The Portuguese Government Pays for the Islamization of Lisbon

A controversy has arisen in Portugal concerning the construction of a new mosque in Lisbon, which is being financed by public funds.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following post (also translated by Gary Fouse) from the blog Amigo de Israel discusses in detail the new mosque in Lisbon:

Spending manias of the PS [Socialist Party] and Costa exemplified here, always above the law and national interest

[Prime Minister] Antonio Costa, still in the Lisbon Chamber, donated €3 million to construct a mosque at Mouraria, but the dictatorship of lies and of the fact-checkers say that is false because the three million was not just for the mosque, but also to expropriate the property from the people who live on the land that the Chamber wants to offer to the Muslim community.

Lying fact-checkers, at the service of the corrupt. The Portuguese are indignant and frightened by the news around the world outside the Islamic ghettoes, where people — fanatics of the same religion and anti-Christian, anti-Western spirit — are often united together.

Portugal pretends that it wants to integrate them and spends millions on this, but then finances this form of segregation. Around the world there are countries that stopped these types of ghettoes, which began to get out of control of the police and became dominated by residents like a micro-country within a country.

One of the ways to feed fanaticism, aside from being in the same space, is the construction of religious symbols and temples… that are already being demolished in various countries of Europe. The case with France, England, Germany, Sweden, and others. In Portugal, not only do they not stop it, they feed these ghettoes, and worse still, with our money they support the symbols and temples.

Antonio Costa is very generous in distributing the people’s money for mosques and other monuments where they pray to Allah for the death of the infidels?

Lisbon is preparing for the construction of space for the Islamic religion, in the center of the city. South of the Tagus River and the port, they dream of having their own building. What is lacking is the land. The project is done, the space is adjudicated; what is missing is to free up the land and demolish the buildings so that the Mouraria Square is born, between the streets Palma and Bem Formoso.

“You can say that the street is ours,” says the president of the Islamic Community of Bangladesh and vice president of the European Association of Bangladesh. This is because door to door there is a shop for immigrants from Asia: telecommunications, grocery stores, butchers, restaurants, clothing, souvenirs, oriental articles, newspapers, and magazines.

“The Central Mosque is on Spain Square. We are on Martim Moniz Square. It is very far away, and you need to have a bus pass. There are many Muslims here, we live here, and we work here. We pray five times a day; we cannot go to Spain Square.” Reasons for Mohd Mohabub, 44, merchant (clothing and souvenirs), who arrived in Portugal two years ago.

The new communities of immigrants have changed the sociology of Muslims residing in Portugal, estimated at 50,000 and who were between 60-70,000. But the majority continue to be from Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau, who have energized the religion in Portugal. And with the financial support of governments and businessmen in wealthier Arab countries. And in Palmela there is a school that trains imams.

DN Camara [Chamber of Deputies] is giving three million. A project of the Municipal Chamber of Lisbon (CML) was approved in 2012 and, according to an official municipality source, is supposed to move forward soon. “Freeing up the land is in progress,” An official source of the office of councilman Manuel Salgado assured SOL [newspaper] that “the process of freeing up the land in order to begin the completion of the project is in progress”.

“In the framework of intervention upgrading the public space of Mouraria, the need for better road and pedestrian accessibility of Benformoso Street was identified. For its viability, the creation of a square between Benformoso Street and Palma Street was envisioned — Mouraria Square,” explains the same source.

And he adds, “The Mouraria Square project foresees the creation of a public space and construction of three blocks for the installation of activities that facilitate public enjoyment, with multi-purpose functions, and the transfer of a religious space — mosque — already extant in Mouraria”.

It is, adds the office of Manuel Salgado, “the relocation of installations already in existence where other aspects are added for the respective social integration of this community in a zone whose history goes back to the maintenance of the Islamic presence in the city after the Christian Reconquest.”

To construct the new mosque, at a time when Lisbon is pointed out as an example of religious tolerance, a protocol was signed between the municipality and the Islamic Center of Bangladesh, Baitul Mukarram Mosque, on 31 January 2013, to agree on the terms on which it will be installed. The preliminary architectural study of Mouraria Square, done by the architect Ines Lobo, was approved unanimously in a Chamber meeting on January 25, 2012. Source: Publico.

The leftist elite needs the Islamic vote, need the Islamic shock troops, and it is so easy to buy petroleum from the Islamic potentates, who also send us Mohammedan settlers in hijra — as we have demonstrated here countless times. Then comes the demographic war, terrorism, our lost territories, and finally, Islamic conquest. Talk to any Muslim: they are unanimous that Portugal and Spain (as well as Israel) belong to them because they invaded and subjugated us in the 7th century.

