Sometimes a Border is a Border, and Sometimes it Isn’t

The German government finds itself unable to control its borders when mobs of culture-enrichers from the Third World want to get in. But when the danger of the Wuhan Coronavirus is an issue with neighboring European countries, suddenly the borders become watertight.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

In no time! 116 migrants flew into Germany last week, 122 yesterday and 155 today

It happens in no time; the aid operation must under no circumstances be endangered by the “dangerous” virus; the relocation to the German pandemic area is proceeding according to plan. Last week 116 people looking for supplies arrived in Hanover, 122 were flown in yesterday and 155 today.

As announced by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin, 25 families with 53 adults and 69 minors arrived in Hanover on February 24th, 2021. Today another 33 families with 70 adults and 85 minors, whose entitlement to protection has already been determined by the Greek government. The families are being taken in by the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Thuringia. Since April of 2020, Germany has taken in a total of 1,954 people from Greece.

As usual, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is keeping a low profile on the nationalities of those seeking care, while the Greek press published the origin of the 122 migrants: Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. With the 155 migrants who arrived today, the nationalities are likely to be almost identical.

As a counterpoint, consider the following video (in English) from Red Pill Germany, which discusses the fact that the German government has no problem shutting the border with Czechia when the Corona crisis requires it.

Germans Just Showed Once Again That They Can Control the Borders If They Want To

13 thoughts on “Sometimes a Border is a Border, and Sometimes it Isn’t

  1. Germany is lost unfortunately, people don’t even realize what this horrific government is preparing for them , even if this evil Merkel is gone , they already the same parasites seating in the Bundestag with this exactly evil plans line Merkel have, AFD it’s only party who cares , but they don’t have chance to go on the top to stop this barbaric style destroying the country, it’s no chance ..

    • The people I know, realize what lays ahead and are trying to steer the least hazardous course. As Adam Smith once remarked, there is a lot of ruin in a nation, as in, it takes a lot to ruin one. Germany will likely hold together for us, but we are not happy about the prospects for the next generations.

    • Germany is far from lost, this is the preamble to the coming storm, the more these 3rd world sub human savages do what they always do and the left keeps funding and encouraging it, the more the natives are going to go super nationalistic with a bloody vengeance, the bloodletting and ruthless brutality that is coming that hasn’t been seen in a millennia will truly be Biblical, as in old Testament. So keep the faith, arm yourself because the coming fun and games is not far off now.

  2. Will the west implode or explode? The great imagination void. For the Muslims and other disorders it’s just a numbers and waiting game. The would we, could we, should fight back question I imagine will be answered with the flip of a switch – by Mother Nature. She is no feminist.

    • The west will explode in a frenzy of blood and brutality soon. Westerners will not tolerate their own demise. Nature demands our response.

      • Ps. You are right about the “out of Africa theory” being debunked. There are any number of links.

        • Well, Anon, this (and earlier comments) got me digging, and (insofar as I understood some of the learned material available), not only am I confused, but so are some of the experts. As they say, science is never “settled”.

          Whever humans originated (maybe in more than one location?), we are a single species in that any of us can produce fertile offspring (unlike lions and tigers, whose progeny are sterile). So I stand by my dismissal, and dislike, of Theresa and her nasty racism.

          • Amen. The black Americans in the US, and the black Africans I have met in Africa I have found to be very decent people.

          • Mark, that ole race card will save your life one day, for the fun and games that is coming, you will have only your own to depend upon your safety for the 3rd worlders will slaughter you if given a chance.

          • thank you very much, Mark H. you [epithet]. and there is a book called ‘Not out of Africa” as well proving that Africa is NOT the mother country.

          • “Uncle Ned! Theresa called me a naughty word! Are Christians supposed to do that?”

  3. many Czechs would tell you, that the Germans would take anybody – The Chinese, the Indians, The whole middle east, Africa, the Eskymos, Native Americans, Easter Islanders, and the penguins of Antarctica – before they would take a Czech in.

    This is just another one of those situations that proves that point – as this is not the only thing that the Germans do to discourage Czechs from traveling to Germany, many Czechs often feel targeted by the German police just for driving a car with a Czech license plate…

    …just some stereotypes…

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