Eric Zemmour: “It is Very Patriotic to Defend One’s Borders”

In the following appearance on Figaro Live, the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour discusses the ban on Génération Identitaire and the double standard applied by the government when dealing with left-wing groups.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello, Eric Zemmour. You have returned to comment on the announcement
00:03   of the dissolution of the Génération Identitaire movement, and these people, in your opinion,
00:07   are also victims. —Yes, listen, really,
00:11   the situation at the moment is like an invasive weed. It’s everywhere;
00:15   it destroys everything on the Macronian territory. It has become systematic.
00:20   We saw it when Gerald Arman dissolved Baraka City, the CCF and two Islamist associations,
00:28   and he obviously had to strike a balance, because the progressive Macronians
00:33   were afraid of this so-called Islamophobic backlash.
00:37   And so, for sure, that’s why the Génération Identitaire movement had to fall. That’s it.
00:41   I don’t see any other reason. So now obviously it will be seized by the justice system;
00:45   the administration will provide an amazing file.
00:48   We’ve already started to see it coming out here and there from the prefect of Saint Gaudens.
00:53   I think the committee against genocide, war crimes,
00:59   crimes against humanity has even seized the case,
01:04   to investigate the Génération Identitaire movement. It’s completely disproportionate.
01:08   It’s like taking a hammer to swat a fly. —But there is still the legal matter of dissolution?
01:13   But you know, last year they were already sued for a similar operation and they were released.
01:20   What do they do? They went to the Alps, last year or to the Pyrenees, this year,
01:25   to show that the borders are absolutely not protected, contrary to governmental declarations
01:31   and contrary to the declarations of the prefect, etc. They had banners.
01:35   They didn’t stop anybody. They didn’t bother policemen or customs officers.
01:40   There was no violence. Simply, as you know, they carry out media operations.
01:45   These are agit-prop protests, which are common for the Left,
01:49   but when the Left does it, it’s magnificent,
01:53   it’s inventive and spontaneous operations.
01:56   When it’s not the Left, and it’s about defending borders,
02:00   the identity of France, to fight against immigration,
02:03   then it’s horrible. There you have it. That’s it.
02:06   There’s no violence. There are no calls for hatred,
02:10   as they say today in a ridiculous way. No, it is all pretexts.
02:15   Wait, are you saying that they are heroes?
02:18   Heroes of the people who practice denunciation to the police?
02:21   Listen, I think it is very patriotic to defend one’s borders.
02:25   For centuries those who defended the borders were heroes. We decorated them.
02:32   Today they are criminalized and sent to court. The double standards are unbearable.
02:39   What did we do with the people of Utopia 56 who occupy churches
02:44   and the Hotel-Dieu to protect their “undocumented”,
02:48   as they call them, who are in fact illegal immigrants. They don’t respect French law.
02:53   Nothing has been done against them. Nothing is said or done. What is being done
02:56   against Femen women, who brutally disrupt many events?
03:01   What do we do against the boss of the Black African Defense League,
03:05   who treat the French soldiers who died in Mali like terrorists?
03:08   All these people are completely on the loose and
03:11   are free from any sanction, in the name of freedom of expression.
03:16   I think it absolutely scandalous that people,
03:19   young activists from the Génération Identitaire movement,
03:22   don’t have the same protection that every democracy owes them,
03:27   this famous freedom of expression. — Thank you, Eric Zemmour.