Home Before Christmas?

H. Numan provides additional analysis of the Russo-Ukrainian war (see previously: “Mene, Tekel, Perish!”).

Home before Christmas?

by H. Numan

Everybody wants, or at least hopes, that this war will be over soon. I’m not optimistic. The comrades probably won’t be home before Christmas. Large nations don’t admit defeat easily. Their conflicts often expand and turn into a death struggle. It very much looks to me like this is going to be one of those. This war will go on for a very long time.

We’re looking at the Ukrainian conflict from the wrong end: Putin isn’t going anywhere. Least of all back to Moscow with his tail between his legs. He’s going to stay exactly where he is. Unless he is militarily defeated, which is unlikely. After all, he has the world’s biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons at hand. Right now NATO and Putin are playing a game of chicken. The problem is Putin has no eyelids to blink with. He’ll win.

We’re looking at the conflict with a Western mindset: War is bad. Not good for the people. Think about the poor/innocent/harmless children/women/elderly. It ruins business. Bad for the environment, and more of that crap. That’s not the way Russia got as big as it is today. They know war is hell. Give the other as much of it as possible! Depopulate the area. Terrorize the population into submission. Either kill what’s left outright or send them elsewhere in Russia. There’s plenty of space for them. Repopulate the new territory with ‘better’ people. Usually, but not always, that means Russians proper. This policy was practiced under the czars. The only thing the communists did was to expand on terror part. The post-USSR presidents merely continued the policy.
Part of the policy is simply out-waiting the other. Sooner or later they will give in. They all do. For example, Crimea. Was the plebiscite real or not? It doesn’t matter. Given the outcome, of course it was rigged. 96.77% is not realistic. So what happened? Nothing. It’s still Russian.

Putin simply out-waited sanctions. He got what he wanted, and took it from there. Merkel opted for sanctions, but only those that didn’t hurt. Had she shown what she didn’t have (a spine), he would have reacted differently. How different, we don’t know. Because Merkel doesn’t have a spine, and caved in immediately.

Taking a big risks is typically Russian. Usually it pays off. Sometimes it doesn’t. The consequences can be massive, when the gamble fails. Watch these two videos; they show how Russians manage their own people: The voyage of the Kamchatka. He (not she; Russian ships are he) was part of the Second Pacific Squadron. The First Pacific Squadron was wiped out in a Pearl Harbor style attack by the Japanese navy in 1903. The czar send the Baltic fleet, renamed it as the Second Pacific Squadron. Their voyage was at that time the laughing stock of the world. If you think the Russians bungled up in Ukraine, watch the video. It was truly the voyage of the damned. They sailed from the Baltic past Africa (the Suez canal was closed to them, after they opened fire twice on British fishing vessels in the North Sea) across the Indian Ocean to meet their doom in the Straights of Tsushima. Most sailors died.

Another gamble, one that worked out very well, was Stalin’s East European policy. The Allies, at that time Britain, needed him. So he boldly insisted the conditions in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact should be honored by the Allies as well. Churchill didn’t want it, but eventually he had to. Simply because Stalin refused to negotiate anything else. No matter what or how British and later American negotiators argued. He remained silent or restated his demands, until they caved in. Effectively, the Iron Curtain was created there and then. It was a huge gamble, because Stalin needed the Allies a lot more than the Allies needed him. Had the allies shown a bit more spine… You’ll read that a lot, when dealing with Russian politicians.

Sometimes the West does show its spine. During the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy didn’t cave in to the pretty reasonable — they were very good at finding reasonable excuses — demands of Khrushchev. That’s how Russia usually wins, and sometimes not. Even in this defeat, US missiles in Turkey were removed, so Khrushchev still could call it a win. It was a close call, though. We’re about to relive that exiting time all over again. Only this time with a mindless moron in the White House. And a lot more nukes.

In 1991 the USSR collapsed, and some of its constituent states became or tried to become independent. Boris Yeltsin was president, and sent his troops to stomp out Chechen independence. Russia lost that war, but the casualties were horrendous. Russia lost 6,000 soldiers. The Chechens quite a bit more: up to 17,000 fighters and 80,000 civilians. 500,000 Chechens were resettled. The capital Grozny had to be rebuild from scratch after the war. It was turned into ash. The Caucasus is a political backwater, so we didn’t hear too much about it. As Chechens are a bit stubborn, the Russians had to do it all over again during the Second Chechen War. No problem at all. You want hell? You got it! Yeltsin is quite popular in the West, but this is not something you hear a lot about. There isn’t that much difference between Putin now and Yeltsin then. Had they reversed roles, they would have acted exactly like the other. As Stalin would have done, or as the czars would have done.

