The Excrement Impacts the Circulation Device

After I got home from the doctor’s office I spent a long time looking at various news sources reporting on what happened in Washington D.C. today. As you all know by now, after the President’s speech a group of protesters reportedly “breached” the entrances to the Capitol and occupied various parts of the building. A young woman who tried to climb through the side panel of a door was shot in the neck, and is said to have died later in the hospital. For more on that sad incident, see the Conservative Tree House.

I was expecting some sort of false-flag action today, and it appears that the entry into the Capitol was exactly that. There was a lot of discussion in the skype groups about the fact that some of the members of the vanguard that entered the building had tattoos or clothing identifying them as Antifa. The man hanging from the balcony in the photo at the top of this post is said to be wearing mandated BLM/Antifa gear.

There are also eyewitness reports that the Antifa vanguard didn’t break through the entrances to the Capitol, but was in fact allowed in. That is, they had allies on the inside who were alerted to the plan. Which lines up with the fact that Senators and Congresscreatures, before they evacuated the building, donned gas masks which had been conveniently placed under their seats — another indication that the event was planned in advance and stage-managed.

Here’s what the rally at the Ellipse looked like earlier:

It was, I presume, the largest Trump rally in history. And possibly the last.

I didn’t learn anything new from the President’s speech. The evidence of voter fraud he described is material with which I was already familiar.

A curfew has been declared in the District of Columbia, and I assume a crackdown on “white supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” will follow.

It looks to me like the Trump movement has been skillfully played by the BLM/Antifa infiltrators working in coordination with the Deep State, presumably including the domestic intelligence agencies.

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A tangential note — Red Pill Jew sent this graph of the vote count in last night’s runoff races for the U.S. Senate in Georgia:

He says he found it on LinkedIn, so I don’t have an independent verification of its accuracy. Still, it’s very much like the graphs of the Trump/Biden results on the night of November 3-4. And those same Dominion voting machines were cranked up in heavily Democratic counties in Georgia last night.

I guess you could call it the “Build Back Better” graph.

Nothing could demonstrate more clearly that those dreamers at Power Line are simply engaged in a heavily-intellectualized act of wishful thinking when they discuss “electoral reform”. How can there be any meaningful reform when no reformers can possibly be elected? Only Democrat-approved candidates will be allowed to win from now on. Any Republican who is permitted to take office will be a tame RINO who poses no threat to Democrats and the Deep State.

It appears that the ruling oligarchy has finally achieved its heart’s desire: a hermetically sealed governmental structure that will never again have to concern itself with such trivial matters as elections and popular opinion. The Republican side of the UniParty will play its part as the permanent “Opposition” in the elaborate ritual theater known as the U.S. Congress. The Deep State will manage national affairs without interference. And all for our own good, of course.

Just take a look at the list of Joe Biden’s proposed cabinet appointees — heavily weighted with far-left Woke apparatchiks.

The Revolution is complete. They will now proceed to construct the socialist state.

42 thoughts on “The Excrement Impacts the Circulation Device

  1. The day the Republic died;
    and we were singing,
    “Bye, Bye the American lie,
    and Biden’s still triden to get a reply,
    and the deep state’s not blinkin’ an eye,
    knowin’ with covid the people will fry.”

    With no apologies to the author of the original song.
    We were given a Republic but we couldn’t keep it because what we wanted was more important than what others needed. So we therefore turned our back on the Lord and now He has turned His back on us. Soon confession Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will bring a FEMA camp incarceration or a firing squad. They got what they wanted, now let them deal with the consequences of their actions.

    • sorry but the Lord NEVER turns his back on anyone. Perhaps you turned YOUR back on God and now you are whining.

  2. The defecation has struck the roto-oscillator?
    It makes sense since the legalized looting operation is complete.
    Local stores are having problems with restock after we let in most of the third world and there is a shortage of appliances.
    The appliance mart says you can pay for it now but that won’t speed up your delivery for a refrigerator.
    Staples that ran out over the weekend are still vacant from grocery shelves.
    We don’t have enough space or money to let the entire world come here and enjoy the free milk and honey.

  3. The only question that I’m left with is whether these Woke Leftists will be worse than Islamists. They well might be.

    Islamists might be the least of our worries, now.

