Winchester Gets a Statue of St. Greta

A life-sized likeness of the Swedish climate-rescue maiden Greta Thunberg is coming to the University of Winchester in England. Despite severe economic hardship, a bronze simulacrum of Greta the Great that cost about $31,000 (£24,000) will be erected in front of the “climate-smart” West Downs Centre at the University. The TV report below from Sweden tells the story.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The statue to be unveiled Tuesday is the first life-size statue of Greta Thunberg.
00:08   It will be unveiled at the University of Winchester, two hours by car from London.
00:15   It will stand outside a new building that is climate-smart, with solar panels,
00:22   a green roof, and rainwater collectors that people can take pride in.
00:29   And they will set up Greta Thunberg in bronze in front of this building.
00:36   The university has received a little criticism for this project with the statue.
00:40   This has been a critical year for the university, which has been forced to get rid of
00:47   personnel, teachers, and cut budgets for, among other things, the library.
00:54   The employees’ union calls this a vanity project,
00:59   and the student body has said that it is bad timing,
01:05   and urges that the unveiling be postponed, since it is just a poke in the eye
01:12   for students who are suffering that a statue is erected
01:16   whose estimated cost is around 285,000 Swedish kronor.
01:21   The university’s answer to critics is that the order was placed
01:24   back in 2019, long before the pandemic hit,
01:30   and the money was taken out of a budget
01:35   that would not have gone to students or personnel.
01:40   It was from another budget that the money was taken.
01:45   But this has received sharp criticism, and it remains regardless.

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  1. I hope their worship of Green Goddess Greta will not take form of human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism.

  2. There is a telling contrast between the beautiful old building the reporter stands in front of and the horrible new building with the Thunberg statue. Our new world is a world of ugliness and forced obeisance to paltry or noxious people.

  3. I wonder what its value is as scrap metal?

    Undoubtedly some unwoke Pakistani rape club member will soon relieve the (alleged) university of its expensive folly so it can get back to the business of educating, and a scrap metal dealer can get on with its business of turning junk into profit. Being that the statue is bronze, the most fervent hope is that it will be repurposed into bearings for some piece of oil drilling equipment.

      • Seems it is worth several dollars a pound, so probably close to one British £ to American $. Assuming it is a hollow shell (kind of like the airhead it is modeled after) there is probably at least a hundred and as much as several hundred lbs of bronze being so poorly utilized. So a couple hundred dollars is probably close to its metal value. It would make a good shaft seal for a oil tanker or a bearing on some giant hydraulic motor for an oil platform.

  4. I think a 10lbs sledgehammer will take care of that abomination just fine and make some great scrap metal. But that is just me.

  5. Why don’t she look like she looks? No syndrome face? This girl are a mental. Her parents are behind a big scam. She is a parrot.

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