Yeltsin was followed by Putin. He supported Syria with arms and troops. The troops are still there. The same strategy is applied here: let us win you hearts and minds, or we burn your f#$%!@g huts down. Oh, never mind about your hearts and minds. The conflict is ongoing, with casualties in the tens of thousands. Aleppo used to be one of the earliest cities founded on earth. Now it is a collection of rubble.

Which brings us to Ukraine. The Special Operation is going according to plan. Of course it’s not an invasion. It’s a special operation! Has nothing to do with an invasion. That’s just warmongering NATO talk.

At this moment there is no discontent among the population. Most people are reasonably content. That is, they have bigger worries. Most people basically have no idea — yet — what is really going on. The media won’t present bad news. Social media are blocked and those that aren’t are monitored. Public discontent is something Putin does not have to worry about for a long time to come. Did the Russians ever protest against losses in a war? Rarely. The losses in the Winter War were much greater. Not a peep. Losing the Crimean War didn’t create big protests. The defeat in the Japanese-Russo War did, but they could be squelched.

So at home Putin has nothing to fear. All he has to do now is outwait his foreign opponents. He has very little to lose. What are the options?

1. Complete withdrawal from all occupied Ukrainian territories, plus war reparations, EU and NATO membership.

Yeah, if pigs have wings they can fly. Not going to happen. He much rather let the nukes fly high. That would be a humiliation far beyond what Russians (never mind Putin) would tolerate. Besides, he doesn’t have the money for war reparations.

2. Partial withdrawal from some occupied Ukrainian territories, with some war reparations, EU membership and perpetual neutrality.

Withdraw from areas he can’t conquer at the moment. Keep everything he has, plus the entire Luhansk and Donbas regions. If Ukraine is willing to unite with Russia, limited war reparations are negotiable. Otherwise, though, good luck. Ask the EU to rebuild Ukraine. We’re not wasting good rubles on your rubble.

That’s a limited victory. Not for Ukraine; for Putin. He gets to keep everything he wanted plus more, and most of his goals are achieved. All he has to do now is wait for the next opportunity.

3. Withdrawal to pre-21 February positions, without war reparations, no EU or NATO membership.

Crimea, Luhansk and Donbas remain occupied by Russia, but will still be considered Ukrainian territories (by NATO, that is). Russia doesn’t have to pay any kind of war reparations, as they are — or will be soon — flat broke. Ukraine becomes a neutral country, without ties to the EU or NATO.

That’s also a limited victory for Putin. Zelensky staying in power is irrelevant for Putin. He’ll be gone soon enough. Keeping Ukraine out of NATO (goal no. 1) and the EU (goal no. 2) is far more important. It would be painful to give up the newly occupied territories, but that is something for the army to cry over. After they’ve dried their tears, they can get busy rebuilding the army into something that works. The few generals that survive the coming cleanup, that is. All he has to do now is wait for the next opportunity.

Apart from the first option, it’s a win-win for Putin. He’ll get everything he wants, solidify his claim on Crimea (simply by holding on) and extend Russia with Luhansk and Donbas. He’ll keep Ukraine outside NATO and probably the EU. Which means he can do whatever he wants, in the future. We also know that Russian promises are worth their weight in kopeks.

However, there is another option:

4. Bleed Russia white

That’s the policy currently applied by NATO. Supply Ukraine with everything it needs, and then some more. Don’t get physically involved. Sanctions are a long term solution, it’s not even certain if they work. Supplying Ukraine with everything it needs will turn Ukraine into hell on earth. But it will limit the war to Ukraine only. That’s the best scenario I can think off, even for Ukrainians.

It’s even worse than you think: NATO is too good, while Russia is much worse than everybody thought. We have to stay away from Russia, in order to not militarily wipe the floor defeat them. If a clash occurs between NATO and Russia, the conflict goes nuclear in minutes. Unlike NATO, Russian battlefield commanders can use tactical nukes.

