Geert Wilders on the Moria Inferno

In the following interview Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, discusses the Dutch government’s abject multicultural response to last week’s fire at the Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. The fire, which destroyed the camp, was deliberately set by a group of its inhabitants.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:26   Mr. Wilders, the fires have been started, and I will say, naturally, it is criminal,
00:32   but in the meantime, the people concerned, they must
00:35   be helped, at least, by someone.
00:39   How do you mean, be helped? —Yes, now they are
00:42   without shelter; they are sitting without reception, without tents,
00:45   without guidance, housing must be quickly built.
00:48   And now, from reports, we will take in 100.
00:52   Yes, that is, naturally, unbelievable stupidity that we now,
00:56   after the really criminal behavior of setting fire to the refugee camp
01:00   by refugee-migrants themselves.
01:04   They set it on fire; they hindered the firefighters
01:09   from putting it out; they were ready, families and all, to run away.
01:13   They knew that was going to happen; they have set different camps on fire,
01:17   and now, what does the Cabinet do? They have rewarded criminal behavior
01:21   by saying, “Yes, you know you yourselves set the fire, but in any case,
01:25   we will pay for a ticket for people and a residence permit
01:29   in the Netherlands.” That is, naturally, too sick for words.
01:32   I find it unbelievable that the VVD, the so-called party
01:36   of law and order, has yielded once again, that Rutte again has gotten on his knees
01:41   for parties like the D66 and the Christian Union,
01:45   and other parties, as usual, to say, “Yes, come, though you are a criminal.
01:49   You have done something, but in the end, we’ll take care of you.”; that now
01:54   many refugee camps in Europe will be set on fire, and for sure Greece, because everyone has heard,
01:58   everyone sees, and everyone knows that when you do that, there are always stupid politicians
02:03   in countries like the Netherlands, who say, “Yes, come here, you poor souls.
02:07   Oh, so bad, and they must be helped, get a roof over their heads.”
02:11   No, of course not. You don’t reward bad behavior and criminal behavior.
02:16   Unbelievable, what Rutte has done.
02:19   But we are not rewarding the people who set the place on fire because they have no chance
02:23   of getting a residence permit.
02:27   It is the people who are on the list and now will get receive extra help here.
02:32   Yes, because of the deed, that is the real reason— because of the deed,
02:37   that they have become homeless because asylum-seekers, refugees,
02:41   as usual, set the tents on fire.
02:45   The power of the image? — No, again — that is too crazy for words
02:48   that you, that you… set a fire,
02:51   that then people are helped by being brought here, and once again,
02:55   that will happen again. You are rewarding bad behavior, and it doesn’t matter
02:59   whether it’s the same people or not. It matters that at the moment you display criminal behavior,
03:03   the moment you set the refugee camp on fire, that Rutte says,
03:07   “Now we are going to allow people to come to the Netherlands.”
03:11   Then we are going to give them a ticket, then we will give them a residence permit,
03:14   probably a beautiful house, free care, a beautiful apartment, a number… all the things
03:20   that those who screw up don’t deserve
03:24   And once again, it is wrong behavior. It is incomprehensible the VVD
03:28   is again on its knees, and I have no pity, and no compassion
03:32   for groups who themselves screw up by setting the camp on fire.
03:36   And that the abuse results in bringing people here.
03:40   We must not do it. It is ill-advised, and it will only happen again and again.

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  1. Only 100 ??!!, Germans (Merkel) taking 1500!!!, and with extension families will be 5-6 thousand!!, RIP.Deutschland .,

  2. A brave, lone voice in the Wilderness, concerned that this
    Honest politician looks in poor health after the trumped
    Up political trials he has been subjected to recently.

    I salute him.

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