How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vax

Our Hungarian correspondent László alerted me to a report in Hungarian state media that Slovenia had mandated a “certificate of immunity” for people who work from home as well as those who travel to the workplace. I asked our Slovenian correspondent Andrej Turjaški whether the story was accurate, and here’s what he said:

It is true for some. The government wants people who work in core government jobs (army, police, ministries, government agencies) be vaccinated or have a certificate of immunity. It is not a general requirement. People working from home in the private sector or broader public service jobs can still do self-testing.

László went ahead and translated the Hungarian article, and sent his take on what he thinks the Hungarian state media are up to in their manipulation of the Slovenian news:

This article is as much about Hungary as it is about Slovenia — so it is more about the global propaganda factory than any specific country. Blikk is a tabloid, and the target group for the article is less-educated Hungarians. (Corona news is never news in the MSM; it is propaganda.)

So this article is a good example of regional-level Corona-propaganda machinery. The headline refers to Slovenia as ‘our neighbours’ to induce what I call the ‘near-comparison effect’ in its Hungarian audience. Also the lie by omission your fact-check has revealed serves to brainwash Hungarians by making them believe that the ‘immunity card’ is mandatory for everyone working from a home office in Slovenia, not only for government employees.

The point is to manipulate the Hungarians by making them feel that ‘their neighbours’ (whom they compare themselves to) are in deeper trouble than they are, and thus make them (the Hungarians) accept the ‘less strict’ Hungarian NOW oppression without rioting. In other words: the Powers That Be are slowly cooking the frog while feeding him ice cubes.

The translated article from Blikk:

Our neighbours toughen up: home [office] workers must also have a certificate of immunity

So even those who work from home must have a weekly coronavirus test and inform their employer of the results.

People who work from home in Slovenia must also have a certificate of immunity, the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities said on Tuesday, interpreting an earlier government decree.

The ministry stressed that, according to the decree approved by the cabinet, all persons who come into direct contact with others, work in an institution or carry out activities where there is a risk of spreading the virus must have a certificate of vaccination or a negative test. The exceptions do not include working at home, they added.

Therefore, even those who work from home must have a weekly coronavirus test and inform their employer about the results.

According to a decision by the Ljubljana government, from last Wednesday, everyone in both the public and private sectors must have a Covid certificate with a QR code. This also applies to customers. Anyone using any service will have to show a certificate of immunity. Exceptions are shops selling basic foodstuffs and pharmacies, but only if they are not located in shopping centres.

From November, a negative test will no longer be sufficient at public offices. Employees will only be able to do their job with a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of health.

The restrictions have led to an increase in the number of people vaccinated in Slovenia in the past week.

[Translator’s note: I did not translate the usual (fake) Corona-numbers at the end of the article (how many have been jabbed, died etc.)]

2 thoughts on “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vax

  1. I agree with Laszlo’s analysis of the situation. The official Hungarian propaganda desperate to try to show a positive difference between Hungary and the neighboring countries. I am thoroughly disgusted by them!

  2. “Certificate of Immunity”
    That’s funny right there.
    The notavax does not confer immunity nor does it prevent the recipient from spreading COVID-19. In fact, it makes the victim a factor for ‘variants.’

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