Consider that NATO always worked with a numerical minority and technical superiority. The Russians, back then the USSR, had the advantage in manpower and weaponry, but of far inferior quality. The numbers would give them the edge.

At this very moment the Russian army, built to overwhelm NATO, is getting it’s a** kicked by the Ukrainian army, which is smaller and has inferior equipment.

Just imagine what is going to happen when a Russian army meets a NATO army in battle. They will be defeated. Not just defeated, but routed. Wiped off the earth. The Russian reply will be — cannot be anything else — nuclear.

That’s something we have to avoid at all costs. A compromise is a win for Putin, no matter what the compromise might be. A looming quick defeat will mean the end of civilization. Putin will not hesitate to use the nuclear option. In fact, he is toying with it already. He’s not likely or crazy enough to go full nuke, but a little one? To see what the response would be? Just one?

That’s what’s going to happen if NATO gets physically involved in this war. No matter who or what provokes it. As long as we can keep the war limited to Ukraine, we can bleed Putin dry. That is the only way I can imagine Putin would be willing to withdraw entirely. And only after a prolonged war.

I’m not a rocket scientist, and certainly not a military strategist. I am a Cold War Warrior, so I grew up knowing what the USSR and communism were all about. I’ve seen the Iron Curtain, many times. We exercised there often. Anyone under 30 was born after communism collapsed and disguised itself as environmentalism/socialism. You can add at least another ten years to that, before you have a reasonable memory of what once was. That means the greater majority of present-day people have no idea at all what communism was about or how big of a threat it was.

Why exactly is Luhansk named the Luhansk PEOPLE’S Republic? Or Donetsk the Donetsk PEOPLE’S Republic? Why the communist regalia? Isn’t that a thing of the past? The other ‘liberated’ territories have don’t have it: South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria. Is it testing the waters, to see if the mask can be dropped? Supposing Germany starts liberating territories, and giving them swastika regalia, would that be okay, too? Or is that “People’s” stuff is just a remarkable coincidence?

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not crazy enough to suspect Putin is busy resurrecting the old USSR again. What he is doing, slowly but surely, is to resurrect the Russian empire to its former USSR borders. If that turns into the USSR version 2, so much the better. As long as Russia is restored, it’s fine by him. He grew up under communism, so he probably has a hankering for it, but it’s just an extra.

The Four Horsemen

Putin thought he could get away by releasing the rider on the white horse. Never mind the rider on the pale horse (disease) was already clomping around. The other horses are sure to follow soon:

Genocide. Something the Russians are experts in. Yeah, as a Cold War warrior I heard lots of stories about genocide, rape, torture and more fun games habitually committed by communists. We know, boomer! No, you do not know. What is happening right now in Bucha and other places is not genocide. That comes later, when troops of the interior ministry move in. Right now commanders can be a bit trigger happy or overzealous in occupying the territory. Pacification (= genocide) comes later.

Putin clearly stated two goals: first his army has to defeat the Ukrainian army in the field. That’s being done right now. (How successful they are is a different story.) The next step — still is in the future — is to de-nazify the Ukrainian government. His words, not mine. How do you de-nazify a government where a Jew is president? You can’t. A Nazi government with a Jewish president is per definition an oxymoron. As simple as that. So what Putin is going to do is remove anything and anyone who is, or is perceived to be, a threat to his regime. That’s when the real genocide begins. This is just the warming up.

Hunger. Ukraine and Russia are among the largest and most important food producers in the world. Ukraine won’t be producing any food this year and for the coming decade. Russia will have a severely limited harvest this year and next year at least. They both export most of their crops to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia (= China). Remember the Arab Spring? Those riots were caused by food shortages. Compared to what’s coming, those food riots were benign. Next year North Africa and most of the Middle East will be on fire. Not a few countries, but all of it. China had a bad harvest this year, and will have another bad harvest in the coming year.

Inflation. Contrary to what Biden claims, high prices for gas and food are not caused by the Ukrainian war. Prices were already rising before the war began. The reason is the Covid pandemic. First the demand dropped to almost zero, now it’s getting back online. That caused too much money to be in circulation for the amount of goods available. The Ukrainian war merely exacerbates it. At this moment inflation is about 7%. We’ll be really lucky if it stays below 14% by the end of the year.

