The First Arrest of a Domestic Terrorist

Conservative Tree House has just posted a report about the arrest of a domestic terrorist named Ricky Vaughn who tried to subvert the electoral process by posting on Twitter.

I’m far enough down the Internet food chain that the feds won’t be knock-knock-knocking at my door all that soon. However, just in case, to make my position clear, I must emphasize that last November’s presidential election was the freest and fairest in the history of this great country. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Joe Biden as my president. And I can sleep easier at night now that I know that vicious extremists are being hunted down and neutralized by diligent agents of the federal government, who work day and night to preserve our democracy and protect our freedoms.

Furthermore, the nation that controls magnetism will control the universe.

8 thoughts on “The First Arrest of a Domestic Terrorist

  1. Let the powers that now be push their marxist agenda, the tighter they squeeze, the easier it will all slip through their fingers. In fact, I am betting on it, for they will push to a bridge too far and over extend themselves to the point all these flunkies will realize that by following these illegal orders they will make targets of themselves with their families at risk as well, especially when the first couple of raids on taking peoples weapons away from the people who take their 2 nd Amendment seriously, oh boy the fun is just getting started, excellent! Weak men make hard times making the rise of strong men inevitable.

    • Thats the Tarkin agenda (Star Wars – the original ones!!!) you are describing:

      The more you close your fist, the more the sand will flow out of your hand.

      And for the rest:
      I wish for peace and division:

      Lets divide our countries: All supporters of the Marxist multiculti utopia are sent to Italy, Spain, Greece, and all the opponents live in the countries north of it.

      So, our multiculti guys, sorry forgot the 54.345 other genders, can enjoy the sun and the occasional muslim slave raid while we shiver in the cold and build a great society.

      • There is no peace without total Victory, never has in the history of man, there are only Victors and vanquished, that’s it, and only then, peace is just a temporary respite until the next conflict, which inevitably always occurs. Never ever give up one bloody inch of our territory, for it gives the enemy a toe hold to make war upon us again.

        • On the one hand you are right, but before total victory we must first concentrate our forces and I dont want to have any leftwing traitor in my vicinity.

          Then we have to regain our strength and willpower (THE most important part!!!!) and then we can fight for victory.

          • The lefty’s in our midst will find themselves a very endangered species if they raise their heads above the parapets. Even the loudest feminaxi will keep her yap shut because nobody will spare her when the fun and festivities begins.

  2. Two things:

    First I haven’t seen here or anywhere anything about “Mr. Vaughn” having legal representation.

    Second: I don’t recall any arrests or the stopping of those 2 racist black guys from I guess it was one of the Obama elections though maybe it was 2016 when those bums threatened people with wooden clubs in a Philadelphia election site. Anyone have any updates from way back?

    Mike from Brooklyn

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