Corona Outbreak Among Vaxed Geezers

There has been a rather serious outbreak of COVID-19 among residents and staff in an old folks’ home in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. What makes the situation a seeming anomaly is that all of those affected have been “vaccinated” against the disease.

Can anyone say “geronticide”?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Surprise: Corona outbreak among vaccinated people in old folks’ home

25 positive corona cases have been registered in a retirement and nursing home in Stelle-Wittenwurth (Dithmarschen district). The home is surprised because everyone involved has been vaccinated.

According to the operator, almost all residents and employees were vaccinated with the BioNTech vaccine in February and March. The corona outbreak is therefore a mystery to him, said facility manager Horst-Dieter Tödter NDR Schleswig-Holstein. The Dithmarschen district is in contact with the Robert Koch Institute through Kiel University to find out more about possible causes for the outbreak. We are still waiting for a reaction, said a district spokesman.

The first residents tested positive more than ten days ago. According to Tödter, 18 are now sick, two of them are in hospital and two more have already recovered. Five employees were also positive, one is already healthy again. Overall, the head of the facility said that the disease progressed lightly.

All 50 employees are in what is known as work quarantine. You are only allowed to stay in certain areas, for example the place of work, the way to work and your own four walls. The 55 residents are now isolated in their rooms.

4 thoughts on “Corona Outbreak Among Vaxed Geezers

  1. That this cones a a surprise to some demonstrates that far too many so-called adults are too uninquisitive to get informed about subjects regarding which they make decisions that greatly affect others lives.. The vaccine makers themselves stated that their products prevented neither infection nor transmission.

  2. I heard an interesting tale, but cannot verify that it is true — still, sounds probable. A retirement facility in Toronto had an outbreak of scabies just as the Covid epidemic struck. Residents were treated with Ivermectin for the scabies. Covid hit with msny staff and residents testing positive, but not one perdon became seriously ill. The story has been buried by the media. There are a lot if positive stories about Ivermectin being used to successfully treat Covid. It is approved and readily available in some countries. Sadly, it is being restricted in many other places ( Canada and I suspect many US states,) This is unacceptable.

  3. Well, this vaxed geezer is happy just to know that if he gets the bug, he’s less likely to be seriously ill or die.

  4. It is a scientific fact that very old people’s organisms do not or almost do not produce antibodies. Therefore it is useless to vaccinate them. On the other hand, they may suffer from side effects of vaccines.

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