Coup d’État in America: A Limey Viewpoint

If you overturn democracy then America will become just another part of the brutal undemocratic world and if that happens nothing will ever, ever be the same again.

Here’s a view of what’s happening in the USA right now from Paul Weston, a tea-drinking, roast-beef-eating, pub-crawling Brit.

Actually, scratch the pub-crawling — Britain is currently suffering under a lockdown of the utmost malignancy, and I think the pubs are closed again. One can only hope that off-licences are considered essential businesses, as ABC stores are here in Virginia.

Video transcript:

OK, the first thing to say is to apologise for the sheer cheek of some upstart limey like me commenting on the election in America, but I have to say something because I am sitting here in shocked astonishment looking at what appears to be an engineered tyrannical coup d’état against not just President Trump but against the very ideal of democracy itself.

I’m not going to go into the details of the numerous unprecedented issues of corruption and fraud surrounding this election because those details are many and some are already in the public domain anyway. I am simply going to observe that this is a monumental moment not just in the history of America but in the history of the world, and a monumentally catastrophic moment in terms of freedom, democracy, morality decency and honesty. Those who understand what is actually happening don’t need the whole thing spelled out to them, but those who think nothing terribly untoward is happening other than that President Trump is behaving badly, should listen carefully. Very, very carefully.

The world outside the democratic West is a very brutal place. No left-leaning liberal would wish to live in Saudi Arabia, or Sierra Leone, or countless other such places. No left leaning liberal would wish to have lived in Europe during most of the decades of the 20th century which saw so much devastation and death courtesy of political totalitarians seeking nothing more than power and nothing other than power. These corrupt, totalitarian systems were finally defeated because America fought on the right side of good v evil, of freedom versus tyranny and did so at great sacrifice in terms of the many young men who never made it home again, who died in foreign fields and foreign seas in order to preserve freedom and democracy.

Yet here we are, toward the end of 2020 looking at the very real possibility of the breakdown of democracy in America itself. What would have been unthinkable for so long, over so many generations of Americans, can no longer be considered unthinkable. If this gross subversion of democracy is not dealt with in a satisfactory manner by the lawyers then I see no reason, no reason at all why America should not descend into violence and potential civil war in the worst case scenario, or simply lose all confidence in any future elections as a best case scenario — which can only and inexorably lead to the worse case scenario again.

Young, left-wing Americans will consider such a viewpoint insane, but young left-wing Americans know little of the brutality of the non-democratic parts of the world and little about just why that brutality never encroached upon their decadent lives.

They know nothing about Nazism, fascism, socialism or Communism. Indeed, they believe President Trump and the people who admire and respect Trump are Nazis and fascists all, whilst they believe socialism and communism to be pure and good. This type of brainwashed ignorance is extraordinarily dangerous in a people of any country because no matter their ignorance and no matter how wrong they are, they truly believe they are standing up for what is good, for what is right and for what is moral. And because they feel that they, and they alone hold the moral high ground, then all who oppose them are not just wrong, they are evil and when it comes to evil and the defeat of evil, then the ends justify the means — just as so many people amongst so many previous generations have similarly believed which is why the history book of the world is a history book of war, horror and atrocity.

What we are looking at today in America is just another iteration of purported good versus purported evil where the end justifies the means. President Trump is evil and must be removed scream the Left, but lacking the democratic means to remove him, he must instead be removed by any means necessary because the end justifies the means.

The foolish, spoiled, decadent, ignorant little children in adult bodies who are now, right now engineering the coup d’état to remove President Trump are playing with fire. In their hazy, fuddled, naïve, closed minded thinking they feel there will be no real world consequences resulting from their action, but their naïveté is dangerously unlike the pragmatism of revolutionaries in the brutal and undemocratic parts of the world who know full well that if they fail in their coup they will be killed and if they win they will do the killing.

Destroying the democratic foundations of America will certainly have real world consequences. When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 the far-left cried Russian collusion and displayed their visceral hatred across the entire left-wing spectrum, but their anger wasn’t based on the undermining of democracy; their anger was merely that of the petulant, spoiled child denied a shiny bauble. Their anger was lukewarm, false, unjustifiable. Their anger was mere political posturing and they now think the anger of Trump supporters is the same — mere political posturing.