More inflation. Remember the Greek debt crisis? All South European countries borrowed massive amounts of money. Far more than they can possibly pay back. That was possible as long as interest rates are close to zero. Now that interest rates are going up, they are going to collapse. Not all at once, but one after the other. It’s perhaps possible to bail the first one out, but all? That’s not possible. Next year, there won’t be an EU anymore. At least, not one that is financially functional.

Refugees. First we have a fake refugee crisis, manufactured by left wing progressives. Now we have a real refugee crisis, on top of that. The biggest in world history, no less. In less than a month about 2 million Ukrainians fled the country. They are sure to be followed by another 10 to 15 million. I have no idea what that will do, but it won’t be good. Oh, the old fake refugees are coming in as usual. Their progressive minders see the new crisis as a challenge and an opportunity. The Dutch government is already planning to confiscate private houses to accommodate the new wave. A big existing crisis suddenly becomes unmanageable.

Energy. Europe is addicted to cheap fuel and gas from Russia. They have to withdraw from it, and that will be a painful process. There is no alternative. All left wing loonies did was destroy anything that might have worked, like prematurely closing down nuclear and coal power plants. Hope you have a sweater! You’re going to need it. Remember Marie Antoinette? She (supposedly) said “if the people can’t afford bread, why don’t they eat cake?”. What do progressive elites say today? “If the people can’t afford gas, why don’t they drive Teslas?” Remarkable how history repeat itself…

Fertilizer. Artificial fertilizer is what keeps the planet alive. Or at least the population part of it. There are three main sources for fertilizer: nitrogen, potash and phosphates. The first is nitrogen, made from natural gas. That became too expensive even before the war started. Not because of Putin, but because of Covid. Production is down to almost zero, because you don’t fertilize with gold. The second source is potash. The biggest producers are Canada, Belarus and Russia. The EU placed potash on the boycott list. Third source is phosphate. There isn’t enough phosphate in the world to replace the other sources. Supposing the war were to end today, the consequences of the Covid pandemic aren’t over just yet. The fertilizer shortage is just one of them. The war only makes that crisis a lot worse.

Even if the war were to today, all of the above is going to happen anyway. You have elected a moron for president. We elected self-centered scumbags. As long as everything went well, that was not a problem. Only not everything is well. Covid. Don’t underestimate that pandemic. It ain’t over yet! Omicron hits hard in China. In the West we have better medications. China developed its own vaccine, Sinopharm. It is the least effective Covid vaccine and does not protect against the Omicron variant. Shanghai is under total lockdown, and will remain so for weeks to come.

We already had a huge collection of crises, to which a major European war has been added. I really doubt whether we can get out of this one without getting harmed too much.

— H. Numan

22 thoughts on “Home Before Christmas?

  1. Bravo! Well stated and the conclusions right on the money! Well done Sir! Too bad our so called politicians are fiddling while the world will burn.

  2. Potash and all other Russian goods will flow thru the black market, they likely have normal deliveries, only though an approved middle man.

  3. .
    The war in Ukraine: the great reset, phase 2 |

    By Ernst Wolff


    unpublished on: 11 April 2022 |
    Number of comments: 17 comments
    A commentary by Ernst Wolff.

    download pdf

    Three stories are currently intertwined around the war in Ukraine.

    Story No. 1: NATO and Western governments claim that Russian President Putin has been deceiving them for years, that he has gone mad and that he must now be fought by all military means.

    Why then, one wonders, have the North Atlantic allies systematically and continuously fuelled this conflict since it began, instead of doing everything possible to resolve it as quickly as possible?

    Story No. 2: The Kremlin is talking about a military operation carried out because of the growing threat of the other side’s rearmament and thus practically out of self-defence.

    One wonders why President Putin did not use the forum of the UN or the World Economic Forum to condemn in a fiery speech before the whole world those who are behind this threatening development, and how can these arguments be reconciled with the fact that Russia itself started rearming enormously long before the Ukraine conflict, namely from 2007 onwards?

    Story No. 3: Finally, it is explained that Russia’s President Putin is driven by his conscience, that he has turned away from the deep state and has now begun to dismantle it.

    This assumption obviously implies that Putin is unintelligent or has suicidal intentions. Declaring military war against the deep state, which has been created over many decades and is armed to the teeth, is probably one of the surest ways to go down.

    But how to explain the real background to the war?

