Ornella Mariana: The Harlots of the Regime Have Enabled Islam

The following video features the Italian writer Ornella Mariana in an appearance on a TV talk show. The relative dearth of political correctness in the Italian media makes clips like this one a delight to watch.

Among the characters referred to by Ms. Mariana are:

  • Emma Bonino: Senator for Rome, former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Federica Mogherini: former Vice President of the European Commission and former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Laura Boldrini: former President of the Chamber of Deputies

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The translator includes this note about the use of the phrase “female writer” at the opening of the video excerpt:

The Italian noun used here for “writer” is scrittrice, the feminine form (as “actress” is used for the feminine of “actor” in English), so the first two lines are about Mariani wanting to be identified using the masculine or neuter form and not the feminine form. In English the word might be something like “writress”.

Video transcript:

00:00   Professor Ornella Mariana, female writer.
00:05   Writer. I do not have the syndrome of certain feminists.
00:11   In grammar we have a feminine, a masculine and a neuter. My profession is neuter.
00:17   Yesterday I arrived in Italy from Brussels where I had been publicizing my new book.
00:22   And I didn’t feel like I was in Europe.
00:26   Why? —Because Arabic is the language spoken in Brussels.
00:30   If you finally catch a taxi driven by a real Belgian,
00:34   he will ask you to convert to Islam, because he already did.
00:39   So this is really frightening. For the scenes I observed
00:42   I would suggest a mass psychiatric examination.
00:45   But, as I said, in Brussels nobody is responsible for this, but us [Europeans].
00:52   And I am pretty sure you will all agree with me on this.
00:56   Because any religion which is practiced on this planet —
01:02   assuming this is a religion — founds itself upon ethical pillars.
01:07   What is certain is that Islam has nothing ethical.
01:12   So we have legitimized a trivially tribal practice,
01:18   and we have given the license of religion to it.
01:23   And we are paying for this crime we committed. —I would speak of radical Islamism instead.
01:28   No, I am speaking of any Islamism.
01:32   Not all Muslims are terrorists, but actually all terrorists are Muslim.
01:37   In my opinion, whoever adheres to Islam must be diagnosed with:
01:43   imbecility, ignorance and brutality.
01:49   Period. —If we take a look at what women are saying…
01:53   you let us listen to her aberrant affirmations.
01:57   I am going to let you listen to others too.
02:02   And then you see someone like Mrs. Mogherini representing us…
02:08   What are we talking about? …wearing the veil, whereas many Arab Muslim women weren’t.
02:13   That is bribed submission. They are bribed servants.
02:17   If I had known we would speak of the Islamic filth, I would never have come.
02:25   Because I do not consider Islam responsible for all what is happening.
02:31   Those responsible are the scum who represent us institutionally in Italy and in Europe.
02:37   Since we have a person called Tajani
02:42   who allows foreigners to spit on my own country.
02:47   And he is a squalid character because he does not reproach them.
02:52   I don’t give a damn about Islam, do you get it?
02:55   All this is happening because our political representatives,
03:00   the ayatollah who came to Rome, Bonino, Mogherini, Boldrini,
03:05   the dwarfs, the former dancers, the harlots of the regime allow all this.
03:11   I am not angry with Islam. I am angry with those people.

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  1. All islams are “peaceful” until they attack you with some kind of weapon they come up with.

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