If You’re Unvaxed and Unemployed, It’s Your Own Fault

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the regional daily Saarbrücker Zeitung:

Unemployment benefits could be eliminated for the unvaccinated

Berlin: What does it mean for unvaccinated workers when vaccination becomes mandatory? Employment agency boss Scheele expects serious consequences.

The CEO of the Federal Employment Agency, Detlef Scheele, also sees consequences for the labor market if a general Corona vaccination is introduced.

“Only when there is a general obligation to vaccinate and violations also have legal consequences can employers reject an applicant because he has not been vaccinated or has recovered,” Scheele told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “We as a federal agency then have to check whether a lack of vaccination leads to a blocking period.” A blocking period means that an unemployed person does not receive unemployment benefits for a certain period of time.

SPD checks proof of vaccination

The SPD parliamentary group also has an eye on the consequences for the labor market. “We are currently examining very closely, together with the Federal Ministry of Labor, whether we are anchoring the obligation to provide proof of vaccination for employers,” said health policy spokeswoman Heike Baehrens of the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. “It would probably be more effective than a fine if health authorities forbade unvaccinated employees from entering their company — but I can hardly imagine that for the entire labor market, but rather for certain sectors and institutions,” she explained.

At the same time, however, it is also the goal “that the vaccination requirement works and companies can go about their business again without staff shortages.” A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Labor told the two newspapers that “talks are currently taking place within the federal government” regarding the consequences of labor law.

Scheele explained that the vaccination status of employees currently has no effect on the labor market, “because there is currently no corresponding legal basis.” With the introduction of a general obligation to vaccinate, however, the situation will change. “Just as the 3G status must currently be queried at the workplace, employers will then have the right to check the 2G status. This option does not currently exist,” said Scheele.

In an orientation debate on Wednesday, the Bundestag discussed in detail for the first time the introduction of general Corona vaccination in Germany. The traffic light coalition has agreed that the deputies should deliberate and decide in a free vote without the usual group guidelines. According to SPD plans, decision may be made in March.

Afterword from the translator:

I was sent this article by the older brother of an old school friend — dead from Pfizer — and he added the following:

All incompetent politicians who work against our interests should have their pensions cut for life. They’ve accumulated enough cash with their incompetence and corruption anyway. The money released can then be distributed among the poorest pensioners. They don’t seem to know what’s going on in front of the savings banks at the end of the month when AlG and pensions are in the account. For example, like many others, I won’t get my pension for JANUARY into my account until tomorrow, January 31st. Until then I live on credit (€500 overdraft facility, again costs money unnecessarily, but there is no other way). On February 1st the rent is gone, i.e. half of the pension, as well as insurance, energy, etc. There is hardly anything left to live on.

I can still remember well when Hartz4 was just under €290 in 2005. A dumba** filled his basket at Aldi and said that two breads would last for a month, and that with almost €290 you wouldn’t starve. Except that back then you only had €3 a day left for food and drink. If I look at the fat swine in the government, they don’t need to eat anything for six months without starving. But it’s easy to talk because they’ve never had to go hungry.

When I look at my parents and most of my family that live in Germany, I really do wonder sometimes: What will it take for these sheeple to wake up and smell the dung-heap they’ve been sold as a bed of roses? Sometimes I think it will only be on their deathbed — if at all — and then it’s far to late. I have come to believe that sheeple are the REAL THREAT to humanity, because they are the enablers for tyrannies and genocides to happen.

3 thoughts on “If You’re Unvaxed and Unemployed, It’s Your Own Fault

  1. “I have come to believe that sheeple are the REAL THREAT to humanity, because they are the enablers for tyrannies and genocides to happen.”

    I don’t think so: Majority of people behaves as herd animals – it is a true and well tried concept. That is why – in ancient philosophy – there was always small caste of “citizens” who governed the majority population.

    Maybe – the Western World is one of very few examples where majority of population became “citizens” and started to govern themselves. But by the looks of it – we have gotten to the point where few big tech media owners decided to hack that democracy and herd the sheep again.

    And that is where Christianity comes in – Jesus was the “good shepherd”, and he sent his apostles to “herd his sheep”, and the Bible warns against the “bad shepherds” who kill, steal, and destroy – and their sheep are hungry because the bad shepherds just don’t care…

    The problem is not “the Sheep”. The Sheep will be here always. The problem are the “bad shepherds”.

    • You are absolutely right. In fact, a society in which everyone is a leader and no one is a follower, is simply impossible. Even in the extremely rare cases of genuinely democratic societies there was a ruling minority and the obeying majority.

      The problem of modern Western society is not “sheeple”, but the fact that the ruling elites no longer care two hoots about the welfare of the people they rule. They have lost touch with reality and adopted an insane ideology that leads directly to a civilisational suicide.

      They are destroying everything, which ensured survival of their own civilisation – Christian religion, traditional family, virility of men and femininity of women, parental authority, respect for ancestors and for what they have done and lots of other things. They want to replace it with a new civilisation that smacks of Orwell, Huxley and Kafka. And of worse things. They managed to bamboozle the masses under their control that this is going to be a utopia in which everyone will be happy and free, and tirelessly inculcate this ideology, especially in children and young people.

  2. Taking a second look at that policy, it could prove to educate or chase away a certain group of people, those who fear impotency or that the vaxxes are made of pork products.Get the picture?I had this confirmed by two hospital doctors,
    only one of which is a “friend of a friend” – foaf- the other one my sister in law who is a hard core leftie in heart.

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