But how wrong they are. How dangerously wrong they are. The anger of Trump’s supporters is white hot, it is incendiary, it is real and it is entirely, eminently justifiable, and it is not the anger of the loser, it is the anger of the wronged and is about so much more than Trump, this is about the democratic future of the United States of America. When a country reaches the point of such legal corruption and such moral degeneracy that democracy can be overturned in full view of a complicit and unquestioning media and liberal establishment there is very little guarantee that democracy will ever recover. This is why the anger is at boiling point, and even now, the left cannot understand what they have done.

Before we settled into peaceful, democratic nations, power was decided by Kings, swords, and armies. Power rested with bloody battle and bloody victory. Democratic politics replaced battle and war in the West, but it has always been understood that democratic politics is war by other means and that if democracy is removed from politics then we can only go back to bloody battle and bloody war.

The trouble with the left-wing, especially the young and cossetted who have never experienced the horrors of war, is that they don’t understand this simple premise. They don’t understand the importance of democracy and thus they cannot appreciate the volcanic anger amongst those who would peacefully yet unhappily accept a fair political defeat, but who will never accept defeat if it comes from the grinding jackboot of a subverted democracy.

When one local gang squares off with another gang, the violence is quickly over. But when one half of a country squares off with the other, the violence is slow and sporadic in the beginning and just as in 1990s Yugoslavia the levels of violence and tit-for-tat reprisals build and build until finally a genuine civil war breaks out in all its primeval savagery and mass slaughter.

I don’t need to spell out the numbers of Americans with guns, but I do need, apparently, to point out that the anger of millions of armed Americans is being stoked to stratospherically dangerous levels and that these angry people are justifiably enraged. Many of you watching this video will hear my words resonate with your thoughts, and many supporters of the 2nd Amendment will right now be saying that the main, overriding reason for the 2nd Amendment is not to shoot deer but to defend America against a tyrannical government. Perhaps now is a good moment to say that in times of war our dead soldiers are always politely remembered for having died in the defence of democracy, but the dying part was never their intention. Their intention was to very impolitely kill the aggressors who wanted to impose a tyranny upon them and here we are today, in late 2020, looking at a scenario which consists of a tyrannical coup d’état in the face of a hundred million armed and angry Americans who are convinced their democratic rights have been trampled upon and subverted.

I hope and pray this will be resolved by the legal process, but I implore the Democrats, the left-wingers, the socialists and the communists to stop pretending what you have done is acceptable. It is not, and the consequences could be catastrophic both for you, for America and for the world. You are amongst the luckiest people ever to have existed on this planet. You represent a fleeting moment in time when you can live as no people before you have ever lived. Yet still you are unhappy. Cut off and cosseted from a world of brutality, poverty and misery you exist at the furthest extremity of decadence where your immense good fortune goes unrecognised and is instead replaced with a misplaced sense of bitterness, envy and hatred. You live in a wonderful country at a time of never before seen peace and prosperity, of freedom and democracy, yet you are now engaged in an action that could bring about the horrors of 20th century Europe. I am, as I say, an upstart limey, but this upstart limey is filled with a sense of foreboding and I beg you to stop what you are doing before the unthinkable becomes a physical reality. If you overturn democracy then America will become just another part of the brutal undemocratic world and if that happens nothing will ever, ever be the same again.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

77 thoughts on “Coup d’État in America: A Limey Viewpoint

  1. Excellent speech! Well said Paul! If Sleepy Joe wins we’ll be off to the gulag!

    • Well won’t they be surprised as the new NKVD run into a hail of rounds and their corpses hung from lamp post and telephone poles. Run into ambushes at any moment, not being able to go home because they were burnt to the ground and their families eliminated and displayed like trophies. Local communist commissars wondering if today is the day they find out if God really does exist. Yeah, those who are going to put us into gulags are going to have a wonderful time trying to reach that long march to retirement and their masters utopia.

      You Brits have had long ample warning of this coming to you, so if you are not armed up and prepared, a stiff upper lip and some tea and crumpets isn’t going to save you, arms will. The choice is stark, sheep? Or Wolf? What shall it be? Tick tock! As the Rolling Stones sang, Time ain’t on our side!

    • I have news for you all: “The Christian, capitalist and racist base of the West” has already been “destroyed” by the acceptance of religious differences, government programs that include Medicare and Social Security (thank God, because I didn’t plan well financially, and I didn’t marry well), non-profit organizations dedicated to eradicating things like alzheimers and
      homelessness, and the mix of “racial” cultures such as Italians ( my mother
      warned me about those Catholics!) blacks and Mexicans! … Anyway, if you don’t like what’s going on in the U.S. leave the country. That’s what I did 8 years ago.

