Weaponizing Behavioral Psychology

Our Hungarian correspondent László has translated two brief articles about the latest manifestation of the Coronamadness in Hungary. He includes this introductory note:

Medical fascism has suddenly kicked in: a government decree that will allow employers to make the jab obligatory has been announced. These two short articles are reports from an official government presser that is taking place as I write this.

Note the crazy-making self-contradiction in the government announcement below: “The general introduction of compulsory vaccination may raise constitutional concerns, but Gergely Gulyás [government spokesman] considers it a legitimate debate”— So “debate” on a possibly illegitimate decree is legitimate. Illegitimate is legitimate. But of course in its essence it is another psyop tactic that aims to prepare / wear down the population for the general jab mandate to be introduced in the future. They are clearly weaponizing behavioral psychology.

Vlad has described this evil technique very well: “At this point I think we can assume that the psycho right wing conspiracy theories we hear all the time, are actually put out by our enemies as a trial balloon, so they can discredit them while we get used to the idea, then float the possibility of it, but maybe not as extreme, then launch it on us like an attack dog.”

So now, after some lenient summer-months in Hungary (no mask mandate etc.), which pacified the resistance by letting us prisoners out in the prison yard a bit, they have unleashed this workplace jab-mandate like an attack dog, while they now have started floating the next one, the general mandate.

Article #1:

People who do not take the vaccines even after the employer’s request may be sent on unpaid leave

In response to a journalist’s question, Gergely Gulyás [government spokesman] said that employers can make two vaccinations of the coronavirus vaccine compulsory, but that a medical certificate can be presented if someone cannot receive the vaccination for health reasons. Workers who do not take the vaccination despite the mandatory requirement can be sent on unpaid leave, but after a year their employment can be terminated. A decree to this effect will be published in 1-2 days.

Article #2:

General compulsory vaccination may be a constitutional concern

Gergely Gulyás said of the announced restrictions: they tried to assess the vaccination coverage in the public sector. “Overall, it is higher than in society,” he added, referring to the rates. “In general, it is lower in the armed forces.”

The general introduction of compulsory vaccination may raise constitutional concerns, but Gergely Gulyás considers it a legitimate debate. In the case of workplaces, necessity and purpose have been taken into account in [ordering] the new restrictions.

5 thoughts on “Weaponizing Behavioral Psychology

  1. I was shocked how many so called conservatives on the various comment sections are suggesting to hunt down the unvaccinated, deny them basic rights, locked them up etc… I estimate about 60-80% of the population madly loving the new restrictions. Not long ago visited Canada, where the percentage is even higher. I almost wish to the collapse to come asap, because then at least we get a fighting chance, but for now, slowly but surely losing.

    • Yes, for them we are … (Godwins Law area alert!!!). And I think black leathercoats with a piece of cloth around the left upper arm are their favourite clothes.

      The Stanford Prison Experiment comes to my mind.

    • He is a fake.
      Controlled opposition.
      In the end he will obey those who pull his strings.

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