People-Smugglers Love Luciana Lamorgese

Last week I reported on the reaction of Matteo Salvini to an incident in the Italian beach resort of Rimini where a Somali culture-enricher ran around stabbing people, including a young child.

In the following video Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), makes some acerbic remarks on the same topic, and chastises Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese for her other official actions as a member of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mario Draghi said that [Interior] Minister [Luciana] Lamorgese is doing a wonderful job.
00:07   He’s not the only one who thinks so, you know. He’s not the only one who does.
00:11   Smugglers think so, too.
00:14   Who have offloaded 80,000 illegal migrants in our ports since the beginning of the year.
00:22   The junkies from all over Europe think so, too.
00:27   Who decided to organize an illegal maxi-rave party via chat, wondering “Where could we do that?”
00:36   They wondered: “Shall we do it in Germany? —Are you crazy? They will clear us away after
00:40   5 minutes.” “Shall we do it in France? —Are you crazy? Macron is tough.” “What about Hungary?
00:43   There’s Orbán!” “Guys, let’s go to Italy where Minister Lamorgese is doing a wonderful job!”
00:52   And Lamorgese did escort them through the country.
00:57   So they could bivy freely, unleashing deaths, rapes, drug parties,
01:02   gatherings, a natural reserve devastated, as result.
01:08   Then they were able to leave the country, undisturbed. Because Lamorgese was busy.
01:13   Lamorgese was busy searching the houses of those who protested against the green pass.
01:18   Lamorgese was busy charging caterers a €500 fine,
01:22   because they protested against the government’s measures.
01:27   And she had no time to take care of those junkies.
01:30   So, in my opinion, Lamorgese is not a minister who is doing a wonderful job.
01:36   And that is why we are collecting signatures to ask for a motion of no-confidence against her.
01:42   Since we don’t have the sufficient numbers to submit it ourselves, at the Parliament.
01:46   But you can sign on this square, to ask parliamentarians to submit the motion of no-confidence,
01:52   so everyone will assume their responsibility.
01:57   Because I demand a Minister of the Interior who is paid
02:00   to enforce the law, not to pamper those who spit in our faces.