    • @ Mike,

      One thing they got right was no usury as part of their religion.
      The US has grown too soft and weak and now the Hard Times begin.
      Welcome to the roaring twenties.
      External enemies will eventually make a move with the help of a fifth column of traitors in the cess ridden Mordor swamp on the Potomac.

  4. Patriot pages are reporting 25th amendment talk regarding Emmanuel Trumpstein.
    The two minutes hate will expand into a 14 day long Hate Week.
    They really do want a civil war and the woman killed by the capital police may have been the first shot.
    Be ready for anything and trust no one affiliated with government.

  5. Thanks for your excellent summary of today’s tragic events. It was like watching a train wreck from where I sat in my Covid compliant home in Killer Cuomo’s NY Gulag.

    Like you I am getting too old for these events for a number of reasons. I donated money so that the young people could go. I was devastated to see that young white woman was killed by the cops as collateral damage. I wonder if it would have mattered if she had been a black Trump supporter. Would the Antifa thugs have gone after the cops on behalf of their BLM comrades?

    As it is, my heart is broken tonight by this latest chain of events. It was most painful to watch our President Trump get betrayed by his VP, the cowardly hypocrite Pence, as well as every other politician who had relied on him to get elected in the first place.
    And that includes the worthless trophy wife/ whore Kelly Loeffler who wouldn’t even stand by him for 48 hours after he led a rally to try and drag her across the finish line.

    I blame all of this horror show on the feckless Republicans who were too stupid and too lazy to learn a lesson from their DemonRat colleagues- always work together in lockstep and support your leaders.

    To me, President Trump is the greatest President in the history of our Republic. It was Divine Intervention that gave him to us. Maybe the Good Lord will again have mercy and let him somehow remain as our leader for another term. Let us pray for our battered and bruised country and the patriots who showed up today on behalf of Liberty and Freedom.

    • Do you read articles on American Thinker? I think you would like it. Their writers articulate sentiments fully in line with yours above.

      • Along with GoV and Conservative Tree House, American Thinker is on my daily reading list.

      • I read the articles on American Thinker daily. Mostly agree with the opinions expressed. I also follow WRSA daily. Their opinions are more in line with where my sentiments are at.

    • “To me, President Trump is the greatest President in the history of our Republic. It was Divine Intervention that gave him to us.”

      I concur.

      • He held back the tide for 4 years, but there’s only so much one person can do.

        The fundamental underlying problem is civilizational rot.

        There won’t be a fix for that before it gets MUCH uglier.

        We’ll all be dead – hopefully of old age, not otherwise – before things get better, I think.

        • our President, in his last speech. said we are not finished and there is more to come. So, chin up and expect wonderful things like maybe a new party to replace the RINO party.

  6. Our Republic has officially ended.

    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

  7. “a hermetically sealed governmental structure that will never again have to concern itself with such trivial matters as elections and popular opinion….”

    Such hermetically sealed structures work well, when everything works smoothly… But with the foreseeable future bringing with it economic upheavals for the masses, caused first and foremost by the Wuhan Flu, but also the rise of China and robotics/AI, will it be anything like a smooth ride?

    True, Republicans are now the opposition – but a competent opposition should try to hold the government to account. And if, in the future, someone more competent and less scandal-ridden than the 45th President were to run, perhaps they would also have a similar or better chance, than the one Trump did in 2016? (Which was rated by most pundits, as something close to zero)

    • You don’t understand. There is a UniParty. The Republicans are the controlled opposition within that single entity. The idea that there is an independent, functioning ideologically focused alternative to the Democrats/Deep State is a charade. There is none.

      Mavericks like Rand Paul and Devin Nunes are tolerated, but with the new election systems that have now been put into place, there will be no more truly independent conservatives elected. There will only be compliant Republican servants of the machine, who will be permitted to win election to office to maintain the illusion that there is an alternative to the permanent ruling oligarchy.

      • Baron, I`ve read that yesterday was the end of the Republican Party. Several comments in the blogs that you recommended said that.
        Do you agree?

        • No. The Republican Party remains what it was, the loyal “opposition” appendage of the UniParty.

          Maybe the difference is that the facts have been exposed for all to see. The reality is no longer camouflaged and hidden away.

          • But, now that the facts have been exposed for all, do you think that people are going to continue to vote in them (Republican Party) ?

            In WRSA and in several other conservatives sites they say no.

            So, it would be the end of the “Uniparty” and a transition toward a one-party state.

