Gangs Rule in Karlsfeld

I realize that news stories like this one all start to seem the same, once you’ve read a few dozen of them. I could create a template for the reports, with certain variables to be filled in — the country, the place names, the names of the police officers and the prosecutors, and maybe the ethnic groups involved — Somalis, Albanians, Chechens, Nigerians, etc. Otherwise, it’s the same old story: alien ethnic gangs terrorize the native populace, and the police and civil authorities are helpless to do anything to stop it.

And the worst part is that voters keep voting for the same old political parties that import the feral culture-enrichers. I don’t know whether they use Dominion voting machines in Europe, but that’s not enough to account for the margin of victory in most countries. People in Germany are being raped, assaulted, robbed, brutalized, and killed by violent migrant gangs, but it doesn’t induce a large enough number of them to vote for the evil WAYCIST Nazis of the AfD. Marine Le Pen may be able to beat Emmanuel Macron in the next presidential election, but if she does, it will be by a slim margin. And in Britain there isn’t even a significant choice — on immigration and Islam the “Conservatives” are virtually indistinguishable from Labour. You can vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledee, with the only difference being that one of the two has more bizarre hair.

Of the major Western European countries, Italy offers the greatest hope of actually voting in a change. Keep an eye on Matteo Salvini (Lega) and Giorgia Meloni (Fratelli d’Italia) in the coming months.

And Central Europe — the former Communist bloc — is still marching to a different drummer than in the West.

As for the USA, we’re about as screwed as screwed can be. But that’s too large a topic to treat in this brief introduction.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Münchner Merkur:

Stabbing, rape, turf war: Brutal youth gangs terrorize the community — residents live in massive fear

by Christiane Breitenberger

Many people in Karlsfeld are terrified. The reason for this is a seriously criminal youth gang. Stabbing and sexual offenses are no longer uncommon.

Karlsfeld — Thomas Kirner has been a police officer for 30 years, he has been working as a youth officer at the Dachau police station since 2016, but what he has noticed for some time in Karlsfeld,…. “I’ve never seen anything like this here.” A seriously criminal youth gang is active in Karlsfeld. There is a climate of fear. The situation is so bad that there are young people who want to move away from their homeland. One of them told his parents that he no longer wants to live, “he is so afraid of this group,” explains Kirner. “Karlsfeld is now called ‘Little Chicago’ in the district.”

Rape and turf wars in Karlsfeld: Gang leaders meanwhile in custody

Two gang leaders — both currently in prison — have gathered a group behind themselves: The up to 30 followers, between the ages of 13 and 17, that blindly follow them, doing what they are told. “Many are only members because they are afraid of becoming victims themselves and being extorted,” explains Thomas Kirner. He emphasizes: “The fun is now over when it comes to criminal offenses; we haven’t just talked about thefts and insults here for a long time.” It is about serious bodily harm, sexual offenses, real fights, groups against groups. It’s about territory, turf wars, such as recently in Puchheim, when a 16-year-old was critically injured in a knife fight. A 15-year-old suspect was arrested and the criminal investigation department is investigating the case.

“Karlsfeld stands up”: Town doesn’t know what to do next and organizes campaign

In Karlsfeld, too, it is about demonstrations of power — such is Kirner’s impression. “They want to build their empire here in Karlsfeld, their territory. And everyone else who comes here has to be scared away. “In 2019 everything started around the new center, with minor offenses. When it got worse, Mayor Stefan Kolbe initiated the first roundtable. A day of action took place last Saturday under the motto “Kalsfeld stands up” with youth work, the police, youth welfare office, the Weißer Ring (White Ring) and the Dachau intervention center against domestic violence.

Criminal gang scares Karlsfeld: “Almost everyone has a knife with them”

The youth officer Thomas Kirner describes how the gang works: Whenever a problem arose — one of the group was insulted, for example — part of the group immediately came to clarify the matter. “And now,” Kirner knows, “almost everyone has a knife with them.” And that is a “massive problem”. Because: “When a knife is involved, you always have someone seriously injured and at some point maybe a dead person too.” And the Karlsfelders also use their knives. Only recently, when a bicycle was stolen, someone pulled a cutter knife and scratched the skin of his victim. “But you no longer have control over how deep you cut, whether you can hit an artery,” says Kirner.

Group leader from Karlsfeld attacked his father with a knife

The group’s main leader, now 17, has been in custody since last summer, and his younger brother has been in custody since this spring. Both are accused of dangerous bodily harm and sexual offenses. The older one had even attacked his father with a knife. According to the police, both brothers suffered a serious flight trauma [psychological damage from feeing their homes], starting with crimes such as theft and robbery, “up to crimes where I say: brutally violent”. They kept increasing. With young people serious sexual offenses “up to rape”. And that at 14, 15. “Only someone who is mentally ill, or who deliberately wants to attract attention,” said the police chief inspector.

Gang created a climate of fear and intimidation in Karlsfeld

The fear that many of the gang victims suffer from is a massive problem for the police because the two brothers and now their successors in the gang have created such a fearful climate in Karlsfeld that even adults say: “I don’t want to lay charges, because I am afraid for my children.” Kirner says: “We have heard of children who no longer want to leave the house, or want to move away. And that is in Karlsfeld, not somewhere in New York or Chicago with some big gang bosses!” has never been so massive in the last 20 years. “The fear is huge in Karlsfeld.” There have also been acts of revenge because the two leaders are now in prison because someone testified against the brothers. There is a video that shows someone threatening someone who has been affected and saying: “They’re going to get down on their knees, kiss my feet and then we’ll send it to both of them.”

