Just Take the Needle, and Everything Will be Fine

The world is edging towards mandatory vaccination against COVID-19. Actually, it’s moving faster than that — galloping might be a better word. The process began in piecemeal fashion late last year, and has accelerated in recent weeks. Some major corporations and government agencies have made vaccination a requirement for continued employment. As far as I know, no national government has made vaccination mandatory, but various localities and provincial governments (see the video below) have done so.

The EU has just decided to issue “vaccine passports” for its citizens. Angela Merkel said that vaccination will not be mandatory — yet — but life will be made more and more difficult for the unvaccinated. If you want to get on a plane, you’d be well-advised to take the needle. I’ve given up the idea of ever flying to Europe or Canada again.

Things will really get tough when the vaccine becomes a requirement for entering a supermarket, pumping gas, visiting the dentist, or receiving medical treatment. I suppose I could let my teeth rot, but if I had the choice of remaining unvaccinated or getting the periodic injection in my eye to treat my macular degeneration — well, I’d probably decide to get the jab, because I know how awful my life would become without the treatment. Bell’s Palsy might not be so bad in comparison…

The video below from Germany gives a progress report on vaccination in Croatia, Portugal, and Spain. The last one is significant, because the Spanish province of Galicia is making the vaccination mandatory for all citizens. Failure to comply will bring a hefty fine.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Since the end of December Croatia has been vaccinating
00:05   medical personnel and senior citizens against Covid-19.
00:11   Now the capital Zagreb has started delivering vaccines for mass immunization.
00:15   The city health authorities plan to vaccinate 17,000 residents this week.
00:21   In one of the centers in Zagreb, the wife of President Zoran Milanovic is helping
00:25   with the vaccinations. She is an epidemiologist.
00:28   What we know about all vaccines without exception is:
00:32   any vaccine will protect you from being admitted to intensive care,
00:37   from ventilators and from a fatal outcome not intended by God.
00:42   I think that’s the most important thing for everyone.
00:46   A second team of Bundeswehr paramedics landed in Lisbon on Tuesday.
00:52   The eight German doctors and eighteen nurses replace the team
00:57   that has been helping in Portugal since early February.
01:01   The public health system, suffering from a shortage of personnel,
01:05   was stretched to its limits in January.
01:08   With sunshine and hope, we greet them.
01:13   We must not allow ourselves to forget that our health services still need this help.
01:22   The regional government of Galicia, in northwestern Spain, has announced that
01:27   Covid-19 vaccination will be mandatory for all 2.7 million inhabitants.
01:35   The government is working to draft a law proposal that would require
01:39   vaccine refusers to pay a fine of several thousand Euros.

17 thoughts on “Just Take the Needle, and Everything Will be Fine

  1. so now we must make the vac-scene, which is ob-scene. I am grateful that Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot was approved by the FDA. Insofar as I know it doesn’t have any fetal tissue and is really a vaccine and not a genetic therappe treatment.

    • I understand your reservations, acuara, but looking at the leaflet I was given with the AstraZeneca shot, it says it was produced in “genetically modified human enbryonic kidney 293 cells”. This suggests that while the cells’ origin is likely an embryo which miscarried, or was aborted (I think we may assume not for the purpose), the cells in question are cultivated in a lab.

        • Kidney cells are very special in that they are soft and ‘compliant’, as I understand it they are used because the viruses easily penetrate and multiply so the virus can be cultured more easily.

          It is really a question for a microbiologist not a retired crypto guy!

        • I recall the use of kidney cells for vaccine cultures had to do with the ease of trypsinization (breaking down of cell associations with the enzyme trypsin) and also because of the ability to “passage” cells, keeping them alive longer and even splitting them, thus facilitating increasing the titer of vaccine concentration grown with a kidney cell substrate.

          There was a very fascinating dissertation on this process and its use in the CHAT oral polio vaccine developed and endorsed by Dr Hilary Koprowski and widely tested on Africans in and around the Belgian Congo. This was in the book “The River” by Edward Hooper, an exhaustive investigation into the source of HIV/AIDS wherein the author concluded that likely contamination of test batches of the CHAT vaccine grown and locally passaged through chimpanzee kidney substrates to increase titer before administration in the Belgian Congo unknowingly exposed the vaccine to simian HIV viruses which were unknown of at the time, and this was the likely source of the earliest confirmed HIV/AIDS cases from archival blood and tissue samples of that era. Predictably the entire medical industry reacted quite violently and in a coordinated effort to bury the evidence, intimidate witnesses, discredit the author, and deny any discussion of the evidence. This was back in the 90’s, and even now it is difficult and expensive to find copies of the book and it is suppressed online as well. De-platforming before it was even a thing.

