Cultural Enrichment in Italy

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating these two reports on recent incidents of cultural enrichment in Italy. The first article is from Il Giornale:

Terror on bus, Egyptian wounds 2 persons with knife

June 25, 2021

Attacker is an Egyptian, 31 years old, charged with aggravated injury of two persons who were on the bus

by Rosa Scognamiglio

Moments of high tension and great fear on a bus in Florence. A 31-year-old Egyptian man attacked two passengers with a blade, a 63-year-old woman and a 52-year-old man, wounding both seriously. The foreigner was captured by a police patrol as he attempted to flee through the city center. Now he will have to answer for aggravated injuries, resisting a public official, interrupting public service, and unjustified possession of offensive objects.

The fury of the Egyptian

The events occurred late on Thursday evening, June24, on a line 30 bus in Florence. According to what is learned from the website of La Nazione, the attack occurred right in the middle of the route to the height of via Pratese, near the historic center of the Tuscan capital. What unleashed the uncontrolled fury of the Egyptian was reportedly the request on the part of the driver to put on a mask, as is called for under the anti-contagion rules currently in force.

Infuriated by the reprimand, the foreigner first hurled verbal abuse at the driver of the bus, then, immediately afterward, against a 52-year-old Eritrean man and a 63-year-old Florentine woman who intervened in the discussion to calm emotions. In no time at all, the 31-year-old unleashed pandemonium.

Attack with blade

Blinded by anger, the Egyptian pulled the blade — plausibly a box cutter — from his pants pocket to lash out against the 52-year-old Eritrean who had monitored him for a mask. Not content after wounding him with the knife, he literally assaulted him with kicks and punches. At that point, a 63-year-old Florentine woman who was on board the vehicle attempted in vain to bring him to reason. The foreigner also struck her, causing a deep wound to her hand.

The other bus passengers, shocked by the attack, immediately alerted the police and medical services. The 31-year-old was arrested immediately after the events, as he attempted to flee. Stopped by officers, he was charged with aggravated injuries, resisting a public official, interruption of public service, and unjustified possession of offensive objects.

The two wounded persons, transported to a nearby hospital, sustained various wounds and injuries with a prognosis of seven days for one and ten for the other.

The second article is from Il Tempo. The incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%:

“I’ll kill you all”: Man with knife sows panic at St Peter’s Square

by Elena Ricci
June 25, 2021

He had eight knives with him, well hidden in a backpack, but the one with which he decided to sow panic this afternoon near St Peter’s Square he had stolen from a restaurant on via del Falco. First, he threatened the waitress who was clearing tables outside, pointing the knife at her face, then he began to go crazy in front of terrorized passersby. “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill all of you,” he reportedly shouted in a state of delirium. Initially stopped by local police from Group 1 Prati, a patrol from the Borgo police station intervened next. The man, disarmed and thwarted, was then taken to the offices of police where he was searched. In his backpack were eight more knives. The suspect is a 46-year-old Maghrebian [North African] of French nationality, Mahmoudi Khirddine, already known to police and without fixed abode. The man, according to what is known, reportedly suffers from a psychiatric disorder. It is being evaluated whether to subject him to forced hospitalization.

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  1. Würzburg, Germany – Somali man stabs multiple people.
    Three women get killed five other persons are said to remain in critical condition and are in medical care.
    The homeless 24 year old man (likely a former refugee, real age uncertain) from East Africa, Somalia was already known for being aggressive and violent.
    Police said that he deliberately attacked women.

  2. Kenyans and ethiopians believe Somalia’s a [sump] because of islam rather than american intervention. And after working with the African union in their to help rebuild sectors of Mogadishu I cant honestly say they’re wrong

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