      • You gave into defeat…and recommend others should follow you…where do you think ALL Americans came from…to the U.S. News lady….there’s no place left to escape to but defeat. Leaving is unAmerican.

      • Thank you Carolyn . . . for leaving the USA when you did. Had I’d known you and that you wanted to leave, I would have helped you pack. Mostly, I feel sorry for the country that got stuck with you, most likely a socialist or monarchial society that was responsible for millions of immigrants flocking to America 100 years ago. WE HAVE religious freedom (Europeans are religiously and morally bankrupt), we have democracy but the infiltration of liberal socialists which is our current plague to contend with. . . we are armed and able and willing to remove them if they threaten us. Enjoy your overpriced, overtaxed, and over inflated sense of superiority. God BlessED America!

      • I’m glad you left because people like you are not needed in the United States. You obviously don’t know what it meant to be an American. We’re better off without you.

      • Social Security is NOT a government program! It/is was funded solely by YOU and your employer!
        Are you really that brainwashed that you think the government would knowingly just give you this mere stipend out of the goodness of their cold little hearts! Good grief! YOU and your employer(s) have paid into this fund for years but the government took it upon themselves to control this money and then misuse it for their own dealings, which in reality is ILLEGAL!

    • Why worry about the damage done to our elections as they have destroyed every single important institution of the USA in their effort to rid the country of Trump.

      You nailed it. The damage might not be felt for years but the damage is done and there is no stopping the fallout that will occur.

  2. This is a 12-minute video of a man speaking into a camera. Such videos are sometimes accompanied by a time-stamped script of what he is saying, but here it is accompanied by his words as a properly paragraphed essay. This way, the reader has the choice of listening to the narrative, or reading (or speed-reading) the essay. A preferable format.

    Who prepared the paragraphed text? The speaker?

  3. VERY powerful commentary ! Thank you Mr. Weston ( and Gates of Vienna).

    Will be copying and emailing links to this for the rest of the day !

  4. Yes Mr Watson is gem.
    He could I suppose have included in his analysis the effect our biased BBC, ITV, Channel 4 (especially) and ALL the satanic Marxist British media who have spent the past four years vilifying your great President.
    It probably comes as no surprise that our idiotic Prime Minister claims to be the first to congratulate the sadly ill Joe Biden on his election “victory” and emphasising how delighted he (Boris) is to be “tackling” climate change/global warming with Saint Joe.
    God help us.

  5. To pretend that cheating in elections is something new is wrong. Just recall how Lyndon “Landslide” Johnson got his nickname, or how Minnesota senator Al Franken mysteriously got 600 “missing” votes, all in his favor, in order to win his election ( a statistical impossibility that no one should ever believe could possibly happen by chance). The Democrat party has been doing this for years, just never on this scale. With the Dominion voting machines present in Minnesota, I will be no longer surprised when elections don’t ever go to Republicans, or third party candidates. We are entering a new phase in American history under a corrupt bureaucracy, which exists only to preserve it’s own power. The new model for these people is Communist China, not Jefferson. To expect politicians to correct the situation is like asking criminals to guard banks. They will never fix the problem because they are the ones who benefit. Without God, you have no morality, other than that which is self determined. If such is the case, why would they consider murder wrong?

    • Yes we remember LBJ and how he ascended into the Presidency after JFK was murdered in the state he controlled. And how George Herbert Walker Bush was employed by the Clowns In America while in Dallas in November of 1963 at that same time. All of which is just one huge coinkidink that ended up being the Deep State criminal cabal who is trying to steal just another election in order to install one of its own operatives. Yep we remember. We remember.

    • Sadly the Pretend Christian Obama was given 8 years to drive America Left and into the arms of Middle East Despots…remember he bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia and staffed the White House with The Muslim Brotherhood and this “the ends justifies the means” is the war call of Islam and Obama thinks he will be back to lead a totalitarian America into to the arms of Islam and death to Jews and Christians in favour of a false prophet.

      • I absolutely agree with you, sir. The far left poo-poos these statements of FACT! They deal with their own ideas and think everyone else has been brainwashed.