Video transcript:

00:01   I am bringing you two situations to criticize from the same news.
00:05   The first is the situation in which Antonio Costa once again uses
00:09   and squanders millions of our tax euros to finance things that nobody in Europe does anymore.
00:14   Exclusively in Europe, they prohibit construction of mosques,
00:18   while in Portugal, aside from still permitting their construction,
00:22   they finance them with our taxes, and at the same time
00:26   hurt the residents. And the other situation
00:30   to report in this case is about the quality of the evaluation of the truth
00:34   by Poligrafo, a very strange evaluation; therefore, they determine
00:38   what is a false report just because €3 million
00:42   are divided up for two things, which are construction and expropriation, but at the crux,
00:47   it is an expense for a mosque, and they try to bury it and
00:52   throw sand in the eyes of the Portuguese, and once again protect it.
01:00   “Antonio Costa gave €3 million of tax money
01:04   for construction of a mosque in Lisbon.” We went to verify.
01:09   The story dates back to 2016. The project involving
01:13   a new square, a garden, and a new mosque for the Muslim community
01:17   of Bangladesh and Pakistan generated polemics from the start because it required
01:21   the demolition of two buildings and led to protests
01:25   by residents. The work was to be completed in April of 2017,
01:29   but obviously has been delayed. Contacted by Poligrafo, the Chamber of Lisbon
01:33   admits that the project is in the discussion phase,
01:37   and confirms that it involves the investment by the municipality of
01:41   about €3 million, half for the acquisition,
01:45   and the other half for the construction. As we see, it is false
01:49   that Antonio Costa had given €3 million in taxes
01:53   for construction of a mosque in Lisbon, but
01:57   it is a fact that the project exists, is proceeding, and has this value.
02:03   I know there will be many people who will try to use this video for the purposes
02:07   of xenophobia and racism or for these theories
02:11   that are now also in fashion, but I have been saying it since then
02:15   on my channel, always denounced it, and this is corruption and misuse of public money.
02:21   And it is all based in Portugal; it has nothing to do
02:25   with international politics, and in this context
02:29   is where the framework of this news and video is made.
02:33   Public money should not be used to finance
02:37   houses of worship for foreign communities.
02:41   We spend millions and millions of our taxes
02:45   to help these communities and to integrate them,
02:49   help them to integrate themselves into our society.
02:52   Creating houses of worship, for example, can be considered
02:56   the opposite of what we are doing, that is,
03:00   we give money to integrate them, then build mosques so they continue
03:04   to co-exist and distance themselves from diseases such as integration.
03:12   Martim Moniz Square May 15, 2021. Celebration of end of Ramadan. This while another mosque
03:16   is being built. In greater Lisbon alone there are 28 mosques and religious centers.

7 thoughts on “The Portuguese Government Pays for the Islamization of Lisbon

  1. It seems that arabic raids and hunting for slaves along the coast of Portugal and other european nations centuries ago, have been long forgotten and lessons never learned…

  2. In the Algarve portugal, in the scenic own of “Silves”,
    There has been a huge increase influx of Muslims moving to the town,
    Just a couple of years back the portuguese communist party controlled silves municipal council supported and financed the opening of a building for use as a mosque-prayer room in the very Center of the town, very close to the silves castle.

    I have noticed the presence of what look like many aggressive Portuguese converts to Islam prowling around the Silves town Center, and they look like jihadists.

    I have heard stories of arguments and fights between breaking out in the town between Christians and people of other faiths with aggressive Muslims, who are at war with non believers.

    In the past history Silves was the capital town of the moors who set up their presence in the Algarve, and Silves castle was the site of battles between Muslims and Christians.
    I believe Silves has become a breeding ground for creating Portuguese young men into converts to Islam, and the town is becoming a dangerous place because of this.

    Once again, the portuguese communist party are behind this, they support Islam with funding and resources, and promote Islamic culture, can you imagine funding your own anilation and destruction,? And using the portuguese tax money to finance the destruction of portugal and Portuguese culture and and Christianity.

    Portugal is a dangerous and rotten socialist communist country,
    Corrupt to the hilt, and the judiciary is left wing marxist indoctrinated.
    Portugal has become a very scary scary place.

    • Time for a military coup. Otherwise all will be lost. It is that coldly simple.

  3. It is actually interesting that there were never issues with the muslims living in Portugal when they were mostly from Mozambique, or Guiné-Bissau, spoke Portuguese, and lived amongst the rest of the population.
    They had non muslim neighbours, work and schoolmates, they had no chance to form a ghetto.

    Now that tens of thousands of South Asian muslims arrived (that worked so well in the UK), live all in the same streets, and have little to no contact with the majority culture, we’ll see the problems rise.

  4. This is frightning beyond belief and all totally correct.
    I live in an area just south of Lisbon and have noticed a few imams in the food stores and wondered about them.. now I see the reason.. I never knew about Palmela…

    Most Portuguese have dark skin tone a direct result of the their Moor ancestry.
    It will not take much for the women to be raped again by Islam and the true Lusitano genes erased forever.. heartbreaking.
    Portugal today is communist run, and a true snake waiting in the grass. There has never been much opposition either. Now we have Andre Ventura, and the CHEGA party who are fighting hard to save the Country.. he is facing a very real danger to his life in doing so.. he is very brave..

    I am not Portuguese, but have lived in Portugal and its ex domains for the last 49 years.. how things have changed… they are a very gullable race of good people.

  5. Maybe it is time to ask for reinforcements from Brasil? I don’t doubt there is thousands of men there who would willingly participate in a crusade to help their chatolic brethren in Portugal.

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