Liberty in Canada: An Extinction Event

Keith Wilson is the lawyer representing “Truckers for Freedom”, the group that organized the Freedom Convoy that is now blockading downtown Ottawa. In the following video Mr. Wilson notes that Canadians are being deprived of the their fundamental liberties, and describes the way in which news about what is happening is being suppressed. He makes an appeal to his audience to spread the information by word of mouth, since most avenues of public communication are closed to the Freedom Convoy:

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse outlines what the Ottawa Police have planned for this weekend’s protest:

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly held a press conference on Friday announcing measures to combat the continued Freedom Convoy protests in the streets, and to block any additional protesting support from arriving… In essence, the Ottawa police are going to use domestic terrorism authority against the Canadian freedom protest groups.

The outlined measures include deploying an additional 150 municipal police officers and undercover federal agents to infiltrate the protest and gather intelligence useful for the purpose of eliminating their effort.

Chief Sloly outlined that federal intelligence authorities will be “collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status and other related evidence that will be used in prosecution.”

The jackboots will focus on using acts of mischief, hate, harassment, intimidation and other threatening behaviors, whether real or created by Canadian intelligence operations, to target the protestors.

Additionally, a “surge and contain” strategy will be used to isolate the protest in the red zone area in front of Parliament Hill. Ottawa police will use heavy concrete barriers as barricades, to create no-access roadways throughout the downtown core, and they will likely close highway off-ramps and bridges to stop additional support and/or protest groups from arriving.

The goal is to isolate the current protest groups, cut off their supply and support logistics, and pick them off.

Further, any police officer who is caught aiding, assisting, supporting, sympathizing with or facilitating the ongoing freedom protest in the city, will be removed from duty and subject to arrest. All Ottawa police officers are to regard the protesting group as an unlawful, extremist and hate-filled mob and have a duty to comply with the instructions of the command and control structure.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes, who is on Parliament Hill with the protesters as this is being posted.

35 thoughts on “Liberty in Canada: An Extinction Event

  1. ” . . . cut off their supply and support logistics . . .”

    Cut off truckers, who are supported by farmers, with people who are dependent on truckers and farmers for supply and support logistics.

    Yeah, that’s gonna work.

    • Yeah the “ludicrous” meter is pegged. City people want our electricity, food and other supplies but they want us invisible while we supply them.

      It”s amazingly like “Hunger Games”

      • Right?! Seriously, dunno if its art immitating life or vice-versa, maybe prophetic, but there sure were a half-dozen or so movies made in the last 10 years, weren’t there? Watch the Handmaidens Tale for what comes next (need to get my vasectomy reversed!)

    • Maybe it’s time to open up the old 80’s smuggling routes to the north 3 mm antenna the old weed routes. All the boys between 30 and 45 know exactly what I’m talking about. Dirt bikes and snowmobiles silent exhaust systems

      • We used to hop the border to Canada and back on snowmobiles all the time, never go caught once. LOL

  2. They keep saying “hate-filled” and “racist” when there’s been not one bit of support for these labels.

    How much you wanna bet they use agents provocateurs (as the Canadian police have been proven to do in the past) to support those lies?

    Thank you Canada, for showing that at least one country in North America has some balls left.

  3. It would seem there is a news blackout of sorts happening in the US and Canada. The news north of the MN is only mentioned now in local newspapers. We certainly are living in interesting times these days. As for the Ottawa cops trying to shut down access to downtown, bring in equipment to remove them and block the cops from doing anything, the more you disrupt that den of scum an villainy, the more desperate they will become.

  4. Tried and true communist methods of suppression and oppression. Find the opposition, isolate it, polarize it. Once the cops (goons) do their infiltration bit, the rest will be SOP. All probably word of mouth orders from Castros’ Kid.

  5. This and worse is to be expected.
    The police apparatus, along with their good-buddy prosecutors, of all totalitarian governments (and most ‘democracies’) will do their jobs as unthinking Pit Bulls and destroy whomever their masters point their fingers at. These sub-human knuckle draggers have been doing it (in the modern sense) for decades.

