I Got the Hesitation Blues

Tell me how long do I have to wait?
Can I get you now, or must I hesitate?

— From “Hesitation Blues” (traditional)

I can’t help but admire the term “vaccine hesitancy”. The propagandist who thought that one up should get an award — assuming there is a professional association in his field that hands out such awards.

People who don’t want to get the “vaccine” against the Wuhan Coronavirus are simply “hesitant” about it, implying that if the government or the health insurance company or local family practice doctors are patient and persuasive, those who balk at the idea of the jab will eventually come around.

We can’t call them “refuseniks”, because that term bears a positive connotation from Soviet days as a label for heroic freedom-minded people who resist the pressures of a totalitarian state.

For myself, I prefer to be called a “vaccine dissident”, but that one is obviously also verboten for the same reasons.


The Farmville Herald is a local paper in Southside Virginia not too far from where I live. When I saw the headline for the following article, I thought, Oh no, here’s another dreary pro-vax propaganda piece. But it turned out that the only propaganda was in the headline — my guess is that the paper’s editor, presumably a Gutmensch, took the reporter’s copy and wrote his own headline for it, one that carries the CDC/Fauci seal of approval.

It’s very encouraging to note that the reasons cited by the refuseniks are tropes they could not possibly have picked up from the MSM, or the CDC website, or official government spokesmen. They can only have acquired them from deplorable websites like this one. And these dissidents make up a quarter of the population!

In other words, 25% of American citizens have done their own research, using websites that the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, social media, academia, and the permanent governing class would shut down if they possibly could. And, against all the pressure that has been exerted to make them compliant, they have reached conclusions that contradict the Narrative.

That’s VERY encouraging.

I don’t think the Powers That Be can force 25% of the population to take a “vaccine” that they don’t want. They can bring to bear a lot more pressure, however, by establishing a “health passport” scheme that denies the dissidents certain privileges. Whether those will include eating in restaurants or visiting grocery stores remains to be seen.

Below are excerpts from the Herald article:

Locals discuss vaccine hesitancy

With Prince Edward County now celebrating its 10,000th COVID-19 vaccine shot being administered this week and the commonwealth only days away from opening vaccine registration to everyone age 16 or older, the community is making major headway on the immunization front.

But with most community members anxiously rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated, there are still those who say they will never get the vaccine.

Taking to Facebook to express their opinions, locals cited everything from potential side effects to theories of population control as to why they will be declining the shot when their turn comes.

“I have kidney disease, GI (gastro-intestinal) issues, chronic pain and will not ever get the vaccine,” Facebook commenter Robin Reece Jennings wrote. “Too many side effects and no (proof) that it will not make it worse, nor is it effective.”

A recent poll from Monmouth University said 25% of Americans will decline to receive the vaccine.

Side effects are a common concern listed among those who plan on foregoing the COVID-19 vaccine, a flame stoked this week after federal health officials recommended states pause the use of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine following six cases of a rare blood clotting disorder.


“I am just saying that I know medicine has to go through a rigorous amount of testing that takes years before being approved, and even then it can still cause problems,” Jennings continued.

Local Breanne Hicks had similar concerns. Hicks said she has an autoimmune disease and worries the side effects of the vaccine may trigger her disease to move out of remission.

“Having a vaccine doesn’t make you immune to the virus,” she said. “I’d rather see a treatment developed.”

Resident Holly Chappell Aitken said she believes the public needs to build up a natural immunity to the virus, adding she has never had a flu shot and has no plans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I just feel you need a natural (immunity) to these things, and who knows what other side effects are going to come about not only with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine but the others as well, maybe not now but in the future,” she said.


Resident Steph McDaniel said she hasn’t had a vaccine in more than 27 years and will never get one again, COVID-19 vaccine included.

McDaniel said she believes vaccines, especially if administered yearly, will eventually trigger autoimmune disorders.

“God gave us an immune system which functions best when not triggered often and is not poisoned,” she stated. “The survival rate is over 97% anyway. Therefore, our immune systems were doing just fine.”