  2. If someone could tell me how to obtain a phony “vaccination certificate” when such are required, I would be very grateful. A new cottage industry?

    • The problem here is the Digital Signature probably encrypted in 1024 bit RSA private/public key technology much like chip and pin plastic cards.

      This will become a defacto ID card – It needs a mass boycott to make it unworkable.

      Whether you believe in vaccines or not, this is the latest gambit in the war against the people, and it is time the people fought back. It is no longer about whether vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ it has become a “do as we say or else….” big brother exercise.

      Are you going to let your elected politicians get away with it yet again?

      • who says that they were elected. The State of Pennsylvania openly violated Article 2 of the Constitution and the Supreme Court knew about it months prior to the November election. Those in office weren’t elected so much as they were allowed to hold office by those who are in charge, and it ain’t us. We have prisons that are run by private companies that are empty. Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

        • Most of them were elected, and thus vulnerable, especially the RINOs. People need to make it very clear to pols that the midterms are going to be a massive cull….

          To all Trumpists I would say get involved in your local party, register, and make sure the right candidate is selected, and make sure that your Reps and Senators at both state and federal level know that you are watching them. The Fraud happened at a local level and has to be fought off at a local level.

    • I have no doubt that such an industry will spring up spontaneously if the fascists here start demanding we be injected.

      Years ago when I was temporarily residing in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia after I had left the military, medical marijuana had just been legalized and so a cottage industry had popped up amongst less ethical and libertarian leaning doctors who for a fee would write a bogus diagnosis which would entitle the bearer to access the marijuana dispenseries. I have no doubt that the same will happen this time around.

    • Just ask the Hells Angels, the Mob etc.
      Before you can blink they will be offering such things.

      By the way: If I don`t own a smartphone (and those Corona passports seem to be an App for a smartphone), how do I prove my vaccination?
      Or am I then forced to buy a smartphone?
      Will it soon be compulsory to own a smartphone?
      Just asking.

      • That is my assumption too, the passports here in Israel are smartphone based, I have not heard of an alternative technology, it also means that the passport is online 24/7 and locatable, it also means that it can be used for control and coersion – the green passport can thus be revoked very easily.

      • I believe that in the UK, a printed form should be available. My partner and I had a related problem returning from a holiday in Italy last October (we don’t own smartphones), as there was insufficient time to get the necessary forms (not vaccine-related) printed, but the border agent at Heathrow airport was helpful.

      • Good question, mine as well.

        Answer: smartphone or no mobile phone.

        I currently have a 3G “flip phone” – my provider has informed me that as of Feb 2022, they will no longer support 3G

        That suggests to me the answer above. and you are not serious about “my vaccination” are you? I am new here, in my normal www rounds I encounter only the non and never to be vaccinated (at least mRNA devices (they are not vaccines))

  3. I quite seriously believe the jab will be worse than the largely fictional Covid19. They have to do this b/c to ed loss of confidence & trust in governments is slowly settling in. This will just compound that distrust. They really thought using Covid19 for political ends, to intimidate people and tarnish a leader, would have no downside.

    I don’t think the jab is a means of ‘culling’ the population, that’s too much too soon. I can see how Canadians would completely buy into this, lock stock & barrel. That’s depressing, frankly.

    I really thought that by now the scam would have been exposed.

  4. What about people whose doctors advise them not to be vaccinated for health reason?
    I am not against vaccinations but to be ordered to do it i do not like it and i will refuse.
    The politician who proposed this passport is our PM Mitsotakis Merkels agent who with lock downs has ruined us completely and at a time when we are at the edge of going to war with

  5. Who doesn’t want to be a medical experiment? You might develop Spidey powers. OK, not likely, but you trust the government and Big Pharma, right? When was the last time they lied?

    Unrelated, my mother’s uncle was from Lithuania. He came to the US right after WWI. The village where he had lived was under German and Russian control at various times. At one point, the Germans rounded up all the children in the village. Mothers wept and pleaded, believing they were going to be killed. Instead, the Germans administered vaccinations. (They were trying to cut down on diseases that were spreading to their own troops.) After WWII, two of the uncle’s cousins made it to Israel and contacted the family in the US. They were the only family members to survive the Nazi Holocaust. They fought with the Resistance and later with the Soviets, eventually slipping away into western Europe and then Israel.

    Bottom line is that governments are capable of doing both good and harm, and shifting from good to bad can happen pretty quickly. Even if they’re not being evil, every gov’t is generally run by self-serving idiots and they can do a lot of damage just by accident.

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