Terror Conspirators Arrested in Sweden

Two people who allegedly conspired to commit a terrorist act have been detained by the Security Police in Sweden. The following video and the accompanying article don’t mention ethnicity, so we are left to guess whether any cultural enrichment is involved in the case.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from SVT (Swedish state television), also translated by Gary Fouse:

Two persons detained for conspiracy to commit a terrorist crime

Two persons have been ordered detained by Stockholm’s district court on probable cause suspected of conspiracy to commit a terrorist crime, as reported by the Security Police (Säpo).

The two detained persons, who were ordered held in absentia, were arrested by the Security Police on Friday after an operation in the Stockholm region. The operation occurred after a long investigation.

“We carried out an operation Friday in the Stockholm region. The operation went quietly,” says Karl Melin, press chief of the Security Police.

The Security Police will not give any further information.

“At this time, there is very little information, and that is usually the case in this type of matter so as not to risk complicating or destroying the ongoing investigation,” says Karl Melin.

Conspiracy is a form of preparing to commit a crime in which one person, in consultation with someone else, decides to commit a crime, attempts to persuade someone to carry out a crime, or undertakes to carry out a crime.

The preliminary investigation, which is being conducted by the Security Police, is led by a prosecutor with the National Unit for Security Cases.

According to Per Lindqvist, chief prosecutor at the National Unit for Security Cases, both suspects deny the crime.

Video transcript:

00:00   The Security Police carried out an operation on Friday in the Stockholm region,
00:06   and there were two persons who had been ordered detained in absentia,
00:11   who were arrested, and who have since been held in detention,
00:17   and held on probable cause, suspected of plotting to commit a terrorist crime.
00:23   This operation occurred after a long investigation and was carried out quietly.

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