    The best way is to break away from the three stories and ask instead about those who benefit from the bloodshed.

    These are, first and foremost, the arms companies, which are firmly in the hands of the big asset management companies, which derive enormous revenues not only from the rapidly increasing value of their shareholdings, but also from the war-induced volatility of the financial markets. Moreover, since the arms industry is largely dominated by the IT sector due to technological developments, we are dealing with an old acquaintance in by far the biggest war profiteer – the digital financial complex.

    This, in turn, is also the biggest profiteer of the health crisis that has occupied us for the last two and a half years – via the pharmaceutical companies, which are also firmly in the hands of the big asset managers and which – like the arms industry – are also dominated by the IT sector.

    Both the war in Ukraine and the health crisis are contributing to a continuing gigantic redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top, with those who benefit most belonging exclusively to the digital and financial elites.

    At the same time, both the war and the health crisis are ensuring the destruction of the middle class, the destruction of public finances and the irreparable damage to the wider economy, which will lead to food shortages, energy losses and supply chain bottlenecks in the coming weeks and months, in addition to accelerating inflation, and creating social chaos unprecedented since the Second World War.

    But how are these various developments connected? Is the digital financial complex unaware of the destructive nature of its agenda?

    On the contrary.

    What we are experiencing is nothing less than the process of “creative destruction” described by Klaus Schwab in his book “The Great Reset”. The global economic and financial system, to which the digital financial complex owes its emergence, is in fact in its final stages and can no longer be saved with absolute certainty.

    Therefore, in the background, a new system based on digital central bank money has been prepared for years, which is intended to subjugate the people to the central banks and thus to the state that is now completely dominated by the digital-financial complex. However, the majority of people would never accept this upheaval under normal circumstances. For this reason, the digital-financial complex is pursuing its current strategy to introduce the new money: deliberate destruction and simultaneous unrestrained looting of the existing system and deliberate creation of economic and social chaos.

    This tactic aims to put people under so much pressure that they end up grasping at any straw to return to a reasonably normal life. This particular straw is already part of the plan: the central banks will most likely introduce the new digital money in the form of the universal basic income and give it to the excluded people as a lifeline, so to speak, thus making its introduction seem like a humanitarian act.

    This historically unique upheaval is currently being organised not only by the digital financial complex itself, but also by many organisations that it has subjugated to its interests, hijacked or even founded itself.

    Among these organisations are the central banks, the mainstream media, politics, the major universities, numerous foundations such as the George Soros Open Society Foundations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, but also the IMF, the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the GAVI Vaccine Alliance, ID 2020 and, last but not least, the Better Than Cash Alliance.

    This concentrated front of brothers-in-arms from the digital financial complex is currently working full steam ahead to push the great recovery agenda across the globe. Unfortunately, it has been succeeding at an increasingly rapid pace over the past two and a half years.

    But this should not cause anyone to despair. Because of the destructive consequences of its agenda, we are currently seeing an increasing loss of public trust in politics, the mainstream media and other tools of the digital-financial complex. This trend is sure to intensify in the coming period and offers an excellent opportunity to push for the clarification of the real backgrounds and producers of the major crises of our time on a broad front.

    In doing so, we must always remember: Any individual who even begins to see through the Great Shift will no longer be prepared to be led unopposed into the planned digital prison. This is precisely the reason for the increasingly fierce assault on freedom of expression and the growing censorship of critical voices that we are currently experiencing: the digital financial complex knows full well that once it has lost them, it cannot win them back for its agenda.

    Let’s see how their numbers continue to grow.

  4. While this rotten fish was in power, she did NOTHING to make the Russian people live well. On the contrary, the scale of the robbery of the country took fantastic forms.
    I do not consider him an independent figure. This is a stupid and cowardly person. I think he is fulfilling a certain order for the collapse of the world system.

  5. A lot of printed words on the RUSS/UKR conflict is based upon the premise: “RUSS getting it’s arse kicked” in one form or another.

    My old and ancient eyes have only seen propaganda from both sides. No clarity. I have not been on the battlefields in persona.

    Is the ‘fog of war’ blinding both sides? Are both sides competing for their own flavored narrative? What if RUSS is NOT getting its butt handed to them? I am not a RUSS cheerleader–just a truth seeker.