            Thanks, Alerj.

          • Just to reinforce my previous comment, below are some messages from Breitbart readers:

            ohn • 11 hours ago
            At this point in time.
            The Trump party can
            -Get more votes than the GOP
            -Raise more money than the GOP
            Why do we have a GOP?

            The GOP is dead, but then again, so are free elections.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what it is.

        “The system” wasn’t all that well set up to prevent someone like Trump from succeeding – it was just “too obvious” to the powers that are (once again) that it just would never happen. That’s how Trump happened. He even said so himself, before he was elected – I’ve heard the video – something about how it takes an insider, which he once was, to know how to do it. And he did. It was never “supposed” to happen.

        In a way, he was more than we deserved.

        There’s hardly any point in discussing things at this point, because it has no effect on the outcome, just like voting doesn’t. The USA is basically a dictatorship, at this point, at the federal level. A dicatorship that pretends not to be one, but in reality, expect it to be somewhat similar to Erdogan’s régime, would be my guess.

      • Baron, I understand mainstream Republicans don’t offer much hope (have they though, for a long time?). However, looking at the past 4 years, have the Donald’s actions helped our cause? Sure, sometimes they did. He refused to buckle and do what leftists told him to, even under extreme pressure. The “refugee” arrivals seem to have reduced. He refused to do China’s bidding. However, in the eyes of many, he failed badly, on 2 counts: First, the Virus… And second, his behaviour since the election, when he refused to even contemplate he may have lost…

        And yes, I realise the US voting system is deeply flawed. I myself saw voter rolls in PA, for voters apparently born in 1854. (Though now, you can no longer view the data, on the PA state government website)… However, how can one be sure how much voter fraud may have gone on, and if it was enough to account for the huge margin in the popular vote?

        To many/most people, the impression he gives is of someone who can never contemplate losing, leading to being ungraceful. Indeed, it’s been a feature not just now but for his whole life. And at this moment, such behaviour serves to discredit him, and all he stands for, in the eyes of the mainstream much more than before?

        • Read my new essay for my overview of what I think is going on.

          The short version: Dominion voting machines have changed the game. Permanently. TINVOWOOT.

      • some one i know described the two parties as ‘opposames’. I think it is fitting since they are so interlinked. one is bad as the other.

  8. I watched the Georgia Senate runoff returns closely on Real Clear Politics and noticed the EXACT same thing depicted in the graph. With 90% of the vote in, both Republican candidates were up by 2-2.5%. I thought they were sure to win.

    But with 96% of the vote reported, both races magically flipped to the Democrats by razor-thin margins.

    The EXACT same thing that happened to Trump in the swing states in November.

    To be sure, the Republicans are guilty of running weak enough candidates that the Dems were able to force runoffs in the first place, thereby placing themselves within the “margin of fraud.”

    Had the Republicans been up by 8-10 points, there is no way the Senate races could have been stolen.

    • Screw Georgia, too bad we cannot resurrect General William T Sherman to do what he did best, make the enemy howl and fear him, burn Atlanta to the ground. The Republic is dead, long live the Republic.

    • In a way, that you see it happening is a part of the message.

      “We know you know. And we don’t care. Screw you.”

      It’s a bit like the old classic from the Hafez Al-Assad days in Syria: “Opposition leader commits suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head, twice. Coroner reports no foul play suspected.”

  9. My Patriot friends – don’t be so morose . None of us thought Trump was our savior did we? He bought us 4 years.
    We are now far more prepared for the war that is on our doorstep.
    Isn’t this why you have been training? At the very least you can be part of the auxiliary or subversive underground.
    When there is no hope for a political solution things are actually easier. It brings clarity. You will feel better once the shooting starts.
    “Gentlemen – we are being killed on the beaches, let us go inland and be killed.”
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  10. The War of Independence II is yet to come?


    I appreciate the cool, detached, humorous, lucid, sharp, eloquent style of GoV — to the extent I can grasp it, not being a native speaker. And the content is indispensable for extracting the truth from the ‘news’. A beam of light in the Darkness — one of the last.

  11. You’re thinking it’s hit the fan now, wait till after the Harridan takes charge from the deceased Groper. Or don’t. It’ll get into high gear soon, so folks had best stop whining and bitching and start thinking, HARD. If you don’t want yourselves, your grandchildren, etc, to be slaves, you’d best think. Playing the leftists games and by leftists rules plays into the leftists hands. Demonstrations and petitions and voting at them and all this stuff does not work. Period. I leave it to you to figure out the rest. We won’t have an internet to discuss this by the end of the year.