  6. Here’s a view of the Coup d’État from an observer on the ground in America’s midwest in real time: I’m sitting on the economic corridor here between Chicago and Detroit and can tell you that your assessment is correct enough and relevant. Except that the ‘left’ has already crossed the Rubicon and is moving towards the capital of our nation. But in this case Caesars army is as fictional as the votes which are all based on the delusional cadres of flying columns like the few thousand ANTIFA and BLM insurgents who travel from city to city and which are nothing more but hired miscreants wanting to create the chaos necessary to perpetuate the fictions of the left.
    Sometime we have to wonder how many of these useful idiots are paid larping crisis actors in between college courses. The reality is that there are about about anywhere between 15 to 20 million military veterans that make up around 7% of the adult population in the US. I myself spent thirteen years on active duty as an Infantryman in the Marine Corps from 1985 to 1998.

    When you leave behind your military career they don’t undo your oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all of its’ enemies, both foreign and domestic by the way. I am fairly capable of resuming the role of an infantryman albeit in a somewhat diminished physical capacity. I’d not worry as much about us here as much as I would yourselves without us being able to do much about helping others like we did from 1914 to 1945.

    But I can assure you that there will be no ‘new’ normal and nothing will ever, ever be the same again despite what many will prefer it to be. What the world is witnessing is the fact that the Beast and the Ten Horns do hate the Harlot and right now are in the process of exposing the evil that embodies her before they make her fall away from her previous perch of riding atop of the Beast and completely annihilate her. This will happen to the delight of the many who also hate her. People like me and you. But then that will only be the beginning of other troubles for the rest of the world. In a nutshell it will get much worse before it gets much, much better. Some may be saying ‘Bye! Done! while a few of us will endure, waiting for the last ‘Trump-Pence’.

      • or it might be the Roman Emperor or the Empire. Which was annihilate once, and that lead to the “Dark Ages”. Or it could be the Roman Empire resuscitated: like the Holy Roman Empire, which has passed away, or the EC (which has its roots in the Treaty of Rome) . The trouble with symbolism, is there isn’t a legend or foot notes explaining it all. Even after the fact.

      • Yes and remember who the rulers and their apparatus that serve and perpetuate it. Those ensuring their own ‘bloodlines’ are installed into the positions of power in western societies. They are the ones whose evil proclivities, ideologies are now on display for the populations of the world to build their hatred against. No small matter that a Jesuit Pope has been installed there either. No small wonder then that the many will follow after the Beast and its Ten Kings. People have to take note that after the Harlot is made to fall away (Greek: apostasia) and annihilated that those who won’t take its ‘mark’ won’t be able to buy or sell. Vatican City sits on seven hills but most people don’t realize that so does the City of Washington. DC was built on land in part owned by a man by the name of Francis Pope in ‘Mary’land on which he began the town he named Rome next to what he called the Tiber creek. Historic fact anyone can look up by the way. The District of Columbia was originally a ten by ten mile parcel of land located between VIRGIN-ia and MARY-land. Its geomantic architecture being a mirror image of Vatican city. There will be a great reset too. Just not in the way the minions of the Harlot think it will go after they are all expunged.

        • Rather that those who won’t take the ‘mark’ of the Beast won’t be able to buy or sell is what I meant to say.

  7. Very well said Paul. I tried having a discussion with my sister who voted for Biden. Instead of reasoned logic I was met with emotional furor, name-calling, and a refusal to consider alternatives. Back in the day political viewpoints were discussed with reason, logic, and above all, evidence. Being an American was more important than being right, or left, or even in between. Nowadays, that is no longer true. You support the narrative and the party line or else. Yesterday was the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact that gave birth to the United States of America. With all that is being said and done it would seem that work has begun on our epitaph. I can only mourn and pray to Him who sits enthroned in heaven.

    • What you and the rest of us are experiencing ever more increasingly is the use of the ‘thought terminating cliche’ by those who’ve been indoctrinated, brainwashed, programmed into a global collectivist death cult. We also call this cultish mindset as being that of the Progressive, Leftist, Socialist, Communist worldview. The trained, knee-jerk response is meant to be used as the ‘thought terminating cliche’ by any cult member who isn’t allowed to exercise any independent thought. This term comes from the Robert Jay Lifton book entitled “Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, A Study of “Brainwashing” in China” first published in 1961. Chapter 22. It always goes back to the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party doesn’t it?

