Vax the Ukrainians!

A confluence of COVID hysteria and the Russo-Ukrainian war was inevitable. Here’s an instance of it from Italy: Prime Minister Mario Draghi has demanded that arriving Ukrainian refugees be “vaccinated” or undergo PCR tests every 48 hours.

It’s notable that black Africans arriving in Italy have not been subject to a vax mandate. Only native Italians have had to obey that rule, and now Ukrainians.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   As for the medical issue, all the arriving refugees
00:08   need either to have a swab done every 48 hours, or be vaccinated.
00:14   Face masks will be systematically distributed in the vaccination facilities.
00:21   Civil Defense and the local authorities are committed to providing
00:27   healthcare service and to welcoming the Ukrainian citizens who have peculiar medical needs,
00:34   who are now in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova.

11 thoughts on “Vax the Ukrainians!

  1. Of course the Ukrainians slated for vax. The Africans are the new slave race, while the too smart white folks are definitely marked for execution by the NWO.

    • Exactly.
      The enemy is the christian white man.
      The white women will be raped* for the creation of the new European which will be brown.

      *I don’t believe that even the most desperate white woman will go with an Asian or African.

    • I have just one question:
      If we high IQ people are exterminated, who is building, maintaining and inventing old and new technology?
      Because I know with 150% propability that Schwab, Soros etc dont want to live like in 200 BC but in the modern 2020 AD world with all the advancement (showers, electric power etc) we have.

      • You make an excellent point.

        The truth is that the super elites that are ruling most of the planet including the former US of A need 99% cooperation from all the worker bees to maintain their standard of living.

        If we could have a general strike where just ONE PERCENT of the productive people in American stop work for a week, you’d see how fast this tyranny would end.

        As far as the injections- same BS here at our former southern border. The scum of the earth, sub-human drug dealers, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, etc. who are coming here by the thousands do not have to wear slave masks or get the shots. It’s the law don’t you know.

        Meanwhile, American Citizens still have to wear masks to travel; many have to make the choice between jabs or jobs and two year olds in NY City have to be suffocated with the face diapers to be in day care or pre school.

        The Marxists don’t even try to hide their treachery.

        Tell me ONE thing that the Bidenistas would do differently if they were deliberately trying to destroy our once great Country.

  2. Eastern europeans don’t trust vaccination so this is going to challenge their view. Is moving to the west worth getting vaxxed for? Maybe they should have chosen the Russian option and had a choice?. Apparently 1mill refugees went to Russia and about 1.5 mill went west. Which ones will be happier in the end? Putin wants Russian people and has no interest in population replacement. That’s why he wanted to evacuate them to Russia. Blood and soil.

    • Believe it or not, there’s EU countries where there’s no need to get vaxxed… eg Poland. No need to go to Putin’s Russia.

      And source please, about the “1 million” heading there…

  3. I wonder what Salvani would do. I suspect, something totally reasonable, logical, humane and compassionate–for Italians and Ukrainians–and damn the EU.

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