We Need More Refugees!

The Left party (Die Linke) in Germany is unhappy with the pace of “family reunification”. It wants more migrants, and faster!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt:

Around 11,000 migrants are waiting for visa appointments

Thousands of people are waiting for appointments in Germany’s diplomatic missions. Currently, the number of approved visas for family reunification is far below the legal limit — the Left in the Bundestag has sharply criticized the federal government for this.

According to a media report, almost 11,000 relatives of migrants are waiting for an appointment in German diplomatic missions abroad for a visa for family reunification. This emerges from the response of the federal government to a request from the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag, which the newspapers of the Funke media group have received. According to this, as of the end of March there were 10,974 appointment requests for family reunification for a refugee admitted in this country with so-called subsidiary protection — for example in embassies and consulates in Lebanon, northern Iraq and Turkey. Subsidiary or limited protection is given to anyone who is at risk of serious harm in their home country, for example torture or war. For example, many Syrian civil war refugees fall into this category.

According to the Funke report, the number of monthly visas for reuniting with subsidiary protection is still well below the limit of 1,000 people per month set by law . In January 2021, the German diplomatic missions issued 264 visas for family reunification, in February 473, in March 442 and in April 363. In the complex application process, the Federal Office of Administration acts as the interface between the immigration authorities and diplomatic missions abroad. With the corona pandemic and restrictions also in the work of German consulates, the numbers had recently dropped significantly again, but they had already been below the upper limit. The interior expert of the left parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Ulla Jelpke, criticized the federal government sharply. “It is a shame that currently only a few hundred members of those entitled to subsidiary protection are allowed to join their families each month — that is not even half of the already unconstitutional quota,” Jelpke told the Funke newspapers.

The translator adds this afterword:

What I do not understand is why people with subsidiary protection are granted the right to family reunification, and I can hardly understand why the mostly smaller part of the family living in Germany does not join the larger part of their family in their country of origin, since they go there regular on a taxpayer-sponsored holiday already.

But this is all a part of the “greater genocide plan,” I guess. Since the Merkelstani government provides a kind of immigration aid with this visa, and that at the expense of the local population and taxpayers, and accepts that even more slow matches for social powder kegs are lit, and that the deficits in housing construction and internal security will continue to grow. I wonder why there’s been no CO2 impact discussion in this enacted political climate change scenario? Instead of finally deporting the hundreds of thousands of people who are obliged to leave the country, they are getting even more for free, and the Bashi Bazouks are steadily increasing in greater numbers.

I guess the public will never know how many MALE family members of fighting age are actually moving with this “visa”, because they do not seem to appear in any of the statistics. I wonder WHY?

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  1. Where will the main force strike? Zombies depending on AI for security. Oh look! Never mind.

  2. This genocide is not only for the Germans the same is taking place in my country(Greece),Italy,Spain,all over Europe.
    Here,Soros promises to build them houses,at a time when the Greeks are becoming poorer every time,and loose their houses.
    If the German Gov needs more Pakistanis we can send some thousands.
    Our Gov(Merkel’s foot-stool)is interested only in vaccinate everybody,and since the people,especially the youth,avoid vaccination,the PM threaten us with non returning in a normal life.
    As a nation we are the epitome of antilogia,so the Gov is furious trying to find a way to punish us.
    I wonder what happened to the Germans,when i compare them with their fathers who killed so many of us during the occupation.

    • The native Germans are not the same Germans of the second world war, and Greeks like you keep making the same bloody mistakes. You want to stop this invasion, get off your [fundament] and do something other than whine to the rest of us.

      • Stop the invasion?
        You missed what hsppened in Evros river.After that German NGOs tranfer illegals through the sea.Who told you that it is easy to stop them landing on thousands of islands and when Merkel helps Erdogan.
        When we send them back EE ask to punish us.
        You are lucky that we try to keep these killers out of EE,and we never hear a simple Thanks.

        • Well GDit! Do something about those NGO’s! Put the mother loving fear of God into them! Don’t whine about it ! Do something! Your fathers and grandfathers are laughing at your ineptitude.

  3. The first 5 privileges that the government gives to the vaccinated: “They are facilities, not privileges”

    Step by step the government (and always on the occasion of the Indian mutation with a new lockdown in mind) reveals its plan for the two-speed society simply because they do not want the citizens to be vaccinated (therefore the government will “take revenge” on them).

    In fact, in their attempt to impose them but not to be declared unconstitutional, they do not talk about privileges but about “facilities” of the vaccinated!

    So the government is planning the “benefits package” for those who have done both installments. The central idea of ​​the model that is on the government table is to operate the high-density spaces – especially the open ones – in two speeds and to be at the disposal of the owners how to act.

    According to a report by ERT(national TV), the five main “privileges” for the vaccinated that are expected to be announced within the week and are the following:

    – Free access to closed areas without a mask

    – Travel and travel without tests

    – Entrance to stadiums, theaters, cinemas, concerts, festivals, bars, restaurants without restrictions

    – It has already been announced that from Monday the vaccinated will be able to go to work and to the gym without a self test, as long as 15 days have passed since the second dose.