      • You do know Lifton now suffers from TDS. His latest book “Losing Reality” is prefaced entirely upon dismantling the “cult that surrounds the dangerous ideas of Donald Trump” or some such. That old book is likely a valuable insight into what we are up against but perhaps an even more prescient lesson is that in this grand inversion of Truth in which we are imprisoned even the sharpest minds that once decoded the tools and tactics of evil are now themselves projecting those lessons onto us dissidents.

        I was adding his book to my list when I found his latest book. Disheartening to see how far we have fallen as a people and just how lost so many of our brothers are in the quagmire of totalitarian brainwashing.

        Whatever comes next will have to sort this out with swiftness and precision because without burning the seeds the communist ideas will sprout again soon enough.

    • Where’s the evidence? Right, just ANOTHER LIE, from the false prophet of the Evangelist. Did you ever see a photo of Trump attending a church service? Funerals don’t count.

      • Yes! He attended church most recently in Nevada before the election and tithed. Also numerous times was prayed over by ministers and evangelicals

      • Why would the media print or show Trump in any church context?
        Controlled by the Dems and their sponsors, they would certainly not give Trump any positive imagery, eh?
        Revile him for debauchery, womanizing, etc, ad infinitum, is just the tip of the iceberg.
        Fraud and coup are now justified for dethroning the perceived “evil” one.

  8. ARTHUR writes, “When you leave behind your military career they don’t undo your oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all of its{’} enemies, both foreign and domestic by the way.”
    Really? The oath is lifelong? An unabjurable oath a disincentive to joining the military.

    • If you would prefer not to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic then I would prefer that you not join the military. In fact look up the definition of an oath and tell me which ones are unabjurable or which one you would want to abjure. Let me explain a simple fact of life then. You can take any oath seriously or not. My point that I see you were unable to understand was that upon leaving U.S. military service you aren’t asked to recant your oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all of its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

      If you, being a Citizen of the United States of America would prefer not to defend the Constitution of the United States against all of its enemies, both foreign and domestic then maybe as Paul Weston put it maybe you’re just a “foolish, spoiled, decadent, ignorant little child in an adult body who is right now behind the engineering of a coup d’état to overthrow the Constitutional Republic to which Donald J. Trump is the President of. Or maybe you have another reason.

      Quite frankly I can’t see how a U.S. Citizen would not take an oath, either publicly or privately, to defend the Constitution of the United States against all of its enemies, both foreign and domestic. But maybe Mark Spahn could enlighten us all why anyone wouldn’t take such a position. Like if you were a member of the Seneca Nation in western New York state who do, or do not recognize the authority of the U.S. Constitution over their own sovereign populations.

      • Well said Arthur. As a former Viet nam veteran my oth is still inforce. It’s like the Marines say, once a Marine, always a marine.

        • I first took the oath of office when I was 17 yrs. old. I considered then – and still consider it – a lifelong oath. I don’t know a single person that I served with in the military who thinks otherwise.

          I don’t need to be told. Some things are just that important.

      • Arthur……You stated this like a man that deeply cares about this GREAT Country. May GOD BLESS and protect you. Thank y0u.

    • Mark, so you want all of the spoils of being a US citizen, but none of the responsibility? This is why I am really warming up to Heinlein’s idea that only those with military service should be full citizens with the right to vote. It is because of the military that you enjoy the diminishing freedoms that you take for granted. When the smokes clears after this little war gets started, us Vets should consider limited voting and citizen rights. Semper Fi !

      • Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction 1959 novel “Starship Troopers”. Read it 35 years ago. I respect and understand the sovereignty of Native Americans. Had good conversations with some who joined the Corps when I was in as well as in civilian life. Although I also liked Heinlein’s novel I didn’t find it in total harmony with our current system of a Constitutional Republic. The perspective of some is a society existing that predates the current society we have today. Their “responsibility” is to their people, their families, their community, tribe, their Nation of Indigenous people. I would prefer their reality over the one in Heinlein’s science fiction novel.

