Alice Weidel: The German Economy is Perishing!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politikstube:

Alice Weidel: The German economy is perishing!

Germany is on the cusp of a deep recession.

The signs of excessive unemployment, bankruptcies and the slump in GDP are already evident today.

The fairy tale issued by the federal government of the V-shaped economic recovery in the near future is being shattered by reality.

The so-called second Corona wave with its profound restrictions on public life and the smoldering lockdown subjects many economies in the Eurozone to a stress test that comes at an inopportune time.

After three lost quarters, many analysts have cut their growth expectations for the fourth quarter sharply within a month.

For the EU member states, only a 2% instead of a 3% recovery is expected by the end of December — for Germany the forecast is even lower, at a modest 1.5%. Every taxpayer in Germany will be presented with the invoice after the 2021 federal election.

The increased number of tests, even on symptom-free people, leads to a higher number of infections.

Just 851 (!) people are currently showing symptoms.

What kind of a pandemic is that supposed to be?

Instead of remaining in disaster mode, threatening the economy with a new lockdown, and forcing the entire population under the mask, even outdoors, the government must now make a 180-degree turn.

A call to the WHO is needed: They issued the update that COVID-19 is less dangerous than conventional flu.

The translator includes this afterword:

It looks to me that our respective governments around the world have been pushing the Corona Pandemic Lie already to such a degree that there won’t be any recovery for the little people until those responsible are taken down from their lofty pedestals, tried and [intemperate recommendation redacted] for crimes against humanity.

But that is just my humble opinion.

Islam, Marxism, Globalism, Covideanism… all those cults seek only power and the submission of people. The people themselves, the little people like you and me, are no more than the grist for their mill.

And I for one am sick and tired of it.

6 thoughts on “Alice Weidel: The German Economy is Perishing!

  1. It started with Maurice Strong, the grand poobah of the global warming racket.

    “In order to save the planet, the only hope is that the industrialised nations collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

    The warming racket has been unbelievably successful.

  2. Excellent! Keep crashing the economy with more 3rd world invaders and closing small businesses. When the average German starts finally suffering, the massive backlash against their demise will really get underway, especially as the German sees the 3rd worlder eating while his family is starting to starve.

  3. Welcome to our world, you have been punked. With a survival rate of 99.7% this is the reddest herring that ever swam out of the swamp. (Ft. Detrick) The US has been bankrupt for decades but u no, lend lease, war reparations, central bank, bunko de London AND the Rothchilds keep that Euro green flowing into the Fed Res. SO, just like the Bush (BUSCH) fathers bunking the little paper hanger, those fingers you feel in you are the puppeteers. So now their stupid is suicide, black horse goes down, red horse rising. JR

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