Death of a Haitian Culture-Enricher

Last week I reported on a culture-enricher who was shot dead by police in Val d’Oise in France. The “youth” had been brandishing a knife (another one of those pesky knives!) and threatening people, including a group of small children.

The TV news report below contains more details about the incident, including the fact that the late knifeman was Haitian. Which serves as a reminder of something I’ve said many times in the past: there is more to cultural enrichment than just Islam. Most of our culture-enriching experiences in the West come from Muslims, but there are numerous other sources of vibrant third-world diversity.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   In the video, we view from a distance a man approach wearing a black jacket.
00:09   He is brandishing a knife very close to a group of children at the amusement park.
00:14   There’s panic. Security agents take the children to safety and the two agents point their weapons
00:20   at the perpetrator. He raises his arms, but continues walking.
00:25   The security agents follow him with their weapons aimed at him.
00:29   According to the security agents the perpetrator screamed, “Kill me or I’ll kill the children!”
00:35   The SNCF security agents considered situation as being one of imminent danger
00:40   for the children, for themselves and for this individual. They utilized their weapons
00:47   and this individual was shot. —Just minutes before he was stopped,
00:51   the man was seen at this train station with the knife in his hand.
00:55   The security agents tried to stop him, but he escaped by the train tracks,
01:01   which led to this place here. According to a source close to the investigation,
01:05   the 35-year-old Haitian has been living in France illegally since 2019.
01:12   He has a staggering police record of violent crime.
01:16   The lead investigators have to decide whether or not the security agents acted
01:20   legitimately according to the law of self-defense.
01:24   They aren’t policemen, but they are trained to shoot according to this Union delegate.
01:30   We have a very good initial training and then there is continual training
01:35   for the rest of your career. We are trained how to move with our weapons
01:40   and to be sure of our target. —This evening both security agents are still being held by police.
01:46   For the traumatized children who were at the scene, a psychologist has been made available.

13 thoughts on “Death of a Haitian Culture-Enricher

  1. “Which serves as a reminder of something I’ve said many times in the past: there is more to cultural enrichment than just Islam.”

    Hence my descriptor for all these various breeds of vermin as “orcs”. Their one common characteristic is their proclivity for wanton, purposeless, senseless destruction and the complete inability to contribute anything of a positive nature to society.

    Good on the security agents for killing this vermin instead of only injuring it, and shame on the French authorities for allowing this orc to remain in France long after it had come to the attention of the authorities as a prolific violent illegal invader.

    • I would agree with your analysis except for the words “purposeless” and “senseless”. Yes, there are many cases of violence for violence’s sake — the thrill of domination, mainly. But there are many more instances where the motive is (1) sexual gratification, (2) greed, or (3) revenge for an affront to “honor”.

      Because the invaders are generally a standard deviation below the mean of the intelligence of their European hosts, their attempts to attain their goals often seem incredibly stupid. That contributes to the appearance of senselessness — it’s just hard to believe that a rational person would do something so contrary to their own interests. Yet in a lot of cases they are being rational in their actions. They’re just stupid and impulsive.

      • We are going to lose this coming battle if we don’t quit with the civilized tactics against uncivilized 3rd world savages. These bloody 3rd world savages only respect the strong who use the mailed fist.

        • I agree with you with regards to civilized tactics being the wrong way to address this, although I disagree in regard to the target.

          Swatting wasps is a dangerous game and satisfying but doesn’t really have much of an effect on being able to enjoy one’s backyard in peace if the nest is left undisturbed, or worse, the neighbors are sheltering the nests and creating conditions hospitable for more of them. In the latter case, even clandestinely removing the nests from the neighbors yards doesn’t end the problem when they just go across town to find yet more nests and then bring them back to transplant in their yards.

          In this case, stopping the wasps from ruining enjoyment of one’s backyard cannot take place until the actions of the neighbors are addressed. If talking and reasoning politely doesn’t work, then more direct action is needed. Those who are replenishing and protecting the wasp nests must be made aware that to continue will result in direct actions against their property and their persons, and there is the beginning of the chance to address the wasps when more are not being brought into the neighborhood. Of course, the police who protect those bringing wasps into the neighborhood and the judges and lawyers who are more interested lawfare against those who object to hordes of wasps must also be dealt with. Simply swatting wasps is not sufficient to deal with a situation where the wasps and those increasing their numbers both have official sanction and protection.

          • Moon, I very much agree with you that those who love these 3rd world vermin and cheer their invasion will have to be dealt with most expediently as well. That is self evident.

        • Europe and the west in general is wide open. Like 911. The carnage to come will be so easy to deliver. No bricklayers or mechanics in the ranks or tanks. All ladies and dancers. Diverse yes. Winners – a big no.

          • Good of you to remind the bricklayers and mechanics! Fond memories. Some 55 years ago, when a weirdo started trouble in a bar, there was always one of those men to punch him right and there was peace.

      • “They’re just stupid and impulsive.”

        And impatient. I spoke with a retired gentleman yesterday who was new in town and inquiring about the local food bank (die Tafel). He said things had gotten so bad that you needed a Kalashnikov to get anything. Just to confirm that we were thinking of the same people, I asked him, “Or a [downthrust] knife?” and he replied “Exactly.”

  2. They are all pagans, doing what pagans do: hold life cheap, lack of compassion and forgiveness, a love of destruction and a burning hatred of everyone but especially Christians.

    • Well better start getting your Crusader on ! You have a choice, be the christian nsheep for the slaughter, or be the Wolf out on the hunt and to survive and thrive, which will you be? So far you have been bloody sheep and I am disgusted.

      • Dear G
        I see you are a computer warrior
        I suspect you are American and living in a peaceful neighborhood
        I suspect that you may be if European extraction
        However if I put you in the situation you will hide or run
        I just have that nagging feeling…

        • Jan let me state coldly and simply, this ain’t my first rodeo in warfare and counter insurgency, Hell I spent over half my life in foreign countries doing God’s work (USMC) and OGA and as a security contractor of which I still do. So sweetheart, anytime you want to come on off the porch and bark with the big dogs, give my a hollar, otherwise leave your feelings on the porch with the pups.
          Semper Fi !

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