    There was a quote that appeared on WRSA some days ago that said:
    “My view always has been and always will be that the second tier – i.e., those who carry out the orders of those “in charge” – are the guiltiest and are the very ones most deserving of retribution
    I wholeheartedly second that sentiment and realize that until the errand boys are dealt with the capos will keep pointing.

    Remember Solzhenitsyn’s quote that started with:
    ‘And how we burned in the camps’…….

    My sincere respect and gratitude to all of the galant truckers, and to all of those who are doing the righteous thing despite being vilified and oppressed by the various totalitarian regimes and their willfully ignorant lap dogs!

    • Agreed. A small minority enforcing rule 308 at 1000 meters is an awfully persuasive argument.

  6. Hi Baron,
    To paraphrase others, language is important in this fight.

    This isn’t an “insurrection”, or a “protest”, or an “occupation”.

    This has morphed into a Global Social Movement, intensely focused on restoring liberty and individual rights, as well as opposing and defeating tyranny, including censorship and suppression of opposing viewpoints (and in the scientific community, findings that are contrary to the WEF (World Economic Forum) narrative and aims), and demonization and othering of those who refuse to submit and proffer reflexive obeisance.

    Like other Global Social Movements, this one crosses linguistic, religious, racial, cultural, gender etc boundaries. The main focus is Freedom and an end to all mandates, “papers”, etc. defines a “Social Movement” as:

    a group of diffusely organized people or organizations striving toward a common goal relating to human society or social change, or the organized activities of such a group: The push for civil rights was a social movement that peaked in the 1950s and 1960s.

    When taking back the language from the demonizers and viewing this movement through the lens of history as a bona fide social movement for civil rights, the perspective changes.

    Nota Bene that the last civil rights social movement was vehemently opposed by the Liberals and Democrats.

    In spite of the arrests, threats, coercion, state sponsored intimidation, in the end Love and Decency prevailed.

    We must not cede ground to them.
    This is NOT an “insurrection”.
    This is NOT a “protest”.
    This is NOT a “occupation”.

    This is a Global Social Movement for Individual Rights and Liberty.

    • And as their “popular” support is fading, and searching questions are being asked with factual answers demanded, with continued unrest and societal erosion of the foundation of their programs, the more desperate the “powers-that-be” will become as they will be fighting for their very lives. It is rather obvious that this is Canada’s last gasp in its rule by governmental diktat. Expect shots to be fired as the citizenry (of the non-compliant sort) is now the enemy and this has become open war. Look at Australia if you want to know what end results the governmental authorities have in mind. Needless to say, all of this is, and has been, satanically inspired, as in who do you think is worshipped in their private offices.

  7. Ya–works both ways Police Chief Sloly–put the screws to peaceful and lawful protesting TRUCKERS–who TRUCK needed items to you and all Canadians.

    Ya–arrest TRUCKERS. See who gets ANYTHING they need in Canada.

    Ya–maybe you and your jack-booted thugs can drive their rigs from BC to Ottawa–THAT will be the day!

    Threatening your own Police Force with dismissal just for approving of a peaceful demonstration? Great.

    Brilliant strategy–seems like it’s coming from that hate-filled twerp, Justin, who dos does not have the manliness to speak to other men and women TRUCKERS.

    • Klaus Schwab instructed his minions to “prepare for an angrier world”, so the elites have most certainly planned for this.

  8. great, they will have their very own 1/6, and conservatives around the world will cluck in protest, write strongly worded messages on message boards and gun owners will clutch their guns and hide in the basement….all while claiming “never again”.

    • The folks with guns and those hoping to get them soon are not going to be put off soon as events continue to unravel to a point beyond anyone’s control. The day of the Great Purge is almost here.

  9. The Canadian authorities have just guaranteed there will be an incident, even if they have to use a page from our FBI and make it happen.

    • If you read the articles for CTH, the Canadian gov’t has already called in their anti-terrorist units and have called in the US FBI for psy-ops help.

  10. Prime opportunity to see how long the Economy can function without good and services..

  11. I’d like to disagree, but sadly you’re right.
    Look at the number of Frenchmen who claimed they were in the Maquis, AFTER the war ended. 10x those who actually served. It’s human nature to hide and claim awards later.

