From Afghanistan with Love

The ruction described in the story below was anticipated for today, but I don’t know if anything actually happened.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Austria: Afghans call for excess violence on the Praterstern [major square in the Leopoldstadt district] in Vienna

The Viennese police currently have information that several people, mainly Afghans, have agreed to meet for a mass brawl on the Praterstern in Vienna on Saturday. In a text message it says: “Like New Year’s Eve”. The security authorities have been alerted.

The Viennese police are currently cracking down on criminal groups of foreigners, and they [the foreigners] are now trying to take revenge with an escalation of violence, according to text messages that the security authorities have received. The trigger is likely to have been the arrest of young violent criminals at Maria-Restituta-Platz last Saturday, in which three officers were injured. As the Krone reports, calls are now circulating about a mass brawl planned for Saturday in the Praterstern.

One participant shared a photo of a brass knuckle with the words “Prepare a little for Saturday. Like New Year’s Eve.” The police are planning to be on site with a large contingent.

4 thoughts on “From Afghanistan with Love

  1. Why on earth do the Austrians let them in? It’s is beyond stupid. I was born in Austria after WWII. In a small village that I have trouble spelling! But I will try. Voeklebruck. I think that is the spelling. My sister was born there, too.

    In 1950, my parents came to America. They landed in New York City and a relative drove to New York to pick them up and bring them to Youngstown, Ohio.

    The relatives found Mom and Dad jobs and a place to live. We were sent to boarding school in Pennsylvania.

    It was an interesting life.

      • Not anything approaching the size of the problem in western Europe. In the US, it’s a problem in a few cities but nowhere approaching the problem where they constitute a large enough percentage to affect elections or where law enforcement is afraid to try and enforce laws. Here the problem with islam is more to do with being imposed administratively, through censorship, and through lawfare by the elites and politicians who fellate them in return for campaign funding.

        When muslims are something like ten to fifteen percent of the population in a nation but no one knows for certain because such data is not recorded deliberately or obfuscated by the authorities, and there are multiple microdistricts and neighborhoods where police and fire department, ambulances do not go because of likelihood of being attacked then you have a serious muslim infestation. Also, despite attacks the 2nd Amendment is still very potent here, and were push come to shove enough Americans are sufficiently armed that it wouldn’t be too difficult to remove the infestation should the authorities look the other way or even in spite of them not looking the other way.

  2. The Austrians? The non Muslim world in general! These must be the most peculiar times in recorded history. The African Muslim? “ Most Muslims look down on blacks, particularly black Muslims. “Did you know that in the Arabic language, “black” and “slave” are the same word. In the Arabic language even before Muhammad, the word Slave/ Abd was – and still is – used for BLACK AFRICANS. The Arabs looked upon the Black people as inferior beings.” We should stop drinking and doing drugs for a year.

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