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Most readers are familiar with the variation of the toxicity of individual batches of Pfizer’s experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. The differences are of such a magnitude that they cannot be attributed to random variation, statistically speaking. It has become clear that the composition of different batches was deliberately varied in a controlled fashion for experimental purposes.

The following German-language report provides additional data to support this thesis. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

“Russian Roulette” with the experimental gene treatments

Toxic gene injections: These are the 10 DEADLIEST Pfizer batches!

1.   Shocking finding, suspected high number of unreported cases
2.   The 10 deadliest Pfizer batches worldwide…
3.   …and only within the USA
4.   Quality problems known for a long time

As Wochenblick already reported, the batches of gene vaccines sometimes differ up to 3,000 times in terms of their toxicity. Renowned researchers have had doubts about the consistent manufacturing quality for some time, recognizing clear differences in color and effect. The most frequently injected active substance from BioNTech/Pfizer in many countries around the world is affected. Shock: In some cases, well over a hundred deaths can be traced back to one and the same batch!

Shocking finding, suspected high number of unreported cases

This is the result of ongoing database analyses of the VAERS system by, which periodically crawls the US adverse reaction reporting system. The data are neatly divided between US reports and international reports. The proportionate distribution suggests that, outside of America in particular, a high number of unreported cases of suspected side effects, including the death of the vaccinated person, are not sufficiently documented. The real situation could therefore be far more dramatic than has been proven so far.

The 10 deadliest Pfizer batches worldwide…

Currently (data: April 10, 2022) these are the 10 deadliest Pfizer batches worldwide (outside the USA). It is also striking that there are several adjacent or almost adjacent batch numbers among the presumably particularly dangerous production series. Could this be an indication of sloppy production standards?

EM0477: 235 deaths, 118 disabilities, 97 fatal diseases, 1962 adverse events reported
EJ6788: 148 deaths, 26 disabilities, 56 life-threatening diseases, 1137 adverse reactions reported
EJ6795: 147 deaths, 46 disabilities, 76 life-threatening diseases, 1041 adverse reactions reported
EK9788: 140 deaths, 142 disabilities, 112 life-threatening diseases, 2641 adverse reactions reported
EJ6796: 120 deaths, 38 disabilities, 64 life-threatening diseases, 1033 adverse reactions reported
EP9598: 97 deaths, 83 disabilities, 59 fatal diseases, 1133 adverse reactions reported
EP2166: 97 deaths, 101 disabilities, 85 fatal diseases, 1086 adverse reactions reported
EJ6134: 95 deaths, 169 disabilities, 59 fatal diseases, 1300 adverse reactions reported
EJ6789: 94 deaths, 101 disabilities, 45 life-threatening diseases, 1076 adverse events reported
ET3620: 86 deaths, 65 disabilities, 74 fatal diseases, 1109 adverse events reported.

…and only within the USA

And these 10 batches were responsible for a particularly large number of suspected deaths, especially in the USA. Here, too, the finding of possibly inferior neighboring batch numbers is repeated even in this top segment. The higher proportion of reports as a percentage of the total population and the population injected may be related to greater awareness of the VAERS reporting system in the United States.

EN6201: 90 fatalities, 57 disabilities, 47 fatal diseases, 2633 adverse reactions reported
EL9261: 83 deaths, 31 disabilities, 31 life-threatening diseases, 1749 adverse reactions reported
EN5318: 80 fatalities, 49 disabilities, 51 fatal diseases, 2604 adverse reactions reported
EL3248: 75 deaths, 30 disabilities, 25 life-threatening diseases, 1912 adverse events reported
EN6200: 71 fatalities, 43 disabilities, 46 fatal diseases, 2290 adverse reactions reported
EL3249: 68 deaths, 30 disabilities, 21 life-threatening diseases, 1972 adverse events reported
EL9269: 68 deaths, 29 disabilities, 40 life-threatening diseases, 1412 adverse events reported
EL9810: 65 deaths, 19 disabilities, 25 life-threatening diseases, 1096 adverse reactions reported
EN6202: 64 fatalities, 50 disabilities, 48 fatal diseases, 2209 adverse reactions reported
EL8982: 62 deaths, 40 disabilities, 25 life-threatening diseases, 1923 adverse events reported

Quality problems known for a long time

The concentration of life-threatening side effects up to and including the death of the patient is nothing new: as early as November, Wochenblick reported on research that suggested that in the USA just five percent of the batches were responsible for almost all deaths. Leaks about the side effect data from Pfizer and Moderna nevertheless suggested that the “vaccination” companies had known for a long time that the probability of a dangerous reaction is sometimes higher than the statistical chance of dying from or with Corona.

A few months ago, a letter from German chemistry professors to BioNTech boss Ugur Sahin suggested that some series are far more questionable than others. As the experts wrote, they doubted the color tone of some batches: “How does this significant color difference come about; almost all substances used are colorless, so white would be expected. Where does the shade of gray come from? Are these impurities?” Their devastating conclusion: “As chemists, we do not have the impression that this product can currently be used as a mass vaccine.”

Afterword from the translator:

“No master can make me swear blind obedience.” —Horace

How is it possible for all of this to continue on and on and on? I do not get this any longer, especially the denial and outright hostility of those who have/had loved ones as victims of this poison. They make nutters out of the surviving victims — who need to be locked up — and “Enemies of Humanity” out of those who have been the warning voices for months on end.

What will it take for these people to wake up from their propaganda-induced sleep and smell the open mass grave they helped dig?

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  1. “What will it take for these people to wake up from their propaganda-induced sleep”

    — A colossal mistake made by the enemy.

  2. The enemy of the mankind has made hundreds of thousand “lethal mistakes”, but these “mistakes” haven`t woken the fast sleepers.

  3. THEY dont care.
    And in a certain sense they are right.

    We talked and tried to inform our friends, other people.
    The result: WE are considered the mis-informed, the Querdenker, the idiots etc.

  4. @ Alex Lund

    Your post brought to mind that quote from Carl Sagan, which reads:

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

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