        • Arthur, as America becomes more Balkanized with the flood of the 3rd world and blacks demanding more and more by the day, our Constitutional Republic is dying a death of a thousands cuts. Too many competing interests groups and none for the Republic except by folks such as ourselves. Democracy as we know it is dead, the law is now whatever some minority special interest says it is or those with very deep pockets to lawfare it to death in their favor. Education from top to bottom needs a massive enema to root out the Marxist long march through the education system and start educating and producing patriots and defenders of the Republic instead of indoctrinated useful idiots steeped in Marxist insanity. There are too many competing interest/race groups that is tearing the very fabric of this society to it’s inevitable bloody Balkans on steroids end, so what we will get as a government is going to be a crap shoot, but make no mistake, the Republic and Constitution won’t be recognizable when the smoke clears.
          As for the Indians, I grew up around reservations and they were nothing and still are drug, alcohol and incest ridden cesspools with casino’s.
          Semper Fi

          • Well then thank God that “democracy” is dead since this was never a “democracy” but a Constitutional Republic of the rule of law that protects the individual, the minority against the bought and paid for mob. There’s no balkanization going on in the US. Instead I see more unity now then ever. Neither do Americans share in this scripted Hegelian Dialectic propaganda you’re writing here about “blacks, Indians, minorities”.

            One race of people are here in America, the Human Race. One Nation under God. I don’t know who you think you’re writing to here. I’m no color-coded cog to be manipulated or played with or gamed. For any of you out there reading this let me give you the orientation of what the current situation in the war against Humanity is at:

            The Beast the the Ten Kings, who haven’t been given their kingdoms yet, all hate the Harlot whose name is ‘Mystery Babylon’. They hate her and will expose her. That’s what you see happening now. The Harlot system is being exposed and everyone hates what they’re seeing. The Harlot will then be done away with and made to fall away from her position of riding atop of the Beast. Only when she’s gone will the Beast and its Ten Kings begin to reign over the entire Earth.

            Your choice then what to believe. Either these little Hegelian Dialectic games of playing one group against another or the truth of the bigger picture that’s playing out now. Choose wisely who to listen to and believe. Always be faithful to the Word of Truth and not the lies of men.

          • Well said except for the unfortunate comments about the repressed aboriginals.
            Think man, too many are as you say because of past repression, but I digress.

          • Arthur, leave God out of it, for he wants nothing to do with the mess man has made. As history has demonstrated time immortal, there is no unity in diversity, never has and never will, the only societies that last are homogenous societies(tribal) and even then due to our own success and weakness, fall. When diversity is shoved up our backsides without our vote or consent, it Balkanizes to a point of no return(as we are now) and then massive bloodshed is the final result. When the fun and festivities begin here shortly, what we get as a government or lack there of is now a crap shoot.

      • There are many leftists ensconced within the USA military and Department of Defense. In my experience the bulk of these domestic communists occupying the armed forces, are in the commissioned officer ranks. The enlisted ranks have them as most did not participate in the Marxist indoctrinations so prevalent amongst faculty.

        Most, 99%, commissions are awarded thru ROTC/college graduation and the service academies. There are many communists on the teaching staffs of ALL degree issuing colleges, universities, service academies, etc. And make no mistake thinking the faculties at service academies are military only. Their faculties are filled with civilian employees. These hires include foreign instructors.

        Today’s 21st century US military is comprised of females in combat arms, homosexuals, transvestites and many other undesirables openly proclaiming their “social” status. The “Spirit of the Bayonet” is long gone. The United States armed forces is the largest, federally funded, social justice program in the United States, bar none !

        My suggestion is to reconsider any thoughts that the US military is viable. Combat arms branches are incapable of executing close combat and urban combat as so terribly experienced in every war, since time began.

        The USA armed forces will not be helpful defending the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution. Should they be considered by the domestic communists to implement tyranny upon American Patriots, they will be decimated. Decimated by those very American citizens they may decide to subjugate.

        • I still see that my Marine Corps stills instills the warrior ethos and is fighting tooth and nail against the rising tide of social Marxist and critical theory in the ranks. The army I see is riddled with them which is unfortunate. So when the fun and games begin, it will be very interesting to see who stands and who go with the flow.

          • I agree – BLM, Antifa and their allies do not have as much support as they think they have. Trump will be reelected if he doesn’t throw his victory awa.y

    • Yes Mark such oaths are honored in the breech such as your vow to your wife or anyone’s pledge to defend the Constitution. I realize the concept of your word as your bond being so passe among the hip and snowflakes. Its what makes the snowflakes the men they are.

  9. The best and most important essay I’ve read all week.
    I’m sharing it everywhere I am still allowed to share.
    Thank you Paul Weston, for your clear view from across the pond.
    And I am certainly one of those 100 million armed angry Americans.