    – Free movement in EU countries with the Digital Vaccination Certificate activated on 1 July

    How these privileges will work in practice was given by PAE Olympiakos, which today announced that access to the stadium will be available in the new year only to those who have been vaccinated or have fallen ill.

    In addition, another plan for catering and entertainment is being considered. This stipulates that those in charge of cinemas, theaters, concerts, festivals, sporting events will be able to choose whether to provide the services they offer exclusively to vaccinated people, in which case they will be able to operate without health protocols, ie with 90% or even 100% fullness.

    On the contrary, if entrepreneurs choose to address vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens then the protocols that currently exist will apply. For example in the restaurant 70% fullness, in the tables up to 10 people, employees with masks etc.

    This measure will exclude areas that are necessary for a citizen to go such as public services, hospitals, supermarkets, shops, banks, MMM, etc. In these there is no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

  4. Lost country? – Pakistani attacks teenagers inside the tram in Paleo Faliro!
    27/06/2021 – 00:15 | Last update:27/06/2021 – 12:57

    Memories from Myrto*, Paros, awoke today inside the tram of the Glyfada-Paleo Faliro line, when a Pakistani attacked inside the vehicle and a group of teenage boys and girls with the intention of sexually abusing them.

    He hugged and hugged boys and girls and when they pushed him back he came back even more “made”.

    Images of a country under Pakistani occupation, that is!

    Luckily, the group of teenage men and girls reacted. They asked the driver of the tram to stop immediately something that happened while the Police was immediately notified.

    According to the first information, the driver reacted correctly and stopped the tram, while at the same time the Greek girls got off the tram and “besieged” the Pakistani, not letting him get off until the Police arrived.

    The Pakistani was arrested by men of AT Pakaio Faliro where he is being held until now. A lawsuit was filed by the mother of a 15-year-old boy who dared to “reach out” to the Pakistani, while looking for a girl who attacked him more, putting her hand on her “secret places” and stroking her breast before her boys catch up company to remove him.

    He will be tried in Autophoro** on Monday.

    The issue is that this person will never be deported, even if he is convicted and will thus be a moving threat for every “Myrto” and every Greek.

    *Myrto is a girl who was at the age of 13 raped,in the island of Paros, by a Pakistani who also hit her head hard on the seaside rock.
    The girl since then is like a plant,a girl so pretty like an angel.

    immunity cannot be claimed when a member is found in the act of committing an offence;

  5. “a kind of immigration aid with this visa”— immigration roulette with this visa

  6. Boarders are only lines scratched in the dirt.
    Look at your women they foster and perpetuate the insanity you are experiencing.
    Shave their heads shame them in public.

  7. I know plenty of people here who will not even speak of this, much less read or hear of it. It grates on me like a metal shard that people can’t seem to see the bad news or talk about it, in any way that might lead to elimination of it. I guess what the Jews in Nazi Germany did was about par for the course, ” Ah well, we may as go along with the govt. orders and policies.” Liberty means responsibility, that is why most men dread it. We live not in interesting times, but disgusting times.

    • @ Sean

      Re: “I know plenty of people here who will not even speak of this, much less read or hear of it. It grates on me like a metal shard that people can’t seem to see the bad news or talk about it, in any way that might lead to elimination of it. ”

      Your sense of frustration is understandable, but please consider the fact that the present psychological state of Old Europe and its people is no accident, but the result of years of patient-but-unrelenting psychological warfare and gas-lighting of the population by the globalists who rule over so much of it.

      The globalists may be many things – including deeply evil – but they aren’t stupid. They know that the European races are among the finest martial raw material on Earth. Her soldiers conquered much of the known world during the Age of Exploration and Age of Empire, as historians term them.

      Those martial inclinations, if their plan to transform Europe was to be successful, would have be defused and short-circuited in some manner. Hence, the decades long effort by the EU powers-that-be and their allies – to de-legitimize traditional manhood, to eliminate the martial virtues (or failing that, capture them for their own use), to elevate women into positions formerly held by men (many of the Secretaries or Ministers of Defense now in office across Europe are women, which is no accident), and related measures. None of this was in any way an accident.
      Which is why so many Europeans suffer from something akin to Stockholm Syndrome, or “battered wife” syndrome, or at least from a thorough case of brainwashing.

      Putting native Europeans – in particular native European males – into the “proper frame of mind” – namely, passive and non-violent – was just one more part of their battle-space preparation.

      • Until that deep seated nature of theirs comes out of it’s slumber, then the fun really begins. I can always count on human nature to come forth when things get bad, it always does.

  8. Pertaining to the de facto demographic invasion of Old Europe now underway, it is germane to note a number of its features and how it came about in the first place.