Community member Leslee Carles said she has not had a flu shot in more than 20 years and has not once contracted the flu during that time.

“It’s population control people,” Carles speculated in a Facebook comment. “Open your eyes.”

“You’ve been watching too many X-Files,” replied another commenter.

17 thoughts on “I Got the Hesitation Blues

  1. I have had one flu shot when the AF pushed the troops through a line. I have not had one since and since 2005 have relied on Vitamin D3 supplements. I suppose it is just a coincidence but I have never had a viral illness since i started D3ing.

    • I suppose it is not just a coincidence. 🙂

      Viruses go up in the winter when people don’t get sunshine, and the elderly – the very group in danger from covid, are most deficient in actual sunshine time, and deficient in vitamin D as a result…

  2. I got the CCP/PLA virus in late 2020. I am now part of the herd immunity.

    Dr. Fraudci, take your inoculations, THEY ARE NOT VACCINES. and shove them where the sun don’t shine. You keep saying we need to wear face diapers even if we get a shot(s).

    WTF? You are lying, piece of garbage. Hope you suffocate from wearing the 57 varieties of face diapers you are wearing as a symbol of your slave status.

    • Re. “Where the sun don’t shine”
      I have heard several times that a significant vector for spreading Covid 19 is the oral-fecal route. In other words, if you believe the [effluvium] that comes out of his mouth you’ll probably catch it.

  3. The Spanish Flu disappeared without a vaccine. It is reported that many deaths were caused by overdoses of Aspirin. Be careful what you put in your body that is new or not fully tested.

  4. Even the lout Bill Maher pointed out that 78% of those who died (or more correctly, are identified as having died) from Covid were overweight or downright obese. No one in the MSM wants to bring up that point.

    Call me hesitant, call me anything but late for lunch, but I don’t think I’m going to get the jab. And I’ve gotten a flu shot every year for at least the last 30 years. I’m thankful for all the childhood vaccines my folks got me when I was young. But no jab for me. I’m 60, have high blood pressure and asthma and I’m overweight, and I’ll take my chances thank you.

    I take 4000 iu of D3 daily and I’m doing a pretty good job of losing weight. Far from scared, I don’t even really think about Covid except for wearing a mask to shop. I don’t think the masks do much, if anything, to stop the spread but I’m no activist. Mask wearing is not the hill to die on.

    • Does make some reasonable points on the vaccine.

      Bill calls on the medical establishment, media, and politicians to cut the spin and stick to the facts about public health threats
      New Rule: Give It to Me Straight, Doc | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
      7 mins 43 secs : • Apr 17, 2021

      Though Bill Maher is like a stop clock, so can be right twice a day, although he did put the odd sly dig in too.

      The vaccine going into his body, and knowing it is experimental trial, that will have reports on how it goes in 2023.
      That it is being put forward as under emergency use for the time being.

      So like “set a thief to catch a thief,” Bill can smell the smoke & mirrors of the politicians, and medical system.

      On that point in New Zealand a lawyer is taking their political system to court, about how the politicians are pushing beyond what their medical system granted in conditions, on legal and ethical concerns, like proper informed consent, etc..
      A court has granted that there is a case.
      Hearings will start on 5th May 2021

  5. Of course the Economist says that the 30% of the population who have or will refuse the Covid-19 vaccine are White Evangelicals. Where they got the data for that published survey is anyone’s guess. Of course, if they published the source they could be sued for breach of patient privacy but I have never encountered in my travels with my wife to the doctor’s office an intake questionnaire form that asked the patient’s religion.
    So…I suppose it is more propaganda on the part of the Gates of hell to label the refuseniks as being members of a race and a religion that is hateful, bigoted and racist, like we have a choice into what race or skin color we are born into.
    Also, Covidentially speaking, a recent study in South Africa showed that 400 people who were vaccinated were infected with Covid after they received the vaccine, and a few, number not reported, died. Why bother taking something that doesn’t work and only puts your life at risk? Oh, excuse me, only a white evangelical such as myself would say something that rude and bigoted, right?

