Vaxed People Are More Likely to Die of COVID-19

Many thanks to LN for translating this op-ed from the Swedish portal NewsVoice SE:

Study: 89% of those who died from Covid-19 were vaccinated

Those who were vaccinated were more likely to both get and die from Covid-19.

by Kerstin Unger-Salén
March 13, 2022

It is understandable that news about Covid-19 is now being drowned out by news reports from a war-torn Ukraine. However, it is important that we do not take our eyes off the new reports about the real numbers of deaths and side effects from the Covid injection. Nor has the EU given up hope of being able to control people with vaccine mandates and digital vaccine passports.

A particularly startling report has recently been published by the UK Government, without any media attention, despite the fact that the results show a frightening outcome: nine out of ten people who die from Covid-19 today have taken the mRNA shot.

The latest UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report shows that 91% of those who received Covid-19 were vaccinated and over 18 years old. Of these, 4,861 died from Covid-19 and of these people, 3,120 were triple vaccinated. Only 559 were unvaccinated among the deaths.

89% of those who died were vaccinated with one or two or (the majority) three doses. Those who were vaccinated are therefore at greater risk of contracting Covid and thus of dying from Covid-19.

This is what the statistics show.

If you look further back in time, from November to December, and see what the trend was then, you can see that things are getting better and better for the unvaccinated and worse for those who have been vaccinated. This is not something to be applauded, but is extremely tragic.

Even if we take into account that about 80% of the UK population is vaccinated and that it is therefore logical that more deaths are recorded in this group than in an unvaccinated group, the whole idea behind the mRNA Covid shot was that people would not get Covid-19, fewer would end up in hospital, and above all that fewer deaths would be recorded in the “vaccinated” group. This was not the case. It was the opposite, and this fact remains no matter how you twist and turn the numbers.

If the public had known about all the risks reported and the irregularities, particularly those surrounding Pfizer’s clinical trials (not yet completed), most people would have forgone the vaccine.

BlackRock’s former portfolio manager: the Covid shot is harmful

Kristi Leigh interviewed BlackRock’s former portfolio manager Edward Dowd. It’s a particularly revealing conversation in which Dowd exposes Pfizer’s fraud.

Edward Dowd has an economic perspective. He points out that those who work on Wall Street must always be ahead of the curve in assessing the value of a company or what’s happening in the world.

Modern’s value is down 70% and Pfizer’s value is no longer on the rise. A sign that they already know is that information coming out will show that these companies are involved in a fraud and that the truth from their clinical trials will now be published against Pfizer’s wishes, according to Dowd.

He understood at an early stage that the Covid injection was not safe and has therefore refrained from taking it.

On the official EudraVigilance site, 40,000 people are reported to have died due to the Covid injection [as of the end of February] and there are more than 3.6 million reports of adverse events. If we then take into account that only a fraction of cases are reported (it could be as low as 1%), the magnitude of what this injection has achieved in terms of deaths and health risks can be appreciated.

The FDA is the licensing authority in the US that enabled the world to approve the mRNA co-injection for emergency use.

By now we understand that both the FDA and the CDC are completely corrupt. The European EMA is no better. All have participated in a fraud against the public and neither has done their utmost to ensure the safety of these injections. Quite the contrary. They have facilitated the approval of a shot that is fraught with health risks and should never have been allowed to see the light of day.

This does not deny that we had a major problem with Covid-19. But you cannot expose people to new serious health problems in order to solve a different health crisis.

3 thoughts on “Vaxed People Are More Likely to Die of COVID-19

  1. Not just that. Ivermectin has efficacy as a prophylactic treatment and as early treatment once caught. Because of the number of physicians who treated with it anyway, there are statistics now. It is 70% more effective than Remdesivir.

    There are a lot of murderers out there.

  2. Funny how the average working class person with no scientific background figured this one out a lot quicker than the “scientists” that get gov’t funding.

    Something really didn’t smell right.

    It’s also possible to do crude statistics by figuring that one knows about 200 people, and doing that math on how many of them have had adverse reactions. One has to be careful to exclude “friend of a friend” (or include that, and enlarge the denominator appropriately). I know of several very unpleasant reactions, pretty much in the immediate aftermath, in such a way that it must surely be related.

    Then one compares with other vaccines. The worst that one usually hears from those is “felt like garbage for a few days”. And the diseases that they protect against are usually MUCH more serious. The possible exception to this is the flu vaccine, and funnily enough, that one also doesn’t seem to work very well (though better than the COVID “vaccines”, and with fewer side effects!).

    Continuing to push this “vaccine” is, AT BEST, a huge scam, at this point.

  3. Old/fragile people have been vaccinated to a larger extent than young and healthy people?

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