    The “United Europe” movement dates back to a heretofore obscure Austro-Hungarian nobleman of mixed race parentage (his mother was Japanese, his father Austro-Hungarian) named Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972). Kalergi was the lynch-pin in the founding of what eventually became the European Union, and his writings and speeches informed much of the”United Europe” movement which came about in the wake of the Great War.

    The most-salient fact about Kalergi other than his role as the father of the EU is that he was an unapologetic eugenicist. Kalergi maintained until the end of his life that he was an anti-Nazi, but if one examines his views on race, ethnicity and nationality, it is readily apparent that he was not telling the truth – for his views amount to the same old wine packaged in shiny new bottles. In other words, the Count believed in the same theories of social Darwinism and racial superiority as Hitler, he merely expressed them somewhat differently and put his own spin on them.

    Unlike the national socialists, Kalergi viewed the ideal European of the future not as a pure-blood Aryan but as a person of mixed race, a hybrid between native European stock and the darker-skinned races from Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere. Kalergi echoes his own origins in this, as he was of mixed race heritage.

    Present-day government-sponsored ad campaigns urging native European women in places like Germany and Sweden, to turn their backs on native men in favor of “immigrants”and “refugees” find their origins directly in this aspect of Kalergi’s ideology. This is why such ads encourage young Swedish and German women to date, marry and sire children with foreigners rather than their own kind. It is social-engineering on a massive scale.

    The Kalergi Plan is also why elderly pensioners in Germany have been kicked out of their long-time apartment homes so that “refugees” can live there instead. Yes, that is how venal and utterly evil Frau Merkel and her kind are. They are more-than-willing to break some eggs to make that particular omelet.

    It is also vital to note that the globalists – Soros, Junker at the EU, Macron, et al. – have obviously made some sort of arrangement with the Saracens, since Muslims now amount to a protected class within the union and its member states. Billionaire globalist George Soros – along with his confederates Turkish President Recep Erdogan, former U.S. President Barack Obama, and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel – has been the chief driver of the massive influx of de facto invaders from places like Syria and other points in the Middle East and North Africa.

    The fact that many of these “refugees” are young and healthy males of military service age is no accident. They are in theory and in fact, “soldiers of Allah,” young men sent on jihad in the name of their prophet and their faith. Just as in the past over the 1,400-years of conflict between Islam and the West (Christendom) as it was then called, wherever the soldiers of Allah go, they leave a trail of chaos, violence and bloodshed in their wake.

    This, too, is no accident: the globalists are using them as a de facto enforcers of the new regime. President Erdogan, who sees himself as the leader of a new 21st century Sunni Muslim caliphate, is more than happy to accommodate his friends and allies at the EU in their quest to remake the continent. And why not? Muslims have been infiltrating, co-opting and conquering infidel lands for centuries using very similar methods.

    The last point is extremely important: All of what has happened, what is happening, vis-a-vis the fate of Old Europe, is meant to look spontaneous and therefore not threatening, but this is a lie: The present circumstances in which Europe finds itself are the intended result of years of planning, careful design, much funding, and no small amount of effort. As respected commentator and former Navy SEAL officer Matt Bracken has stated, this new conquest of Europe is being carried out on the same scale as the 1944 Invasion of Normandy, albeit with an entirely different set of goals. But make no mistake – none of this is an accident. What is occurring is intended to occur.

    • You made a mistake where that half breed Kalergi is concerned, he hated the European man and wanted to bring Europe to it’s knees by these 3rd world sub humans. It is too bad the naxi’s missed that one and anyone who bought into his ravings.

      • @ G

        Your words, not mine….. did the SPLC send you hear to post such [material that I deprecate]?

        • Oh darn, my most pointed words might have hurt your feelings, that really is too bad, for you haven’t seen hard times yet, but you soon will where people are going to far worse than hurt your feelings. I really hate to break it to you son, but we are about to go tribal in ways you cannot think of or fathom, welcome to human nature. As for any marxist anti-American group, they can all go pound sand.

  9. Europe is lost totally lost , the most beautiful continent is full of terrorist and debts , EU. It’s working hard to finish this evil plan to bring more and more this 7th. Century savages, Germany is heavy involved with this genocide of Europeans, Rest In Peace Europe

    • Rather Rest In Peace Peace. RIPP. All this says is that a major civil war is coming. The side with all those women and Muslims on board is are going to pay full price. I don’t doubt the small arms factories are planning preparing and designing for a very real needs. The army will be backed up with citizen allies. Tragic.

      • The former com bloc countries are spooling up their old ammo plants as we speak. Things are about to get really fun soon.

    • You keep saying Europe is lost, it is not, this is just a preamble for what is coming. War is coming and you can take it to the bank, and when it does kick off, all the rules will go out the window and the rage and vengeance in the European man will be bloody epic. There won’t be any 3rd world vermin nor their marxist enablers left when all is said and done. Keep the faith and arm up, the games are about to begin. It is always darkest before dawn.

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