BLM Riot in Liège

In the Belgian city of Liège (Flemish Luik, Walloon Lidje), over-excited “youths” from Black Lives Matter became upset, and expressed their political dissatisfaction by destroying businesses and throwing stones and large objects at the police.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article about the riot in Liège, also translated by FouseSquawk:

Riot in Liège: 200 youths plunder shops and pelt police

About 200 participants in a Black Lives Matter demonstration this afternoon sought confrontations with police in various locations in Liège. They plundered a fast food restaurant. That is reported by the local police. At least 2 officers were injured, and the police station was pelted.

Several hundred people set off in small groups to the city center of Liège with “the intention of causing damage”, according to the police. One officer on a bicycle was attacked by demonstrators on Saint-Lambert Square. Another agent suffered an injury at Saint-Lambert Gallery. A McDonald’s fast-food restaurant on Republic of France Square was looted.

The police came in to the scene large numbers with a water cannon. Around 4pm the police station was also pelted with stones, as well as several police vehicles. According to the police, it involved youths who consciously sought confrontation and moved “fast and in groups.”

At about 4:30pm the atmosphere was still grim. The police were present en masse at Saint-Lambert Square, where some 50 youths had gathered at the TEC bus stop. Residents were asked not to go into the city center. The Liège mayor sent local businessmen a report via BE-alert asking them to close the stores.

Tonight, calm gradually returned to the city center. The number of officers also decreased in the city. The Liège police said that a Black Lives Matter protest was effectively planned for Saturday afternoon. The reason was a forceful arrest of a woman Monday morning on the Saint-Lambert Square in Liège.

Video transcript:

00:04   Heavy riot in Liège: Two hundred hotheads plunder shops and pelt police.
00:10   In Liège, a Black Lives Matter protest took place, which began peacefully.
00:17   The cause was a forceful arrest of an African woman earlier this week.
00:21   And at a certain moment two officers came on motorcycles,
00:26   and from behind came a group of youths dressed completely in black,
00:30   and they aggressively hit one of the officers.
00:34   The officer fell to the ground and was lying under his motorcycle.
00:39   So we were standing there in the middle, and we didn’t know what happened.
00:42   But the youths were very angry,
00:46   and they began throwing stones at the people.
00:52   The officer had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital.
00:56   Earlier the police station and police cars were pelted with stones.
01:02   Subsequently, it quickly got out of hand.
01:05   Several shops were plundered, and street furniture was damaged.
01:14   I came outside Delhaize, and they were everywhere, dressed in black with caps and backpacks,
01:19   but everywhere, really. And then they attacked the poor police officer who was directing traffic.
01:24   They hit him dozens of time, the poor man.
01:27   It is shameful! —It is disgraceful! —Residents were advised to remain inside
01:30   until peace was restored.
01:35   I called the police, and they began to hit me because I called the police.
01:39   They went crazy; they don’t think about the well-being of others.
01:43   The police are at the scene en masse and also deploy the water cannon.
01:51   About ten officers are reported to be injured.

4 thoughts on “BLM Riot in Liège

  1. Mob rule, pure and simple. These people are the first to scream “Police Brutality” when the Police retaliate but they must be taught. This sort of behaviour must be stamped out. We have had rather too much politically correct policing and soft sentencing. Throw the book at them. BLM must be banned – or are the authorities reluctant to forego the payoffs made by that nice Mr Soros.

  2. Looks like Western Europe has been thoroughly feminised. No surprises if something far worse than the nazis arises out of everywhere.

  3. As belgian police say, the perps came from all over Belgium and even from as far as France. They were looking for trouble and allegedly of african origin, north and subsaharian( new name for p.o.c.). About 200 rioters were confronted with the same number of law enforcement. So the number of arrests, between 5 and 10, leaves you wondering about the efficiency of police forces.I am refering to belgian news outlets.
    Just a reminder: Liège is the town where an islamist defender of the religion of peace shot death 8 or ten people at a christmas market* ( haram)many years ago. He was known by the law and in legal possession of firearms for whose confiscation he claimed refunding by the state.

  4. If I were in command of the police I wouldnt need hundreds of LEOs.
    Ten at most.

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