More on the Taharrush in Milan

I posted yesterday about the mass molestation of young women on New Year’s Eve next to the Duomo (Cathedral) in Milan. According to the report below, the incident was even worse than originally thought.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Dozens of complaints in the reports on all the horror

January 14, 2022

Hunt for head of the pack: a 45-year-old who directed the assaults. Release of the detained to be decided today.

by Luca Fazzo

Live accounts of a mass rape: With the crudeness, at times indigestible, that the judicial files are forced to contain. In the arrest order for Abdallah Bouguedra and Abdel Ibrahim, the two youths of Maghrebian origin, arrested for the violence of New Year’s Eve in Milan, frames have been reported that go beyond what has emerged up to now, and that will influence the decision concerning the requested release of the two, expected today.

One witness tells of having seen a victim surrounded by a mob of men on the east side of Duomo Square, among whom was “a man in a red jacket who shouted at the girl, intent on tearing her clothes and tugging her.” When the police finally arrived, the pack dispersed, “leaving the girl on the ground, naked below the waist and with her pants down around her feet.” She is the victim, of whom at the Mangiagali Clinic “doctors discovered evident abrasions on both her breasts and her genitals, as well as blood and swelling on various parts of her body.” The victim, interviewed at 3:55 in the morning, said that “the group succeeded in lowering her pants and touching her vagina, also inserting fingers inside.”

This maniacal fury directed at the most intimate parts of the victims seems to be a consistent modus operandi of the pack. Paying the price shortly after, a girl found herself at the entrance to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele [the “good shopping area” of Milan], and who, the next day, told of “being literally run over from behind by a wave of men who groped her violently in her intimate parts, putting their hands on her backside, anus, and vagina to the point of tearing her pantyhose.” Another girl explains that “on that evening, she was wearing a dress and remembered feeling hands behind her shoulders grabbing at her stockings at the top of her vagina and buttocks.”

Together with the obsession of the pack for the female body, from statements reported in the arrest decree signed by public prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo, numerous other details emerge that confirm that the two arrests are only the beginning of the hunt for the perpetrators. The statements of the victims and their friends clearly describe other protagonists of the attacks: including one whom some point out as the “leader”. “A man of about 45 years of age, bald, with light-colored eyes, light complexion, wearing a black shirt with yellow, Versace-type decorations.” He spoke Italian but with the same accent as the boys in the pack. And while the number of potential suspects grows, so does, unfortunately, the number of victims. In the offices of the prosecutor and the police, reports and complaints continue to arrive from girls who had to suffer the violence of the pack. The reports come from various parts of Italy, because on New Year’s Eve in Milan, young men and women arrived from afar, convinced they would be able to celebrate the new year serenely in the heart of a safe city. They were mistaken.

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  1. I was in Milan for 6 weeks back in 2010 and auslander were a nuisance then. The safe space for people at the cathedral started at the steps. Once you ventured off they were on you like Oprah on a baked ham (thank you, writers for The Simpsons). Shame. Such a beautiful city ruined by “refugees.” They aren’t escaping war, they are bringing it with them. As they have for 1400 years.

  2. It won’t be too much longer before one of these 3rd world savages rapes the wrong daughter and all hell breaks lose with the father’s and relatives vengeance.

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