If We Can’t Find Any Omicron Deaths, We’ll Make One Up

Late last year governments were slavering for deaths attributed to the Omicron variant of the Wuhan Coronavirus so that they could ramp up the fear porn and justify another round of masks, lockdowns, and forced “vaccinations”.

The much-heralded “first Omicron deaths” in the USA and the UK fell apart upon closer scrutiny. Something similar seems to have happened in Austria, based on the following report.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Bereaved angry: All lies — “First Omicron death” did not die of Corona!

About a week ago, the news ripped through the domestic mainstream media: In Lower Austria, the first person had died due to being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 variant “Omicron”. The report on this in Heute was almost happy; the rest of the tabloids cheered along. Now the survivors of the 87-year-old who died in Lower Austria reported to Report24: “Our father did not die of Covid!” We contacted the hospital — and report exclusively on all the background.

by Florian Machl

A lie spread across the country — once again the entire established public media failed to ask and research the background. Report24 reported on inconsistencies early on based on available information:

Austria’s first “Omicron death”: 87 years old, twice vaccinated. When a beloved 87-year-old grandfather dies, it is undoubtedly sad for his family. But life expectancy in Austria is well below this impressive age.

Sometimes you just have to look reality in the eye — there comes a time for everyone to go.

It would be nice if you could then say goodbye with dignity — but this is exactly what the government has been denying you for two years with excessive and absurd Corona measures.

In the case of the deceased, the irreverence was even exceeded — because the relatives had to learn from the mainstream media that their father and grandfather might have been the first Omicron death in Austria.

Angry son: My father didn’t die of Corona!

“Not true!” writes his son, who lives in Germany. “Currently I am clarifying what cause of death is on the death certificate. If the hospital has registered Corona, I will report it.” All newspapers reported on “Austria’s first Omicron deaths” with a dramatic undertone. Some examples:

  • Heute.at: The first Omicron death in Austria was vaccinated twice
  • Vienna.at: Lower Austria first death after infection with Omicron
  • Krone.at: First Omicron fatality in Lower Austria
  • ORF: First Omicron death in Lower Austria

Son reports long, serious illness

In a longer letter, the Lower Austrian’s son describes the situation from his point of view.

We exchanged several emails, also verifying that the details and the claimed identity are correct.

We share the irritation at the way the death of an identifiable fellow citizen is being used for government propaganda, despite all the protestations of “privacy” — and with a largely untrue story at that.

Hi there,

I want to tell you how it really was.

My father died with Corona and not from Corona. My father had serious pre-existing conditions. Only about 20% lung capacity and a very weak heart with a pacemaker. The heart was already so weak that it was no longer able to pump out the water in the legs. The regular hospital stays became longer. The last time in early December.

After the Christmas holidays, there was so much water in his legs (like balloons) and the shortness of breath got worse that a transport to the hospital was unavoidable. At that point he had already tested positive. Until the last day he had no symptoms of Corona disease. On January 1 I had spoken to him on the phone. He had no Corona symptoms as described below.

Should have never been vaccinated for health reasons

“My father was vaccinated twice; the third appointment was already made. In my opinion, he should not have been vaccinated anyway, for health reasons.

So now to the vaccination, which does not work.

We had a family celebration for Christmas. No one had any symptoms. All family members (except one) later tested positive and all have had the same symptoms (even the non-positive one, probably because he had recovered and had two shots). The symptoms were a dry cough, a runny nose and, in isolated cases, a high temperature. Some of us (the sick) were unvaccinated, some were vaccinated twice (at the beginning of December), and one person who was vaccinated three times is also ill. If there were no tests, everyone would have had a cold.

I’m currently trying to figure out what cause of death is on the death certificate. If the hospital has registered Corona, I will report it.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch. This e-mail is intended to provide information and corrections to the Kronen Zeitung false report and the other fake news that is only intended to create fear.”

Were the bereaved interviewed before the press propaganda?

We asked, among other things, “Did the authorities or the hospital hold discussions with you about whether the publication of the circumstances of his death was OK with you?” The son of the alleged Corona death responded as follows:

“It was Hospital Scheibbs; my father lived in Wieselburg. Neither the authorities nor the hospital spoke to us about whether we would agree to the publication of the circumstances of his death. We also do not know who informed the Kronen Zeitung. The death certificate does not state the cause of death. He definitely didn’t die of Corona.”

Inquiries to the hospital

We approached the hospital with the allegations, also for reasons of journalistic due diligence, which requires all sides to be heard at all times. Our questions to the establishment included:

  • Would you agree or disagree that he died “from” Omicron?
  • How do you explain that the information about this found its way to the press so quickly. Is that normal?
  • The bereaved complain that they were not asked for their consent and that all their relatives and acquaintances knew exactly who it was from the press reports — is this common?

It should be noted that the hospital staff behaved in a polite, professional and friendly manner both by telephone and in writing. In the Corona crisis, one should mainly blame the government for forcing the population to behave inhumanely.

We can confirm that the person you inquired about died in our Landesklinikum Scheibbs. For data protection reasons, we cannot provide any further information on this.

Protecting the data and privacy of our patients and their families is very important to us. The clinic therefore does not pass on any personal data to the public. In accordance with the nationwide regulations, notifiable infectious diseases are reported to the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (AGES).

From this letter it can be inferred indirectly that the hospital did not turn to the media with the story. Rather, it only complied with the obligation to report to the state of Lower Austria, from where the fairy tale of Austria’s first Omicron death went into the newspapers and to the ORF. As it now turns out, there is probably still no one in Austria who has died as a result of an Omicron infection. Nevertheless, the government is sticking to the inappropriate compulsory vaccinations, which violate human rights, and to countless excessive Corona measures. It is up to the population to bring this to the attention of the government with appropriate protest measures.

“The truth never has a problem with being questioned. Only lies have a problem with that.”

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  1. The injection does not protect against Covid (per Boris Johnson).
    The injection does not prevent transmission (per Boris Johnson).
    Proof of injection, as in “Vaccine Passport”, is of no value, and not necessary.

    • As far as I can see, Catherine Austin Fitts is correct in that the “Smart Phone Vaccine Passports” ultimate goal is to make “virtual prisons” where one can go only 5 miles from home and shop only in dedicated shop and buy only whatever one is allowed to buy…

      It was never about health: It’s all about creating total control infrastructure where your phone says: “STOP”, and you stop.

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