  6. Fauci takes 9000 units of D3….but doesn’t push this simple preventative along w. Zinc and Magnesium. Then there’s Ivermectin!

    • Remember to take Quercetin along with the Zinc and Magnesium as Quercetin opens the doors to the cells to allow the zinc and magnesium in. As for the rest, we can enjoy good health in the Key of D3 Major.

  7. After a marriage of 73 years Queen Elizabeth ended up at her spouse’s funeral, stoically sitting on her own, muzzled, and to stay in her bubble.

    It showed up the cruelty of lock-downs, particularly when other things were opening up in the UK.

    Also shows up the absolute nonsense of the vaccine, then remaining masked, and socially isolated.

    …. Queen Elizabeth is fully vaccinated. ……
    ….. received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine …..
    ….. Buckingham Palace confirmed in January that both the Queen and her 99-year-old husband, Prince Philip, received their first doses, …..


    This part also needs to be talked about, just what value was that vaccine?
    So was the Queen at risk of endangering others?
    Was the Queen at risk, of catching an infection?, despite having been double jabbed?
    Prince Charles has had the virus back in 30/03/2020

    Yet questions are not being raised about the guinea pigs in the Royal Family.
    No one wants to question the narrative, but seem to want to continue creating “Fear”.

  8. I once took a flu jab after my family sweettalked me into it. I dont remember anything about the next week and the second week after the jab I was very weak and did leave my bed only for eating and getting rid of food. Only after 4 weeks I was back to normal.

    For Covid:
    The socalled vaccines are not tested and experimental and the politicians lie.
    I want to know the entire truth.
    I dont want to hear: “Yes, some adverse reactions. ”
    I want to hear: “10.000 people were given the jaw, 3 died within 3 Minutes, 15 pregnant women lost their babies, 35 developed Bell`s palsy …”
    If the state does not publish this important information, but only hot air, then the state hides something ugly.

    But thats just my two cents.

  9. “Having a vaccine doesn’t make you immune to the virus,” she said. “I’d rather see a treatment developed.”

    That she doesn’t know are treatments already, and that they didn’t have to be developed, is a testament to the success of the left’s suppression of information.

  10. Along with the excellent commentary here, per usual, I will contribute this excellent summation of valid and disturbing facts, along with terribly important information that each citizen of this globe ought to know, and some small tiny infinitesimal percent will.

    This is an excellent summation of many upper respiratory viral infection facts to know to avoid or deal with such infections, especially Covid 19, laid out by one of many scholarly MDs, which are becoming a growing quantity, with courage to speak up and sum up the truths. Here are two sources for the same exact lecture, Ryan Cole MD, which is 28:13 minutes long of precious information, including review of proven high rate successful prevention methods, you will probably want to plan on hearing it twice, or taking notes, literally, it is detail packed by a great speaker, US:


    Doctor Exposes mRNA Bioweapon, Ivermectin, And The POWER Of Vitamin D! https://thetruereporter.com/doctor-exposes-mrna-bioweapon-ivermectin-and-the-power-of-vitamin-d/

  11. It’s about informed consent….
    On one hand the ukases, multiple unconstitutional and humans rights violations committed by the US government and the State’s had one beneficial consequence and that it supercharged the development of new mRNA treatments and gene therapies (colloquially vaccines) that maybe could end up benefiting millions of non-COVID-19 patients in the coming decade. The gene therapeutic possibilities of mRNA technology extend beyond infectious diseases and cancers, but still unknown are the long term dangers and side-effects of the mRNA treatments (though multiple studies through 2019 have shown a higher incidence in cancer for those that take mRNA gene therapies)

    Just a reminder that 3 years ago, SK identified that mRNA is the most likely cancer causing component not DNA
    And another person connected with the development of the COVID-19 mRNA gene therapeutics masquerading as a vaccine in name only has come forward and stated that yes, it does alter your DNA

    there could be good with mRNA, so I am not opposed to people voluntarily wanting to decide for themselves if it is right for them and their situation, but don’t want anyone to have the authority to force their opinions on what’s best for me, my family and situations.

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