  12. As Joe Biden said about the event…..”maybe we can catch the rabbit, or we can, where am I? Which ever, I support them in their trail.”

  13. I am extremely disappointed ( understatement of year!!!) in Trump. I thought he was a fighter. I thought right from his first day in office, he would completely purge all the alphabet offices of the traitors and scumbags and Israel haters.
    But no. I can’t believe Wray is still there, right to the end. WTF?? He had access to the most massive power in the world and did almost nothing.

  14. I am still here. I basically fled the Capitol yesterday to put my daughter to safety. I can tell you that the second it was announced that Pence just signed our Republic away, the mood changed.

    I saw suspicious things. But most above all I saw people deeply sad about the death of this great country. The only people happy about this are politicians and sheep. There are no other two groups in this country left. It’s either Covunists, or Americans who want their country back.

    As I walk the streets today I get dirty looks. Because I wear a Harley jacket, I smoke, I don’t wear a mask. There are groups of black Yufs on bicycles roaming DC, shady expressions on their faces. Our flight back to Montana leaves Saturday. Hubby wanted to go home today. But I wanted to see the White House one last time before it turns red. We escaped the passive aggressive mood in the air by spending most the day in Georgetown.

    I gave pretty much decided now to practice Irish Protest. I will be obstinate and disobedient. I will no longer have to be nice to liberals and communists under the guise of “we can’t act like them – this is not who we are”.

    But as far as I am concerned, not enough damage was done yesterday. Politicians should’ve been tarred and feathered. I can’t say for sure who the Antifa or what their role was. But I know these people are all celebrating today. Because they’re now in charge.

    And we, people who love the country, peaceful protesters, are the left’s new joos.

    “So this is how democracy dies… to thunderous applause”.

  15. To Quote Matt Bracken, let the whole rotten edifice burn to the ground. The Republic as we know it is dead, long live the Republic, let the shooting start so that we may finish it.

    • Hmm, I had the same thought.

      Wife was watching videos in the russian news feeds of the goings-on in the Capital Building. She commented how the news was saying how awful it was; wanted to know what my opinion was. I told her I agreed it was awful; awful those who made it inside the building didn’t manage to string up every last filthy traitor and Democrat by the neck until dead.

      I believe there’s a concerted effort to provoke the nationalist populist movement to violence so they can be discredited and the next raft of legislation including martial law, banning of ammo and firearm sales, and gun confiscation can proceed. Let the civil war begin. It will be their last miscalculation.

      • My relatives in Germany and Austria were calling me all day asking me what I thought of this whole custer****, and I told them civil war is now inevitable because we ain’t voting our way out of this fixed game now, we are going to have to shoot our way out of it. They agree.

        They will push for gun control right away while we are off balance and we will have Ruby Ridges all over the place, only the folks will be prepared and will shoot back. They have already provoked us.

        • They have provoked us but not successfully enough by their standards. What the ones pulling the strings are likely after is a political assassination, or a bombing that can be definitively confirmed to be by a Trump supporter. I believe they need our side to use violence first to give them legitimacy when the mass crackdowns begin.

          • It really doesn’t matter who starts it at this point, the die is cast. It is just a small matter on who finishes it and who ends up in charge??

  16. Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men create bad times.
    Bad times create strong men.

    We are currently on line 3. Mankind seems to need these cycles. It reminds me of when the parasites took over Rhodesia. The chimps killed-off the productive people, then sat in the mud and banged rusty tools together, wondering what magic makes the food grow. Even now, they’re too stupid to do it themselves. I think we’re about to experience a similar kind of stupidity with the communist takeover. They want the US for its innovation and technology. Well, now they have it. And by seizing this nation and making it theirs, they have erased the independent US of the past. It’s gone. So, like chimps, they will sit there banging rusty tools together and wondering what magic it takes to innovate and be constructive.

    Look after yourself and your loved ones. The nation is gone, but the individuals yet live.

  17. So, caretaker Biden will hold the Whitehouse keys for a while, before Harris whips them away.

    Trump cannot stop it and the courts won’t stop it.

    The only resistance to tyranny now sits with the American people alone.

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