    Moreover, would it not benefit to see all versions at play? Some tasteful, some not.

    As Oliver once said: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”

    …and then what?…

  6. Quote:- “Crimea. Was the plebiscite real or not? It doesn’t matter. Given the outcome, of course it was rigged. 96.77% is not realistic.” This is incorrect – because this was not a political choice but an ethnic question. Two examples disprove your theory.
    1) The Gibraltar sovereignty referendum of 2002 was a referendum, called by the Government of Gibraltar and held on 7 November 2002 within the British overseas territory, on a proposal by the UK Government to share sovereignty of the territory between Spain and the United Kingdom. The result was a rejection of the proposal to become Spanish-ruled by 98.97% of the population. This followed the 1967 referendum in which 99.64% voted to remain British and not be Spanish-ruled.
    2) The 2013 Falkland Islands sovereignty referendum. On a turnout of 92%, 99.8% voted to remain a British territory, with only three votes against.

    The fact is that the overwhelming majority of the population of the Crimea are Russian and were given no say when the leader of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev, handed the land over to the Ukrainian SSR from the Russian SSR as a sweetener for the bosses of the Ukrainian SSR, whose support he needed. So it was entirely predictable that they would freely vote this way in the same manner as the people of Gibraltar and the Falklands.

    • Good point, but not a valid one:

      – Crimea has a population of +2 million.
      – Gibraltar and the Falklands have 34,000 and 3,300 respectively.

      Both face an existential threat. It’s almost certain Falklanders would be removed from the islands, and probably ‘disappeared’. Given the Dirty War record on what the Argentinians did with their own people, cross out almost and probably. Spain wouldn’t do that. On the other hand, they have been demanding the return of Gibraltar a lot longer.

      Smaller communities and those with real existential threats are far more likely to vote close to 100% than larger communities without such threats.

  7. A good article I would say. A good point about Merkel not having a spine. Yet the author comes around to the same thing – when he gives so many arguments why russians would press the red button, eventually, inevitably. So do you think Merkel had other things in mind, when she made concession after concession?

    That’s how things are. I am reading V.D.Hansen book on Second World Wars, the striking thing is the Allies were much stronger, but they were tired of war, afraid it might start again, they thought unpolite politicians are provoking Hitler, they thought Hitler will calm down. Isn’t that happening right now. Look here above in the comments – how many rationalizations and self-blaming (although I see russian propaganda as well).

    Another point from V.D.Hansen – if France had not fallen so quickly, Hitler might have seconds thoughts. In WWI France was the tough nut to crack and Russia was easy. So if France folded now in a couple of weeks, who can be against us, Hitler could have thought. Read – Georgia 2008 and Crimea 2014, in Putin’s case.

    When you see a mad dog – what do you do? Killing a dog is brutal you know. We don’t want to hurt owners feeling. The dog might bite us. What if the dog is not mad after all – just having a bad day. That’s where the West is now. Eventually the dog will have to be killed. And no doubt there will still be lots of people thinking that was the wrong thing to do.

    • Merkel was always a bloody communist from the old DDR and always gave the Russians whatever they wanted, so that is no surprise. If the Germans had won the WW1, we would not be in the hard place we find ourselves now that is made worse by feckless weak and bloody useful idiot one world types who will make the coming tragedies make WW2 look downright like a walk in the park. What V>D Hansen forgot was the bloody Red Communists of the Soviet Union made Hitler look like a choir boy in both scope and scale.

  8. There are no rational explanations for what is happening.
    Rosemary’s child simply destroys the Eastern Slavs.
    Sacrifices us. Makes a bloody harvest. That’s all.

  9. If I may be the devils advocate:
    The author writes: Either kill what’s left outright or send them elsewhere in Russia. There’s plenty of space for them. Repopulate the new territory with ‘better’ people. Usually, but not always, that means Russians proper.

    Why didnt the Russians do this in Afghanistan? Kill a lot of them, send the survivors to the shores of the Kara sea and repopulate Afghanistan?

    But I agree. the war will drag on until one side achieves its goal, not one second before.

    Once I saw a caricature where Kohl (FRG chancellor) and Honecker (GDR boss) were standing side by side where Kohl tinks “I will take over his country” and Honecker thinks back ” I will put a cuckoo communist (=Merkel) in his country so that in the end We have taken over the West.”
    Looking back at what Merkel did, Honecker succeded. We Germans are totally dependant on Russia and if Putin pulls the plug – thats it.