The police appealed to those affected and their parents: “File a complaint against the perpetrators, give us a call.”

The police suspect that the number of crimes in Karlsfeld is far higher than known. “I don’t even want to know how many other crimes have been committed in which the victim has not said anything out of fear,” said Kirner. But the police chief inspector emphasizes: “Every complaint helps us because the sentence for the perpetrators will then be higher.” He appeals to parents and those affected: “Report the perpetrators, give us a call.”

Increased police operation in Karlsfeld — For a few weeks it has been quiet around the youth gang

The police have already done a lot to break the gang. Among other things, the police for some time now have had an increasingly stronger presence in Karlsfeld. In uniform, but also in civilian clothes, “and not just with two patrols,” as Kirner emphasizes. The good news: It has been absolutely quiet around the Karlsfeld youth gang for three or four weeks. The officers cannot say with certainty whether this is the success of the additional police officers on site, or because the stabbing in Puchheim “intimidated” the gang. One thing is certain: more police officers are to be deployed in Karlsfeld. The Youth Work Karlsfeld is in contact with victims and perpetrators, tries to mediate, to help, assures Kirner.

Appeal to the victims of crime: “Trust someone!”

Police spokesman Günther Findl and police chief inspector Thomas Kirner are making a clear appeal to the victims of gang violence: “Trust someone! And: Be sure to report it !” This is the only way to change the situation on site. And even if the victims are afraid of revenge — “if many get together and go to the police, you cannot take revenge on everyone.” Whoever observes a case of gang crime should also notify the police and either continue to observe the situation until the officers arrive or team up with others. “But only if you don’t put yourself in danger,” emphasizes Findl. In addition, the incident can be filmed, “ideally in such a way that the perpetrators do not notice,” and the material can then be handed over to the police.

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  1. I would not take this article at face value until I get deeper explanation.

    The naughty “youth”… the Germans still refuse to name the root causes. Crime against the filthy Kuffar and gaining new territory for Allah / the tribe go hand in hand.

    But this article does not say if those “children” who fear the gangs are Germans. They probably mean immigrant Muslim “children” here (all of them under 45).

    So I have the gut feeling that this is just an apologetic piece that is trying to explain away the reasons why these Muslim / tribal thugs join the gang. It seems to suggest that the poor dears somehow get intimidated into violent crime, so they are innocent no matter what they commit against Germans.

  2. Doesn’t do much good to report a crime when “a long time” for a successful conviction is six months or a year, and the others in the clan then go and take revenge for reporting them.

    Likely there would be more reporting on these filth if upon conviction the whole extended family was uprooted, stripped of citizenship, and dumped in the third world sump they originally came from.

  3. More and more it appears that the average, native citizen in a Western country would literally rather die than be called a “racist.”

    How do we take back the language? And combat the destructive ideology that it exemplifies? When the mainstream media and education are in the hands of the multi-culti-woke leftists? Goebbels reportedly said that if he repeats something three times it becomes “true”–and if it’s repeated a thousand times, 24/7?

  4. Get rid of this old parties!!, it has to be way to make AFD win !!, even if electrical fraud , witch I suspected it is , because I don’t think Germans are that stupid to vote for CDU/CSU, Greens , SPD, Linke , it’s unbelievable..

    • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, What bloody part of you ain’t voting your way out of this mess do you NOT understand? What is it going to take to get it into that one way thinking of yours, nobody is going to save you from yourselves, you must stand up and do it for yourself!

  5. This is horrific catastrophic disaster for Germany.. and it’s almost no way get out from this mess , Now this morons from Bundestag already brings helper workers from Afghanistan as they departed from this [sump] , and they bringing families with them lots of people, Germany is dumb totally dumb..

    • Not dumb – occupied – feminised addicted – self hating – defeated – partitioning – again. The Muslims find the more you abuse and disrespect the
      First Nation Europeans the more they [micturate] themselves. The lands where any Muslim can live free and go for one hundred minimum.

  6. ”…there isn’t even a significant choice — on immigration and Islam the “Conservatives” are virtually indistinguishable from Labour…”

    Bong’s, leafstan, definitely the kiwi’s and diggers; elections are a shin-kicking contest to determine who gets to strangle the taxpayers, and how hard. That is it.
    Look at the policies, look at the appointees, central bankers and bureaucrats.
    Keep seeing the same faces, buzzwords, clubs and cliques, right?
    This lot told all of you, openly, in 2019, at Davos.
    – The social contract has been renegotiated. Undesirable outcomes like brexit and Donald Trump cannot be permitted. And, Because Climate. –
    And, Joey Depends has F-15, and noocleer mumbles. So there.
    Yeah, really. This is the diktat of your ruling claque.
    Comply, or face the mechanized, nuclear armed, might of DC.
    How loud does does it have to get? These people are telling you, point blank, “it’s the Fourth Reich, or we’ll fry you. Then, we’ll fry you.”

    Oh, well. Maybe it is just a shower…

    • When all concerned fear you, they will respect you. It is that coldly simple, so far people have been sheep and few Wolves.

  7. At this point, mobs with accelerants, hunting rifles, and improvised weapons would be appropriate.

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