    Right now it will become open season on Ottawa cops, hope they’re ready to suffer the beat down they deserve. They’re traitors to the people of Canada.

  12. This is the first time in YEARS that I’ve had any pride in being Canadian.

    Just remember, most “elite”-class Canadians are total cowards, but now it’s actually in our favour: if they get the cops to pull a “provocateur” stunt and and respond in a kinetic way, even MORE truckers will effectively go on strike.

    I think that the police brass is very afraid of what the rank-and-file will do… or not do.

    When the cowards see the bare grocery shelves, they’ll want the gov’t to cave in, just like they wanted in the case of the railroad blockades.

    Heroes Drive Trucks!

    It’s not just Ottawa now, and it’s not just truckers.
    The Coutts border crossing is blockaded.
    Winnipeg has a protest at the legislature.
    Agricultural equipment has headed to downtown Toronto.
    Quebec City has more truckers.

    The elites are too scared to leave the house: they might catch COVID…

    • The elites aren’t scared enough. When they no longer care about covid but are too scared to leave the house because they might catch a noose then we will have won.

      • Didnt Robert Heinlein write a Novel like this ? “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress .we are seeing in real time what was written about years ago in a Novel.

        The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

        • I just reread that recently. I don’t share all Heinlein’s political views, but he was prescient and very clever.

  13. “Further, any police officer who is caught aiding, assisting, supporting, sympathizing with or facilitating the ongoing freedom protest in the city, will be removed from duty and subject to arrest.”

    Arthur Koestler, call your office…

  14. Took a walk through Twitter including the Ottawa PD page early this morning. Looks as though the “12 digit” trolls have been mobilized to “report” all sorts of “hate crimes” and other agitprop that can be amplified through re-tweets. Few of the accounts appear to be actual Ottawans (sic?). But indicative the full propaganda machine is hard at work.

  15. Round 2: Truckers separated, targeted, demonized and arrested resulting in severe shortages.

    Round 3: Hero Government brings out military trucks, drivers and logistics; possibly with U.S. Gov help, to ease shortages.

    Round 4: Government brings back top down social control.

    This is a Hegelian Dialectic, i.e. Crisis, man-made or otherwise, resolved with a prepared solution ending with a predetermined outcome. Using Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. “

    • Unless the army refuses to move, then they have a real problem on their hands, and from what I have heard from a few higher ups in the Canadian military(fishing buddies), they aren’t going to move or they will have an uprising in the ranks.

  16. Convoy to D.C. 2022 planning to leave from California 1 March. Facebook has shutdown the group’s page.
    There is a Freedom Convoy in the EU supposedly arriving in Brussels 7 Feb as I understand it, hard to find much info without lots of looking.

    Googling for news of Canada found this gem: “Under no circumstances should any group in the USA fund disruptive activities in Canada. Period. Full stop,” Bruce Heyman, a former US ambassador under Barack Obama, tweeted late on Saturday.”

    We are at a tipping point. May cool and clever heads prevail.

  17. The truckers ought to study more Alinsky. Everybody is up in arms about the cops in Ottawa threatening to crack down. The truckers should just wait until *right before* they feel that action is about to go down – and then without announcement just leave and go to some other location. Jam up some other city. But………… after they leave Ottawa – make sure that no shipments of anything go into the city.

    The thing is, I’m sure Justin or the Police Chief in Ottawa has made some statement somewhere along the lines of ” we don’t want these truckers in Ottawa”. Well OK then. No more truckers in Ottawa. Which means no more shipments of foodstuffs into town.

    I think the truckers hold multiple cards here. Even just shutting down fuel shipments into the city would put a serious crimp into having an orderly city life. What happens if no fuel is available at stations for within a 10 mile radius of the city?

    The other way to look at this is….. inviting the cops to beat you down just gains some serious publicity points. My reading of insurrectionist and revolutionary movements – is that when they goad the authorities into shooting them down – they’re ultimate victory is almost guaranteed sooner or later.

    I hope the truckers have people leading them that are smart or smartening up. They have a real opportunity here to make some serious changes and they hold some pretty large hammers to force that change thru.

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