Who’s Your Daddy?

Hellequin GB has translated an article about anchor babies, European style. The translator includes this note:

In a nutshell, pregnant women from outside the EU are looking for German men who are destitute or have only a low income, and induce them to recognize the paternity of the child, and thus secure the right of residence for mother and child as well as existing children. Apparently there are enough low-lifes willing who support this fraud and accept the deal of a sham fatherhood.

These unscrupulous machinations could be stopped easily, provided the WILL to change the law were present and the authorities were given more opportunities to combat the abuse. What I don’t understand is: why has no consideration been given to ordering a DNA test in cases of suspected fake paternity in order to prevent fraud — including against taxpayers?

The article from Die Welt:

Interior ministries record hundreds of suspected cases of bogus paternity

Pregnant women from countries outside the EU pay thousands of euros to mostly destitute German men so that the latter will assume paternity for the children. There are suspected cases all over Germany, but only very few can be proven.

The interior ministries of the federal states record hundreds of suspected cases of so-called bogus paternity. According to a query from Welt am Sonntag, there have recently been criminal investigations into such cases in all countries. Pregnant women from countries outside the EU travel to Germany and pay several thousand euros to mostly destitute German men who take on the paternity of the unborn children. In this way, the mothers, children and siblings obtain a right of residence in Germany. According to the query, most suspected cases were in Baden-Württemberg (189 cases), Bavaria (120), Bremen (97) and Hamburg (78).

The police and the public prosecutor assume that these suspected cases represent only a small part of the actual scope of these crimes. According to the research, both dubious recruitment agencies who bring mothers and fathers together and dubious notaries who certify such alleged paternity to the authorities make money from this illegal business. In a current case in Berlin, investigative authorities from the police and the public prosecutor suspect links to a gang of organized criminals who are also said to have engaged in human trafficking.

Investigators report that such pseudo-fatherhoods can put a strain on public budgets. The responsible youth welfare offices cannot call upon the often destitute fathers to make maintenance payments for the children if necessary. However, only very few suspected cases can ultimately be proven beyond doubt as pseudo-paternity during criminal investigations. Some federal states are calling for the legal situation to be tightened in order to prevent fraudulent recognition of paternity. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Justice is planning a bill according to which, among other things, only immigration authorities should be able to certify paternity, no longer notaries.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. I may have an idea:
    Some women betray their husbands and tell them that they are fathers even though they arent.
    Some german fathers made genetic testing but they were punished because without the approval of the wife this is not allowd.
    And which cheating wife would allow it?
    So, I suspect they wont go your way Baron, because this would be an opeening for the betrayed fathers. And that is not allowed.

  2. “why has no consideration been given to ordering a DNA test in cases of suspected fake paternity in order to prevent fraud — including against taxpayers?”

    Because stupid Westerners believe all women.

    • you are wrong. Millions of American conservatives support ‘regret rape’ because we know that many woman have consensual sex with a man and they cry rape if the man doesnt want to continue the relationship.

      • There may be another reason:

        The woman thought that he would give her a trip to 7th heaven, but instead it turned out to be a standard everyday one night stand.
        And that is a betrayal of the glorious powerful woman.
        That must be punished.

        • I laugh at the metoo movement. is is a feminist joke. you should see the ‘woman’ who started the movement.

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