Och, Weep for the Puir Wee Bairns!

After the heartstrings of the Western world had been sufficiently tugged by the migration-loving media, the 572 “rescued” “refugees” from the Ocean Viking were finally allowed to land in Sicily.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Successful pity tour: Ocean Viking is allowed to unload 572 people looking for supplies in Italy

The pity tour (tension, exhaustion, heat, seasickness, psychological cases) of the Ocean Viking crew and the show à la Hollywood were worth it; the 572 guests on board can be unloaded in Italy. As Welt.de reports, the migrant ferry has already reached and docked the port of Augusta in Sicily. After the Corona tests, those looking for supplies are allowed to leave the ship, including 183 minors, of which 159 are children and adolescents unaccompanied by adults, and two severely physically disabled children as well as a pregnant woman.

Before the redeeming news of the allocation of a “safe haven” came, the tear glands were vigorously activated. Every hour the situation on board would worsen and the psychological cases would increase. A man even jumped overboard into the Mediterranean because he felt that he could no longer withstand the uncertainty. The food rations would also no longer be sufficient.

A video shows how desperate and exhausted some of the guests were on board; well, the impression can also be deceptive.

The following video from minute 0:31 shows the man who jumped into the water because of the uncertainty and was picked up again.

3 thoughts on “Och, Weep for the Puir Wee Bairns!

  1. And Hollywood is even making movies to glorify the invader-enablers!
    “A young American hero spends millions of dollars rescuing stranded migrants from the Mediterranean Sea as they narrowly escape violence, enslavement, and drowning at the hands of brutal human traffickers and lawless regimes.”

    At least most people won’t fall for the propaganda given its director is the same guy who directed duds like U-571 and Terminator 3.

  2. Take them to the US. To your backyard your idiot freak , why yo Europe!!?? If want to rescue them take them straight to US. In your private plane , Nobody need them in Europe this parasites..

  3. Governments packed with unqualified minorities who were chosen for the color of their skin or gender. Who just fail fail to get any job done. To the majority population the stuff of violent revolution. I imagine.

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