The Emptiness of Silence

Below is a meditation by Seneca III on the degraded state of our cultural and political affairs as we approach the dénouement of the current Culture Wars.

The Emptiness of Silence

by Seneca III

There are people who have well-founded beliefs based on observation, analysis and rational thinking but which somehow differ from some or all aspects of the received wisdom delivered by those who control political and public thought and information and who drive forward the current destructive dialectic. These free thinkers are now being compelled to remain silent and denied any expression of their opinions.

Self-censorship has become their order of the day, and frustration rules their quiet hours whilst the apostles of Cancel Culture obscenely revel in their forthcoming victory.

For reasons of social survival or, even worse, for fear of tyrannical administrative and/or criminal punishment, concerned people speak not, whilst within them a quiet anger festers. They understand that what cannot be said is not heard, and hence their lonely mental existence generates a rising animosity.

Some do speak out bravely, sometimes at great personal cost, but they are far too few to have any effect on the downward slide. Unfortunately many of them also appear to have personal agendas resembling those of the current ruling classes.

The potential gorillas in the room (and potential guerillas, for that matter) are those who have nothing more left to lose or who see that reality on their near horizon. They are the ones who will struggle to feed themselves and their families or keep warm in the coming winters of hardship whilst defending themselves from the financial and physical depredations of imported predators and their feral offspring.

They are the ones who know they will never be able to afford an electric car nor the electricity to charge it; they are the ones who know that in the schools their children are not being taught to think but are being indoctrinated instead and fed a diet of disinformation, porn and deviant biological drivel.

They just might be able to save the day if there are enough of them who understand that they are but the discarded indigenous people now scrabbling for a precarious existence on the sidelines as a glorious ‘diverse’ utopia is forced upon us.

The inimical doctrine of Political Correctness, the principal tool of the silencers, brings with it Thought Police, Hate Crime and, yes, even Covid Marshalls, masks and lockdowns. The laws and rules appended thereto apply of course only to us peasants, not to our Lords and Masters. There can be little doubt that a return to feudalism looms ever closer, and this time it will be unassailably enforced by technology instead of by random swords.

The moral and intellectual destitutes occupying the top ranks of politics, the civil service, the corporate and the academic institutions across the Western Ecumene are the new revolutionaries. They are aiding and abetting this descent into a purgatory that they think will not be their lot — but it will; all revolutions end up devouring their own children.

It was in such an environment in the Middle Ages that people were excommunicated and heretics racked and burned at the stake. In this day and age, the methods that will be used to deal with dissenters will be far less barbaric (except in Islam’s occupied territories), but will be achieved by equally effective methods such as those being practised in China with its Social Credit system.

However, there is a distant hope that all may not be lost. We are beginning to see signs of what appears to be an emerging ‘parallel polis’, an idea, an alternate structure of governance and civil administration separate and different from the now pointless routine of electing successive ‘Buggin’s turn’ governments every four years or so whose only real difference is the colour of their rosettes and whose striking similarity is defined by the paucity of their collective intelligence, the depths of their greed and the intensity of their lust for power.

Perhaps this embryonic concept will become an unstoppable movement; or, perhaps not, because we are leaving it damn late in the day and the long, dark night of the soul is closing in rapidly.

In summary, when only one side’s opinions, dictates and laws are forced upon the body politic there lies fertile soil ready for the sowing of dragon’s teeth.

In Greek mythology the Phoenician prince Cadmus, the bringer of literacy and civilization, killed the sacred dragon that guarded the spring of Ares. The goddess Athena told him to sow the teeth, from which sprang a group of ferocious warriors called the Spartoi.

He threw a precious jewel into the midst of the warriors, who turned on each other in an attempt to seize the stone for themselves. The five survivors joined with Cadmus to found the city of Thebes.

What, then, must we do to re-found our system of governance, strengthen our communities then reclaim our cities, our culture and our civilisation?

Perhaps our precious jewel will be the act of ridding ourselves of those who are hell-bent on taking away our free way of life and our ethnic identity and casting that priceless jewel amongst swine.

— Seneca III

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4 thoughts on “The Emptiness of Silence

  1. This will be solved as it always has been solved, massive bloodshed. The Brits( all Europeans) who have not been too civilized will survive, the civilized will perish eating their crumpets and drinking tea while never believing that the bloodshed will come to their door. It always comes to ones door who are not prepared for it. As I have been saying for quite some time now, if you haven’t armed yourself and prepared to use whatever force necessary to survive, you are nothing but sheep for the slaughter, for the so called authorities are not on your side and will not protect you and yours, it is your job, no one else. So be the Wolf and thrive and survive.

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