  10. Thank you Paul. You’ve put into words what so many of us sense but can’t quite articulate. I know that, for myself, I have a deep feeling of dread for what’s coming—if not now, then at least in the not-so-distant future, as we can see that the wheels have been put in motion for severe social and political upheaval. The world’s most powerful nation is starting to rend, with dire implications for the free world.

    The left-wing dominated media and power establishment bombard the populace daily with a hail of half-truths, quasi-truths, opinion-driven truths, and fact-deprived truths. At the same time they censor, cancel, block, terminate, suspend, banish, and black-list those people and ideas that dare challenge the approved narrative. As you say, the “brainwashed ignorance” that drives all this is astounding.

    As a limey-Scot-Canadian, I appreciate your words of wisdom on this appalling situation. One doesn’t have to be an American to fear what might be coming.

  11. Based.


    You don’t get to choose what comes out of Pandora’s Box.

    The only real choice is whether or not to open it.

    The american marxists opened the box.

  12. Thank you for transcribing the video.

    After two decades of armor and infantry my hearing is basically non-existent. Fortunately my eyes are good. I rely more on reading than listening/hearing.

    Again….thank you very, very much for allowing me and others to read this important video/essay.

  13. Well, start with the media; it shall be held accountable. It is the main enemy of freedom in the 2st century…

  14. The author nailed it. The election fraud was so blatant and in your face that is has angered many, many people over here in the U.S. Losing fairly is at least, well, fair, but losing from massive cheating is a different thing altogether.

    Soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box. We feel that we have lost the first 3 to one extent or another…that leaves the last one. Nobody wants that, but nobody wants to live in a nation where your vote doesn’t matter and you have no control over your own government.

  15. Although I did not serve in the military, I’m a legal firearms owner and strongly believe in OUR Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the law of our country. If you truly believe in what this republic stands for then that oath to defend our country from all threats be they domestic or foreign should be in your heart and your soul.

    I told a number of my friends years ago that we, as a country, were coming to this moment and many of them waved their hands at me and told me “never in our life time”. It has been difficult and sad watch our slow painful march towards a social democracy.

    • Yes, I cannot believe the people should be able to choose who is in power! Donald Trump doesn’t even know what the word democracy means. His admiration of dictators and wanna be dictators is in play daylight.

  16. In my decades as a Marine I learned one hard truth. One does not bargain with the devil. In our current context the devil wears the red banner of collectivism and totalitarianism. Our political classes are composed of bearded toddlers. Your statement says it all:

    “The foolish, spoiled, decadent, ignorant little children in adult bodies who are now, right now engineering the coup d’état to remove President Trump are playing with fire.”

    The entitled classes know not what they bring forth when they poke the hornet’s nest of the perpetually deployed, the perpetually engaged. Once we have returned home and have attempted to reforge our sabers in to useful tools we soon learn that the enemies on the horizon are mostly a myth. The enemies to our rear are the real threat. The stab in the back comes with a price. That price is brought to you by the professionals you have trained for your nefarious purposes. Semper Fidelis

  17. Thank you Paul for your excellent summing up of the present situation in America. I am an 81 year old immigrant from South Africa who came to Canada 43 years ago after having escaped from the ravages of the thugs who were destroying my country of birth. I kiss the ground that I walk on every day, and appreciate how very lucky my family and myself are to be living where we are in such a wonderful country. I am very deeply concerned at what the Left are doing in America, and I hope and pray that President Trump will be accredited with winning the election after all the dishonesty of the Democrats is disclosed, and more importantly if the majority of Americans will act appropriately and punish those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.It is scary to witness the growing discontent of the young ignorant up-and -coming politicians like OAC who are trying to show other ignorant young people how badly off they are and to try and draw them towards socialism.As you so rightly said, many people do not realize how fortunate they are in the America of today.President Trump is needed to help correct the demise of America which is presently happening under our very eyes.

  18. The American Paladin’s Oath

    I swear to conquer my fear,
    to be honest to myself,
    to embrace and love learning,
    to honor excellence,
    to defend the helpless,
    to defend the Constitution, and
    if the Constitution be dead,
    to protect the people.

