“The State is Tiny Compared to God”

In the following video, an Italian nun announces that she will not agree to get the vax unless the state signs an agreement whereby it will pay her order a compensation of €7 million if she suffers a severe adverse reaction to the jab.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   They made vaccination mandatory for people over 50 years old.
00:06   I will not get vaccinated [in dialect].
00:12   But not because I am anti-vax or pro-vax.
00:15   But because I can’t believe all the lies they have been telling about these vaccines.
00:19   First of all… No, just a moment.
00:22   Please, General Vicar, tell this to the bishop,
00:27   in the event that you ever read in the newspaper that they have detained me.
00:32   Tell him this: Tomorrow I am going to one of our lawyers, Mombelli.
00:41   I am telling her to write a letter. If I get fined for not being vaccinated, I will not pay it.
00:47   If I am forced to get vaccinated, I will call my lawyer.
00:51   I will tell her to write a letter. Because providence is much greater than the State.
00:58   We have been living thanks to providence for 36 years.
01:02   Without getting a cent from the State, and I am proud of that.
01:07   And the State could never support us as well as providence does.
01:10   So I am very serious: I am going to make the lawyer write a letter.
01:15   Where I affirm that my D-dimer level is high.
01:18   That I already had Covid, I had just a flu.
01:24   If they force me to get vaccinated, and I get something like a thrombosis,
01:31   I will make the State sign that letter, and I will send it to the President,
01:37   the president of the Chamber of Deputies, of the Senate, to that minister Speranza.
01:44   I will ask for seven million euros in compensation.
01:48   If I end up paralyzed, if I end up like many volunteers of mine, two or three of whom are dying.
01:55   They are all diagnosed with the same diseases, cancers from head to pancreas.
02:02   They have risen by 350%.
02:06   The State will have to pay. But not because I am worth that much.
02:11   It’s because the State is not able to support my own community as well as providence does.
02:15   Can’t you see? The State is tiny compared to God.
02:19   The State will immediately owe seven million euros to my community.
02:24   If the State signs, saying it will pay that money, I will get vaccinated with the first jab.
02:30   I will not get the last jab, just the first.

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