Those Knives Are At It Again

In Germany, knives keep jumping into the hands of culture-enrichers and doing dangerous things. The country obviously needs more knife control.

This latest incident, in which fortunately no one was hurt, took place in Zwickau in Saxony. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Zwickau: Knife-wielding man from Gambia threatens people and the police

ZWICKAU, Saxony, July 2: A scene that is strongly reminiscent of Würzburg. The Saxon police seem to be making a mistake here, which could have fatal consequences.

The apparently confused and unpredictable man faces the police with a naked body in a fighter pose with a knife. This avoids the use of firearms and thus lets him escape for the time being. This could have had dire consequences with a perpetrator like the one in Würzburg.

The young man is one of the hundreds of thousands of sons of the African middle class who were smuggled into Europe. Young, strong, uneducated or semi-educated, wealthy enough for the smuggler and not persecuted, who gladly take advantage of the illegal immigration offered by the state by applying for asylum.

Today the citizens of Zwickau were lucky again. The man was arrested. But what will the future bring?