  19. Socialism/Communism the nature of this Insidious Beast is the hatred, against all who disagree with the idea that they and they alone are correct in how society should be, it is just always in their DNA, nothing will change unless they are silenced by those that are fair and treat everyone with respect until they themselves are trampled upon and forced to fight

  20. EXCELLENT Essay Paul Weston, your astute observations & elucidations of the political as well as the cultural upheavals taking place in America to undermine our beloved U.S. Constitution; and with it the Justice required in our Election Processes. Your Essay states things rather well coming all the way from across the pond. When it comes to our U.S. Civics; the average Modern Day “younger” American tends to exhibit sheer lubberliness & vapid insipience; A total embarrassment to any “so-called” Civics Education, which basically nowadays is Non-Existent in America. Paul, we need wise voices like yours on our college campuses, but The Wicked Anarchists of the Left would most likely riot, loot, & burn you off Campus. God Forbid you caused them to actually Think about the Freedoms & Liberties they seek to usurp & over throw! Thanks again Mr. Paul Weston on your fine articulate Presentation. Cherryo ol chap! lol

  21. P. Weston is [producing material that I deprecate] about what has happened in the U.S.
    His “far right” leanings are evident and serve to add fuel to the fire that IS the Trump administration.
    The election was fair. States have certified the vote.
    That the “foolish, spoiled, decadent” CHILD in the WH does not want to accept it IS the TRUE assault on OUR DEMOCRACY.

    • You are obviously part of the brainwashed Left who believe anyone and anything expressing views different from what the mainstream media jams down our throats are docile Trump supporters. Not true. And you have attacked by canceling our thoughts and violence. We just want to remain a free society and have our Constitutional rights defended. If President Trump is the one to do this, we are for him because he, unlike the AOC tribe and their sycophants, loves our country and wants to keep it THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, as opposed to making it just like all the countries most of the immigrants which have fled! God help us if the illegality of this election goes uncovered and unprosecuted….we will be losing the only thing worth saving and fighting for….the freedom to have fair elections. And the hypocrisy of the Left will be so evident as their coffers fill up with the taxes on people who actually produce so they can give “free stuff” to all the illegal “citizens” who will engorge the welfare system….as they get richer and richer…flying on their private planes to their multiple homes, protected by private security, paid for by taxpayers. Disgusting.

    • MSG demonstrates how a gender studies major sees the election. Evidence does not exist if it contradicts their worldview, The blatant coup is a conspiracy theory despite the mountains of evidence of the corruption within the media, Wall Street, and the government itself.

      As you say the foolish, ignorant, spoiled child is braying and celebrating the death of democracy. You have destroyed law, justice and democracy. Enjoy what you get as a result.

  22. Of all the replies, and there have been many, only about 2 or 3 were against liberty, freedom, America as a Constitutional Republic, and the right of citizens to be citizens. What does this mean? It means to you 2 or 3 [epithets] that we are better armed, better informed, better organized and better prepared to defend America than the [epithets] who want to overthrow it. I noticed a reference to the “Mayflower Compact of 1621–the FIRST written document in early America to espouse the rights of freemen to be freemen. I am a direct ancestor of Gov. William Bradford who traveled from the town of Scrooby, Yorkshire, England to escape a tyrannical government when the “King” actually believed himself to be a messenger of God. Well, these current commies, leftists, Demoncrats and unsatisfied scum may be oblivious to the benefits of Freedom, but they are not immune to a quick bullet, or hangman’s rope. William Bradford Dean, BA, MA

  23. The evil is the same on BOTH sides of the Pond: The filthy tribe swill.

    Remember your dear old friend Schwarz Gyorgy and what he did to your country all by himself a few years ago? Now he’s back, and plenty of his bruthas and sistas in the tribe are helping him. Destroy Brexit over there, and put the Communists in power over here!!!

  24. It is the horror of Communist China’s overt aggression and ‘unrestricted warfare’ and the complicity of traitorous American lackeys (on both sides) who have sold the country out. Russia and Iran are problems. China is an existential threat. Pray for a miracle, or not only is America gone, but the entire free world, as well.

  25. Great article..articulates what the reasonable and alert Americans have been thinking and openly saying for some time. The thing I find almost funny is that those who have aligned with the evil think they are safe and their participation guarantees that they will be taken care of …. they will be until they are no longer useful and then they will be shocked, weeping and wailing when they are marched to the gas chambers or shot. Too late they will regret destroying the greatest country for 12 pieces of silver. When watching the Trump rallies there are many former military ready to take up arms as they remember the oath they took, unlike the traitors on Capitol Hill and their ilk. The left is too stupid to realize that free stuff is not free – the highest cost ever – FREEDOM.

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