German Geezers Will Get Boosters

It seems that Germans who are elderly and/or sickly, and who managed to survive both COVID-19 and “vaccination”, will require a booster shot just to make sure.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The weakest are in the cross-hairs again

Spahn: Prepare possible booster vaccinations for people in need of care

Even before the start of vaccination, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn had his sights set on the elderly and the sick, who should get their turn first as guinea pigs, so to speak, i.e. those who already have a lot of suffering or severe ailments, so that the sometimes serious side effects of the administration of the vaccine can be blamed on the previous illness or even death can be swept under the carpet.

Spahn’s Corona Plan Agenda program is not just about vaccinating. Booster vaccinations are also on the agenda, and people in need of care should again have the honor, although unenlightened and unknowingly, to be the first to take part in the procedure in order to weaken them even further, to endanger or… thoughts are free.

Epoch Times: Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) said on Thursday that possible booster vaccinations for people in need of treatment in care facilities have already been “mentally” prepared. “I am expecting recommendations from the Standing Vaccination Commission soon, which concerns immunosuppressed people and the need for a booster vaccination,” said Spahn.

Stiko [Ständige Impfkommission, Standing Committee on Vaccination] boss Mertens did not want to interfere in the actual preparation. “I currently don’t know exactly what the plans are, and it’s not our Stiko task, either,” said the committee chairman. At the moment, Stiko does not need any “signals” from the federal government, but rather data “as always”. “Discussions about necessary measures will take place,” said Mertens.

4 thoughts on “German Geezers Will Get Boosters

  1. It makes perfect financial sense to keep jabbing geezers with alleged vaccines until they succumb to side effects and are no longer a drain on state pension programs.

    However, imported orcs are also a hideous drain on state finances, and yet there is no serious effort to vaxx them or even encourage them to get vaxxed. It could easily be done; by tying further welfare payments to getting the jab, yet such isn’t even discussed. To me, this makes the motives incredibly suspect since the effort seems to be directed at getting as many native (white) Europeans jabbed even to the point of using threats and banishment from participating in normal life and economic activity. It’s as if our elite masters know something about the vaxx that we don’t.

    • When you look at the “Deagle” Report, that seems to be the Plan.

      • That is interesting. I had never heard of it before but I am not surprised by the prediction. I firmly believe in “if it’s possible to do something it will be done”, and with regard to biological warfare the CCP has decisively demonstrated the vulnerability of the West to that particular method of attack. They are even more vulnerable due to being an entire nation with virtually identical genotypes, which is likely why truly deadly viruses haven’t yet been turned loose on us. However, the CCP and the USA aren’t the only players and it is only a matter of time before islamists or Greta Thunberg’s friends or some ethno-nationalist group cooks up a virus using CRISPR technology in some basement laboratory and looses it upon the planet. So the prediction is accurate even if they don’t specify where the extreme population reduction will come from.

  2. As a defeated and captive people Germans have been the targets of American doctrinal warfare since 1945. Accordingly German public opinion perfectly reflects the priorities of the American deep state.

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