, all meals are offered in buffet form, so that every refugee can put together the dishes themselves and choose what they prefer,” says Alexandra Kleine.

Afterword from the translator:

Muslim war refugees from Ukraine? Surely these can only be the “students” from the Maghreb and from sub-Saharan Africa (mainly Nigeria) who have had the status of scholarship holders at the universities in Ukraine, and quite a few of the people can speak neither English, Ukrainian nor Russian? Or the numerous Belarus tourists (Afghan, Iraqis, etc.) who didn’t manage to cross the Polish border last year and are now mingling with the Ukrainian war refugees? Or other upstarts from the Middle East and Africa who took advantage of the moment of favour — with the two-passport entry trick?

Inedible food? Shouldn’t war refugees be happy to have free meals? The people in the war zones in Ukraine, especially in Mariupol and Donbas, would certainly be more than happy with this catering service.

15 thoughts on “The Food Sucks! We Want to Fix Our Own!

  1. Muslim war refugees from Ukraine?

    In fact – I guess its possible. I knew a Crimean Tatar, the guy had a small roasted chessnut shop, he said he was from a Tatarian Noble family, and that they lost everything when the Russians took Crimea – way back when, hundred years ago or more… I would quite believe him, he knew about history a lot, and he hated the Russians. And he was a “muslim”, not practicing, but his family was muslim, and the Crimean Tartars were muslim.

    So I guess, there is an old Muslim population in today’s “Ukraine”, in the old Ottoman enclaves around the Black Sea.

    PS: They complain because they come from a culture where complaining a lot gets you things.

    • not amazing they hate russians……muslims hate everybody else.
      Is there a recipe for halal Bortscht, or do sturgeons get their throats cut before the caviar is extracted? Just wondering.
      A meat dish every day? Land of cornucopias or what?
      These people are obnoxious.

      • Yea well this guy was not a regular modern muslim immigrant, his family must have emigrated to Western Europe before the year 1900. And all he knows is that his grand grand father used to have a pallace on the coast of the Black Sea, but the Russians chased them out.

        I found this on wikipedia:

        Particularly, the Crimean War of 1853–1856, the laws of 1860–63, the Tsarist policy and the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78) caused an exodus of the Tatars; 12,000 boarded Allied ships in Sevastopol to escape the destruction of shelling, and were branded traitors by the Russian government.[53] Of total Tatar population 300,000 of the Taurida Governorate about 200,000 Crimean Tatars emigrated.[89] Many Crimean Tatars perished in the process of emigration, including those who drowned while crossing the Black Sea. In total, from 1783 till the beginning of the 20th century, at least 800 thousand Tatars left Crimea.

        • In the film “Lawence of Arabia”, he explains his fair hair and blue eyes to his Turkish interrogators by saying he’s from Circassia (just east of Crimea).

          Many “Palestinians” are descended from relatively recent migrants.

    • this reminded me of an old joke about the crimean tatars that I can not fully express here.I make it short
      ( there is a saying that cold showers keep young boys from a certain activity practised on themselves)
      with the crimean tatars it is the other way round!

    • Yes, there are “Muslims” of that type.

      I’ve met some who have views not that different to the ones around here.

  2. They should all be put into former Bundeswehr barracks and get the same food that soldiers get.
    Anybody who complaints gets a ticket to Africa.

    • You are way too kind, givem a choice, the bullets or back to where they crawled out of.

    • Just imagine how many German Pensioners would give their arm and a leg to have that luxury and choice for a DAILY meal?

  3. This is just despicable!!, Germans are freaking stupid!!, naive why they even bring this scums from Middle East ??? Obviously those not STUDENTS!!!, this savages like leeches!!, they suck Your blood to the bitter end , send all back where the come from , the all will be complaining about four , RACISM!!, basically everything, then they burn your churches down, reaping your daughters, and slowly taking over your land , like in France , good luck France with this cockroach Islamic / African traitor Macron !!, France is finished, done ..

  4. There’s some Ukrainian Muslims, eg the singer Jamala, who won the Eurovision song contest. And maybe some Turkmenistanis, Tajikistanis etc who settled there… Not so many though – if there’s lots, it’s probably “students” who pushed their way into the trains heading out.

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