How Mentally Retarded do You Have to Be?

The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) did extremely well in Saxony in last Sunday’s general elections in Germany. As a consequence, Antifa activists want to abolish Saxony.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

How mentally retarded do you have to be?

Antifa mobilizes against AfD: “Saxony must die”

According to the Leipziger Zeitung, Antifa mobilized more than 150 demonstrators against the AfD on Monday. They traveled through Leipzig under the motto “Saxony must die so that we can live”.

The anti-fascist demonstrators called for the city of Leipzig to leave Saxony. The AfD was the strongest force in Saxony in the federal election on Sunday. The party won ten of the 16 direct seats and secured 24.6 percent of the second votes.


Afterword from the translator:

Was good old Schopenhauer right after all?

“I am making the confession that I despise the German nation because of its exuberant stupidity, and that I am ashamed to belong to her.” —Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher 1788-1860

17 thoughts on “How Mentally Retarded do You Have to Be?

  1. I have never thought much of the Germans and now it seems they do not change. They were horrible in World War I and even more horrible in WWII.

    I pity people who can’t learn anything from their history, but I also am glad I am not a neighbor of Germany’s. My parents wisely left Europe after WWII and came to America. My mother and sister and I did. My father went to Norway because the USA did not accept tuberculosis and my father had TB> So he went to Norway, learned to speak Norwegian like a native, and came to America when he was cured. The cure back in those days was lying in front of an open window all year round.

    • yes, it is a pity that people do not learn from history.
      The reason is often that they were ” bercé trop près du mur” as the french saying goes, meaning ” cradled too close by the wall” , and there is no cure to the harsh consequences of the brain damage done.
      And please name me any German wanting to invade a neighbouring country. I will talk him out of it.

      • Yeah. So far we’re better off.
        There are ‘no-go’ areas that Antifa dares not venture into.
        They should try that “For the US to live, Florida must die” in Florida.

        • Harry, I hate to disagree with you but, antifa tried that nonsense in my area, once. Once the police disappeared the locals gave them a taste of what is to come. They won’t come here again. The fact that no one heard of it is telling. This is in northern MN, home of the Jackpine Savages.

      • No, actually America is even worse, but people do not dare say anything or point out it’s fault

        Hitler was killed but millions of Hitlers appeared in France Germany Britain Sweden Norway Canada New Zealand Australia America, who want eagerly to destroy not other countries but their own through something that they thought were proud of “democracy”.

        freedom and democracy are used to get votes but at the same time they are used to invite invaders and destroy our own countries.

        • Wrong! What has appeared is little Stalin and Mao wannabees through the long march through our education systems, we did nothing as it happened before our very eyes. What is coming is nationalism on steroids that is going to give the Hitlers, Franco’s, Pinochet’s and Mussolini’s a darn good run for their money. Freedom and democracy is dead, get used to it, now the ruthless strongmen will rise because we as so called free people let the marxist left do it to us without so much as a whimper. Want someone to blame? Look in the mirror.

          The sleep of reason breeds monsters.

    • Don’t know whether you enjoy long novels, Maria_dee, but if you do, you may like Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain”, set in a TB clinic (not as boring as it sounds, and deeply spiritual in parts).

      I recall a colleague of my father’s being in a TB hospital in the late ’50s; fresh air was still recommended (amazing how much stuff your brain retains, and how as you get older it pops up decades later!)

    • Want to lay blame for the world wars we had? blame the bloody Brits and their Great Game stupidity and the law of unintended consequences.

  2. Don’t ask that, they will say challenge accepted!
    Let the useful (for now) idiots have fun with burning it all down, the new globalist management will introduce them to the equality of results for all wall.
    80 years of beating up on Germany and now it is emasculated to the point of eunuch status.
    Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live are inconsolable!
    STASI youth training corps alum comrade kommissarina frau Merkel did her job of invading and destroying her own country.

    • The global monsters forgot about human nature, they are about to be reminded of it to their horror. It does not matter the nurture of the last 80 years, what matters is in the nature waiting to be unleashed amongst a weakened and dumbed down people. For in all European peoples is the DNA of conquer and kill all in it’s way. The elite truly believe they can tame us to be good little sheep to do what they tell us, they are about to unleash the Wolves who will be ravenous. Let the Wolves feast!

  3. Well, doing a search on Merkel brings up the wonderful economy thanks to all the immigrants that are integrating, and helping to make the economy great.
    I really don’t know how to argue those points. Tons of people are saying good stuff about Germany.

    • That is the wonderful thing about propaganda, useful idiots and wishful thinkers buy into it hook, line and sinker and will continue to believe it right up until the horror of it all comes to bear fruit. It will be people such as yourself who will suffer the most.

    • Go visit there and you will see the complete opposite. That is the thing with propaganda, people(sheep) like you believe it right up until the horrors begin.

  4. And just like that! The Brown shirts came out of no where and killed all the commies. Hmmm, where have we seen this before?

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