    And yes, if I look at the numbers of refugees – Ukraine and Africa – I tremble. Knowing that because off hunger nearly all of Africa will come to Europe.
    And I would like to bash my head against the wall (better our politicians head because of their stupidity, along with all the churches and do-gooders of Bread for the world etc), because by giving food and medicine to Africa we made sure that their numbers increased. And now the flood comes. If we hadnt done this, yes, we would have heard about hunger in Africa, but the numbers would have been small, but our idiots increased the numbers, because they were not looking beyond tthe curve.

  10. Consider the idea that you have been lied to by notorious liars. If Russia is NOT getting its [fundament] kicked, and is in fact not even completely committed (knowing NATO is waiting in the reserves), think about how much that changes the equation.

    We (NATO) are being set up, sandbagged, and will likely get gobsmacked as soon as we cross the border.

  11. The author amazingly asserts that JFK didn’t cave to the Russians. Really?

    The Russians are masters of deception. So they went to Cuba and built missile bases in the open with bomb me signs on them? Because despite having hosted Gary Powers the Russians knew these bases wouldn’t be discovered?

    And JFK having completely crushed the Russians as he did the Cubans at the Bay of Pigs showed his fortitude by withdrawing all American nuclear missile bases in Italy, Turkey and the UK in exchange for? Having humiliated the Soviets that bold wrrior crushed them again by owing to respect the Castro regime and never do anything to remove it.

    Imagine what he might have accomplished if he were a chinless, chest less, spineless weakling addicted to drugs?

  12. Really disappointed that ‘Gates of Vienna’ is publishing this [material I disagree with]. The Ukraine is under a brutal globalist dictatorship, and it has been murdering ethnic Russians in the east of the country since 2014, when the Obama admin. helped overthrow a democratically elected government and replace it with an admin of globalist puppets. Did you know since that time fairly large numbers of ‘Third World’ migrants have been imported into Ukraine – many of whom now constitute the ‘Ukrainian’ refugees knocking at the doors of Western Europe.

  13. I see the Shanghai actions as yet more COVID theater to once again scare the West into destroying itself with COVID fear. The ChiComs see the deaths of thousands of it’s billions as a small price to pay for global dominance. Will we fall for the theater yet again? Quite likely, especially if the Dems think it can enable midterm cheating.

  14. “Supposing Germany starts liberating territories, and giving them swastika regalia, would that be okay, too? Or is that “People’s” stuff is just a remarkable coincidence?”
    To equate communism to fascism is a fascist lie. They are not at all equivalent. Besides, there is plenty of fascist regalia in Ukraine, such as the wolfsangel, despite the fact that they have a Jewish president. One person doesn’t mean a thing, the system is what matters.
    You can’t say they don’t have official fascism in Ukraine when they have units in the armed forces of Ukraine such as the Azov batallion originating from a fascist militia and still using fascist symbols.

    • The bloody communist made the fascist’s look like amateur hour in both scope and scale, to excuse the GD communists makes you a communist sympathizer. The Azov Battalion is stacking the russians like cordwood so good on them. There are also over a hundred thousand Europeans and American vets in Ukraine wreaking havoc on the Russians by the way. Sooner or later the weak leaders of Europe are going to get sucked into the war machine and then the real fun and games will begin.

  15. “At this very moment the Russian army, built to overwhelm NATO, is getting it’s a** kicked by the Ukrainian army, which is smaller and has inferior equipment.”
    Two myths here.
    Ukraine has inferior equipment – not so much to begin with and certainly not true now, after the supplies it received from the West.
    Ukraine army is smaller than the Russian army but it’s larger than the Russian army involved in the “special military operation”.
    In fact, this is the main problem of the Russians: to this day they fail to understand that they need a million to take Ukraine, not a hundred thousand.

  16. Russia’s stated objectives clearly do not include the taking of Ukraine. The Ukie forces have been vastly expanded, armed and trained by NATO over the last eight years but lack the professionalism of Russia’s forces. Try to get actual war coverage.

    • You don’t need a professional force when the Ukies are causing such havoc and damage in the rear areas where the Ruskies can’t coordinate a a proper assault, which the Ukies exploit and take them on piecemeal.

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