“Our Citizens Owe Afghanistan Nothing”

The following video features a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) speaking in the Landtag, or regional parliament, of North Rhine-Westphalia. His remarks refer to the Green Party’s demand that Germany admit thousands of new Afghan “refugees”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, the Green Party couldn’t have made it clearer
00:06   than with this motion as to what Germany will be facing following the upcoming national elections.
00:11   They want to open the door wide to anyone who is attracted to our country,
00:17   and are currently using the situation in Afghanistan as the hook.
00:21   The Green Party creates the impression that that we owe this country something.
00:26   Why? We didn’t install the Taliban. They came to power there before our presence
00:33   in Afghanistan, decades ago. Since 2001, the German taxpayer
00:38   has dumped at least 20 billion Euros into the Hindu Kush, but not only that!
00:44   Several dozen German soldiers have lost their lives there.
00:48   The youngest being just 21 years old. Honestly, I think it is sad that none
00:55   of the previous speakers mentioned a word about that, ladies and gentlemen.
01:02   Others came home mentally and physically crippled. Believe me, I’m familiar with
01:08   what such a mission can do to a young person. I myself took part in such a mission,
01:13   even if it was in comparatively harmless, in Bosnia. But it doesn’t end there.
01:17   We gave the Afghan government an army, we trained and equipped it.
01:22   Nominally, this force was far superior to the Taliban.
01:26   What did the soldiers do at the slightest sign of danger? They ran away, or they defected.
01:32   No, ladies and gentlemen, our citizens, our country owe Afghanistan nothing.
01:38   Actually, it’s the other way around. Afghanistan is right back where it was,
01:42   before our soldiers came. That’s exactly where an overwhelming majority
01:46   of the population obviously wants to be. According to a recent survey 99% of Afghans
01:55   support Sharia law. 85% want stoning for unfaithful wives.
02:00   79% are in favor of killing apostates. The attitude toward Jews and homosexuals is obvious there.
02:08   Ladies and gentlemen, this is what they want to bring to our country by the hundreds of thousands.
02:13   We, the AfD, are the only party that says: “No, thank you!”, ladies and gentlemen.
02:19   We could help these people in their neighboring countries, where they fit better culturally,
02:24   but not in Germany. Something very significant among the people we have flown out,
02:31   is that less than 20% were even so-called local staff. Among them were twenty criminals,
02:38   including a child molester, but oh well, he’s here now, ladies and gentlemen,
02:42   and he’ll soon be on the loose again. Thank you, dear CDU. Thank you, dear SPD.
02:48   It is well-known that we cannot integrate these people en masse into our society.
02:53   They form parallel societies. They originate from an archaic tribal society,
02:57   and they don’t belong here. So before any outrage explodes here:
03:02   No, this has nothing to do with race. Allow me to quote Helmut Schmidt,
03:07   someone who led the SPD before 25% was considered a success.
03:13   “Immigration from Afghanistan brings with it considerable problems. It is a different civilization.
03:19   Not due to their different genes, not because of their different ancestry,
03:23   but because of the way they were raised as infants, the way they were raised as toddlers,
03:27   the way they were raised as schoolchildren, the way they were raised as children in families.”
03:32   End of quote. And we don’t need these people either. They aren’t skilled workers.
03:39   At least not for what’s needed in Germany. The so-called “shortage of skilled workers”
03:44   is a fairytale told by migration lobbyists and business associations who want to
03:49   decrease wage levels in Germany. Do you know what the “skilled worker shortage”
03:53   used to be called? It was called full-time employment, and that’s a good thing,
03:57   especially for employees, ladies and gentlemen. They can’t negotiate any better.
04:01   So what are the so-called “middle class” doing in this situation? As we’ve just heard,
04:06   they’re being a bit coy. After all, there’s an election campaign. They’re ducking out of the way,
04:10   and of course they’re against these demands from the Green Party. But how credible is that really?
04:16   In Cologne, one of the cities with the most expensive rents in Germany,
04:21   the CDU, the FDP, the Left Party, the Greens and the SPD have just united
04:27   in calling for more migration from Afghanistan, using the nice argument that “we have room”.
04:34   Gerhard Papke, who until recently was the vice president for the FDP here
04:38   in the state parliament, and for years its parliamentary group leader,
04:41   tweeted yesterday, and I quote:
04:44   “After 16 years of Merkel, the Union and FDP have apparently completely capitulated
04:48   to the agenda of the political left. Even with its back to the wall,
04:53   the CDU avoids the issue of migration like the devil resists holy water,
04:59   even though immigration from Afghanistan mercilessly exposes the problems.” — End quote.
05:06   Dear CDU, dear FDP, you have something in common with the Afghan army.
05:12   You surrender without fighting. Obviously you’re not really convinced by your own words.
05:19   Fortunately, you no longer have a monopoly. Citizens can now vote for us, the AfD.
05:24   We’ll promise you one thing: There will be no new 2015 with us. Even after the Federal election.
05:29   We therefore reject the motion. —Thank you very much.

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  1. Vote AFD, that’s the only hope for this crazy government, , it’s do freighting I can’t not even read this , what a hell are they doing to vote SPD, Greens and Linke , they didn’t learn anything from 2015 ??!! This people list thier minds completely..

    • Too late for the AfD and too many fools participating in German elections. Vote Morbark whole tree wood chipper. It’s the only way to save Germany now. Plus mulched leftists, being unusually full of manure, are very beneficial for the environment and therefore Green friendly.

      • Naa! There are plenty of coal fired plants to take care of the communist problem along with their 3rd world pets.

  2. Too right! The West should never send their children to die for nothing again. Another point is the Afghan population was 11.6 million in 1988. It is now over 40 million. STOP feeding them as it only increases the problem and solves nothing. This mass feeding by the west just makes the problem bigger because we get no change in behaviour in return. I know it seems harsh ,but it’s true. If we keep feeding them till there are 80 million, then what? There are millions not eating properly in the US these days and they send food to the middle east. Just stupidity.

  3. The whole of Europe, it seems to me, is inherently socialist in thought, word and deed.
    Which probably explains why there are even Communists in many of their parliaments.
    And that is the root of all their difficulties.

      • They’re not any different. However, we’re armed to the teeth and when they’ve pushed us far enough they will be removed. Without bloodshed if they’re at least a little interested in self-preservation, and with lots of bloodshed if they decide to take us on with their hired goons in blue.

        Heck, even the Australians are starting to fight back physically even though the local elites managed to disarm them decades ago.

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