An Aryan Green Pass

In the following video an Italian woman gains entrance to a historic building by showing a vintage Ahnenpass in lieu of a “green pass”. According to Wikipedia:

The Ahnenpaß (literally, “ancestor pass”) documented the Aryan lineage of people “of German blood” in Nazi Germany.

What’s remarkable is the ease with which the functionary charged with checking people’s papers is convinced to accept the Ahnenpass as an authentic German alternative to the green pass.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Good morning. —I would like to visit the tower, I am the authorized guide, please.
00:08   Okay, do you have the green pass? —Here it is.
00:22   It is in German. It is Germany that issues these.
00:26   What about the green pass? —It’s called Ahnenpass in Germany, that’s how Germany issues them.
00:32   —But I can’t find any QR code in here. Well, that’s what they gave me.
00:38   What are you looking for?
00:41   The green pass. —That’s it. The Ahnenpass.
00:44   That’s from Germany. —I beg you pardon. I am going to show you: Ahnen — Pass.
00:50   Ah, okay. —Yes, it is like that.
00:53   Let me show you: our green pass is like this. —Well, in Germany
00:57   Mrs. Merkel has decided that this pass is okay, too.
01:00   All right, well, I have seen so many Germans… Each country has its own pass, I know.
01:08   This building is so beautiful. —Have you already been here?
01:12   Yes, I have been here before. —OK, perfect;
01:15   I am going to give you the ticket. I need name, surname…
01:18   Of course, thank you so much, you are very kind, thank you.

9 thoughts on “An Aryan Green Pass

  1. Germany, Austria, Israel, of all nations, should be the most wary and alert when it comes to this kind of discrimination, these ‘health passes’, but no they are all on board with this kind of crap, they embrace it! The oblivious doublethink is something to behold.

  2. I loved this! It just shows that if you act with authority and project a sincere belief in what you are saying, you just might get away with something…dubious. Having lived in Italy for several years I have no doubt this could happen. I miss Italy…acutally I miss the world we used to have …sigh.

    • Me too , this free wonderful world it’s long gone , and is no coming back , I’m just feel so sorry for my granddaughter and all this poor grandchildren who never will see this free wonderful world to explore, heartbreaking..

  3. Hello Baron,
    while this lady had the right idea there is something else going on.

    Please apologize if it is a little long.

    I am a contactperson to a person that is infected with COVID19. Therefore I am quarantined and had to take the PCR Test.

    The lady in the testcenter gave me a piece of paper and told me to scan the QR-code with my smartphone to get the testresult.
    I told her, that I have no smartphone.
    She then told me, I should contact the healthoffice that sent me into quarantine because they would get the result.
    But a few days earlier the person I was in contact with had been given the same paper and there had been an internetaddress on it. But my paper didnt contain this address.
    I told her and she looked through the stack of the paper she had to give to those tested and voila, the last one contained thie internet address. She then looked at the other papers of the stack and there the internet address was missing.
    She asked her colleague and he told her something along the lines of: These old papers (internetaddress) must be discarded and only the one ones with the QR-code may be issued. He then told her to take those with the internet address and throw them in the waste bin.

    So that is how they force us to get a smartphone. And once you have one they can force us to download the COVID19 warn-app and some other apps.

    A few years ago you were cut off from the world without internet access and now they phase out PC internet access and demand smartphone access.

    • Before the “pandemic” I often wondered whether possession of a smart phone might someday become mandatory. Now I’m almost certain that it will happen.

      Major corporations want everybody to have phones because that is they way they can sell more stuff. By monitoring all your movements and your purchases, they know exactly which advertisements to target you with, luring you into buying more than you otherwise would have.

      The government wants everybody to have a phone because with it they can monitor everything you do. They know where you go, who you talk to, what you do during your leisure hours, and who you hang out with.

      Those two major motivators are why we will all be required to own smart phones. If you can’t afford one, the government will provide one — with all the preferred apps conveniently pre-installed.

      There doesn’t have to be a law mandating phone ownership. It can be like the vax — your life can be severely restricted if you don’t have one.

      And what happens if you don’t carry your phone with you? It also may not be necessary to make carrying one mandatory. Just require a QR scan to enter a grocery store or a restaurant, or to transact your business with an insurance agency or a DMV clerk. What if the only way you can pay for gas is with your phone?

      It’s coming. If the system doesn’t collapse first, it will happen.

      • Go beyond that to a digital implant (mark) that will directly connect you to an access portal to the world wide AI database. All transactions will be conducted through the portal, thus eliminating cash, checkbooks, and other forms of meaningless paper.

    • Alex, you may want to delve into the privacy laws wherever it is that you live.
      I have found that where I am it is illegal to be forced to download a covid 19 ap among other things. So therefore no need for a dumbphone.

      Hopefully you will have similar laws where you are.

      It seems that with much surrounding the virus and poison the “rules” are little more than bluster which the media perpetuates and frames as if they are laws.

      Do some digging.

      • Hello Thedawg,
        I am from germany and a short search didnt give me any meaningful results.

        My impression is (and thats what the Baron implied) that they will “phase out” the normal avenues of contact (internetaddress, telephone etc) one by one. Just like one high-ranking EU guy said: We do something and when there are no complaints we continue doing our stuff – if you want it or not.

        So I expect that sooner or later you are forced to own a smartphone. As I dont want to announce where I am (yes, I know, wishful thinking) I am asking myself: What if I prepare a case for the smartphone to keep it save. And it is lined with aluminium foil. Or a metal net. Faraday anybody?

        How am I supposed to know about Faraday? Thats a racist old white man.
        And we should avoid anything that may be racist, right?
        Unless his findings are approved by the LGBT… community I disregard them.

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